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Electrolux EIED2CAQS series Use & Care Manual page 11

Front load dryer


Other Features
My Favorites
My Favorites
After some time of initial usage, the dryer will automatically
remember the 3 most used cycles with their settings and
options. To cycle through this list continue to press the My
Favorites button. Press Start after your desired cycle appears.
Delay Start
Press delay start to select a dry time convenient to your
schedule or during off peak energy hours. The delay time
selected will be displayed and begin counting down when you
select Start.
Control Lock
To avoid having someone accidentally start or stop the dryer,
press dry time and wrinkle release at the same time and
hold until the
indicator is lit. To unlock the controls, press
dry time and wrinkle release at the same time and hold until
indicator is no longer lit.
Status Display/Status Lights
The estimated total cycle time will be displayed when the
cycle is selected. The estimated remaining cycle time is
displayed during the cycle.
Drum Light
The drum light will come on whenever the door is opened to
illuminate the drum during loading and unloading. Closing the
door turns off the light.
Reversible Door
Your dryer is equipped with a reversible door. The door can be
hinged on the right or left side.
For step-by-step instructions on DOOR REVERSAL, refer
to the Installation Instructions supplied with this dryer.
Operating Instructions
cycle count down/
delay start timer
status display
Drying Rack (on select models)
Use the drying rack for items which should not be tumble
dried. Insert the rack into the dryer drum and lower the front
two "legs" into the openings on the lint filter grille.
Place items to be dried on top of the rack, leaving space
between items and not allowing them to hang over the sides
or through the holes. Select the low heat setting for items
containing plastic, foam rubber, rubber-like materials, feathers
or down.
When items are dry, remove the rack and store it in a conve-
nient location.
If your model did not come supplied from the factory with a
drying rack you may order one.
control lock
end of cycle
delay start
control lock
key combination
lint fi lter

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