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Honeywell Lyric Installation Manual

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Installation Guide

Installing your Lyric thermostat ...................... 5



  Summary of Contents for Honeywell Lyric

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Installation Guide Removing your existing thermostat ....3 Installing your Lyric thermostat ...... 5 Connecting your Lyric thermostat ....7 Configuring your Lyric thermostat ....8 Personalize your Lyric thermostat ....9...
  • Page 2 To get started, download the app by Next, verify you have the following You will need: in your package: searching for Lyric in the App Store • Wi-Fi password • Thermostat or Google play. Follow the steps to • Ballpoint pen •...
  • Page 3: Removing Your Existing Thermostat

    Many digital or on your heating and/or cooling unit. thermostats are battery powered, which makes it difficult to tell if the power is off. Listen to ensure your system is turned off before continuing. LYRIC INSTALLATION GUIDE...
  • Page 4 Do you have thick black wires with wire nuts? Is your thermostat 110 volts or higher? If yes, you have a line voltage system, and the Lyric thermostat will not work. For more options, please visit
  • Page 5: Installing Your Lyric Thermostat

    Note that the screws included in your packaging are level by verifying the bubble of the self-contained level is specially designed for the Lyric thermostat and are self- between the two lines. (Included in the box is an optional anchoring.
  • Page 6 Lyric Stat 03 Your thermostat will light up while it starts up - this may Go to the Lyric app to see how to configure and take up to 3 minutes. When the thermostat stops, it will personalize your Lyric thermostat. You can also view
  • Page 7: Connecting Your Lyric Thermostat

    Your new thermostat should be displaying a unique network name, such as Lyric Stat 03. leave the Lyric app, go to your iOS settings and view your Wi-Fi networks. Find and connect to the thermostat’s unique network name such as Lyric Stat 03. Close your iOS settings and return to the Lyric app to complete the setup process.
  • Page 8: Configuring Your Lyric Thermostat

    Configure your Lyric thermostat Configure your heating and cooling equipment: Select the temperatures you prefer when you are home. app will ask you a series of questions to determine your equipment configuration. Select whether you prefer automatic or manual Review your configuration selections and, if everything mode when you are away.
  • Page 9: Personalize Your Lyric Thermostat

    “Connect Again” to re-establish the connection. Complete your profile to register your thermostat with To learn more about your Lyric thermostat and how to get Honeywell by providing your address and time zone. the most out of it, visit...