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Panasonic AC Robot 2006/2007 Brochure & Specs

Panasonic ac robot product brochure


Air Conditioners



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Summary of Contents for Panasonic AC Robot 2006/2007

  • Page 1 Air Conditioners 2006/2007...
  • Page 2 Meet the Auto Cleaning Robot. It automatically cleans the filter to keep the performance just like new. Introducing Panasonic's original filter-cleaning AC Robot (Auto Cleaning Robot). This powerful, built-in cleaning mechanism automatically cleans the filter to minimise filter clogging. This maintains the air conditioner's original performance,...
  • Page 3 It automatically vacuums the dust from the filter and exhausts it outdoors each time you use it. Always Always Always CLEAN POWERFUL EFFICIENT *For a filter cleaning and dust exhaust mechanism in a room air conditioner. (As of November, 2005)
  • Page 4: Model Line-Up

    Model Line-Up Line-up of inverter models with R410A. Single Inverter Split Single Inverter Split Choose Wall-Mounted Indoor Best Inverter Capacity (kW) — Panasonic — Air Quality Features Single Split Wall-Mounted Indoor Capacity (kW) Air Quality Features Deluxe Super-Deluxe p.14 p.14...
  • Page 6 <Test conditions> •Starting temperature and humidity: 7˚C, 6˚C •Set temperature: 23˚C •Fan speed/airflow direction: set to auto mode •After air conditioning stabilizes •Area of simulated-house testing facility: 16.5m The air conditioner stays in the same clean condition, with the same high-performance, as when it was first purchased.
  • Page 7 Lower More Efficiency Noise Volume •For best performance, it is recommended to install the air conditioner in a room away from oily area e.g. kitchen. Super Deluxe The filter surface is divided into 12 blocks to ensure thorough cleaning. Dust...
  • Page 8 In the timer setting mode Cleaning starts at the set time everyday. * If the air conditioner has not been used for more than 30 minutes since it was cleaned, the cleaning operation will not be done at the preset time.
  • Page 9 You Greater Comfort and Saving Energy. Air cleaning features SUPER alleru-buster filter — Long-life type (10 years) The SUPER alleru-buster filter combines three effects in one: anti-allergen, anti-virus, and anti-bacteria protection, to keep the room air clean and healthful. Plus, the effect is maintained for 10 years. Anti-allergen protection SUPER alleru-buster...
  • Page 10 supersonic Powerfully collects allergens from the room's air A Supersonic Air Purifying System accelerates the air cleaning effect of the SUPER alleru-buster filter. It keeps room air cleaner, to protect the family's health.
  • Page 11: Super Quiet

    The indoor unit operates at a whisper-quiet 23 dB in quiet mode. We've reduced the noise of the outdoor unit, too. You can run the air conditioner at night and enjoy a deeper, more comfortable sleep, and without bothering your neighbours.
  • Page 12 Inverter Performance – The Difference in Power and Comfort Panasonic is harnessing its industry-leading technologies to make life more comfortable. With the slogan "Technologies that deliver new levels of comfort," the company is working to develop new, high-performance inverter air conditioners.
  • Page 13 Quick comfort As soon as the an inverter air conditioner is switched on, it provides the exact amount of power needed to rapidly cool or heat of the room. This enables it to reach the set temperature in about half the time required by non-inverter models.
  • Page 14: Wall-Mounted

    Single Inverter Split Wall-Mounted Super-Deluxe Model No CS-XE9EKE Capacity(kW) 2.60(0.60~3.00)/3.60(0.60~6.10) 8,870(2,050~10,200)/12,300(2,050~20,800) (Btu/h) EER/COP(W/W) 4.56/4.44 Deluxe Model No CS-E9FKR Capacity(kW) 2.60(0.80~3.00)/3.60(0.80~5.00) 8,870(2,730~10,200)/12,300(2,730~17,100) (Btu/h) EER/COP(W/W) 4.33/4.26 Model No CS-E18FKR Capacity(kW) 5.30(0.90~6.00)/6.60(0.90~8.00) 18,100(3,070~20,500)/22,500(3,070~27,300) (Btu/h) EER/COP(W/W) 3.21/3.69 Model No CS-E24FKR Capacity(kW) 7.20(0.90~8.10)/8.60(0.90~9.90) 24,600(3,070~27,600)/29,300(3,070~33,800) (Btu/h) EER/COP(W/W) 3.13/3.43 Feature Comparison...
  • Page 15 Single Split Wall-Mounted Deluxe Model No CS-W7DKR CS-W9DKR Capacity(kW) 2.30/2.45 2.75/3.05 7,840/8,350 9,380/10,400 (Btu/h) EER/COP(W/W) 3.24/3.63 3.14/3.53 Deluxe-Wide Model No CS-W18DKR CS-W24EKR Capacity(kW) 5.30/5.75 7.03/7.80 18,100/19,600 24,000/26,600 (Btu/h) EER/COP(W/W) 2.93/3.19 2.97/3.17 Feature Comparison p.18 Specifications CS-W12EKR 3.60/3.90 12,300/13,300 3.27/3.58 CS-W7DKR/W9DKR/ V7DKR/V9DKR *CS-W24EKR Different design...
  • Page 16 It is known that areas rich in negative ions, like near waterfalls and forests, generally make people feel refreshed. With Panasonic split air conditioner, the same refreshing feeling can be felt just by pushing a single button. One-Touch Air Filter...
  • Page 17 Reliable Blue Fin Condenser Condensers can take a beating from exposure to salty air, rain and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has tripled the life of our condensers with an original anti-rust coating. Special Coating Layer (Fin Cross-section) Salt...
  • Page 18 Split Type Feature Comparison Reverse cycle models Refrigerants Type Auto Filter Cleaning Function SUPER alleru-buster filter Supersonic Air Purifying System Deodorising Filter Ion Freshener One-Touch Air Filter Odour-Removing Function Removable,Washable Panel Inverter Control Quiet Mode mode Powerful Mode Soft Dry Operation Mode Personal Airflow Creation Airflow Direction Control (Up &...
  • Page 19: Specifications

    Specifications Single Inverter Split Cooling Capacity Model No. Air Flow Dehumid Heating Capacity (240V) Btu/h 2.60 8,870 (0.60~3.00) (2,050~10,200) CS-XE9EKE 3.60 12,300 (CU-XE9EKE) (0.60~6.10) (2,050~20,800) 3.50 11,900 CS-XE12EKE (0.60~4.00) (2,050~13,600) (CU-XE12EKE) 4.80 16,400 (0.60~6.70) (2,050~22,800) 2.60 8,870 (0.80~3.00) (2,730~10,200) CS-E9FKR 3.60 12,300 (CU-E9FKR)
  • Page 20: Installation Parts

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