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Electrolux EIED2CAQS series Use & Care Manual page 10

Front load dryer


Operating Instructions
Drying System Maintenance Procedures
Water Container Full
(if direct drain kit not installed)
When the "Water Container Full" indicator comes on, follow
these steps to empty the container:
1. Support the container as you pull it out.
2. Hold container level to prevent water from spilling.
3. Dump water container in sink or drain.
Do not drink or prepare food with the condensed water from
your dryer water. It can cause health problems to people
and pets.
4. Return container fully before continuing operation of dryer.
Lint Filter Plugged
When the "Lint Filter Plugged" indicator comes on, follow
these steps to clean the filter:
1. Remove the filter by pulling straight up.
2. Release the latch on the filter grille to open the filter.
3. Remove trapped lint and larger particles by hand.
4. If necessary, clean filter screen with hot water.
5. Return filter before continuing use of the dryer.
Do not operate dryer without lint filter in place.
Clean Condenser
When the "Clean Condenser" indicator comes on, follow the
Condenser Cleaning instructions in the Care and Cleaning
section of this manual.

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