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Safety Instructions - Kärcher K 5.800 eco!ogic Operating Instructions Manual

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Safety instructions

 Never touch the mains plug and the
socket with wet hands.
 The appliance must not be used if the
power cord or important parts of the ap-
pliance, e.g. high-pressure hoses, trig-
ger gun or safety devices are damaged.
 Check the power cord and mains plug
for damage before every use. If the
power cord is damaged, please arrange
for it to be replaced immediately by an
authorised repair agent or a skilled
 Check the high-pressure hose for dam-
age before every use. Please arrange
for the immediate replacement of a
damaged high-pressure hose.
 The appliance may not be used in areas
where a risk of explosion is present.
 If the appliance is used in hazardous ar-
eas (e.g. filling stations) the corre-
sponding safety provisions must be
 High-pressure jets can be dangerous if
improperly used. The jet must not be di-
rected at persons, animals, live electri-
cal equipment or at the appliance itself.
 The high-pressure jet must not be di-
rected at other persons or directed by
the user at him/herself to clean clothing
or footwear.
 Never use the appliance to clean ob-
jects containing hazardous substances
(e.g. asbestos).
 Vehicle tyres or tyre valves are suscep-
tible to damage from the high-pressure
jet and may burst. The first indication of
this is a discolouration of the tyre. Dam-
aged vehicle tyres/tyre valves are high-
ly dangerous. Ensure that a distance of
at least 30 cm is observed when clean-
ing with the jet!
 Risk of explosion!
Do not spray flammable liquids.
Never draw in fluids containing solvents
or undiluted acids and solvents! This in-
cludes petrol, paint thinner and heating
oil. The spray mist thus generated is
highly inflammable, explosive and poi-
sonous. Do not use acetone, undiluted
acids and solvents as they are damag-
ing to the materials from which the ap-
pliance is made.
 The mains plug and the coupling of an
extension cable must be watertight and
must never lay in the water.
 Unsuitable extension cables can be
hazardous. Only use extension cables
outdoors which have been approved for
this purpose and labelled with a suffi-
cient cable cross-section:
1 - 10 m: 1.5 mm
 Always fully unroll electrical cables from
the cable drum.
 High-pressure hoses, fixtures and cou-
plings are important for the safety of the
appliance. Only use high-pressure hos-
es, fixtures and couplings recommend-
ed by the manufacturer.
 This appliance is not intended for use
by persons with reduced physical, sen-
sory or mental capabilities.
The appliance must not be operated by
children or persons who have not been
instructed accordingly.
Children should be supervised to pre-
vent them from playing with the appli-
 The operator must use the appliance
correctly. When working with the appli-
ance, he must consider the local condi-
tions and pay due care and attention to
other persons, in particular children,
who are nearby.
 Do not use the appliance when there
are other persons around unless they
are also wearing safety equipment.
 Wear protective clothing and safety
goggles to protect against splash back
containing water or dirt.
 In case of extended downtimes, switch
the appliance off at the main switch / ap-
pliance switch or remove the mains
; 10 - 30 m: 2.5 mm
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Table of Contents

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