Honeywell Lyric Quick User Manual

Honeywell Lyric Quick User Manual

Smart controller
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Quick User Guide
Ref: LCP500-L


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  • Page 1 Quick User Guide Controller Ref: LCP500-L...
  • Page 2: Important Security Notice

    Controller’s full User Guide, located online at: IMPORTANT! If the Lyric Controller is beeping rapidly when you enter the premises, an alarm has occurred during your absence and an intruder may still be on the premises. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and CONTACT THE POLICE from a nearby safe location.
  • Page 3: Arm The System

    ARM THE SYSTEM Press Security icon on Home screen. Select arming mode. Arm Away (when you’re out) Arm Stay (when you’ll be home) Arm Custom (bypass selected zones) Enter user code. • System arms in selected mode What Happens • Exit Delay countdown begins •...
  • Page 4: Disarm The System

    DISARM THE SYSTEM Press Security Armed icon. Press Disarm icon. Enter user code. • System Disarms What Happens • Entry Delay beeps stop (if beeps enabled) If an alarm has occurred, zones with alarms Memory of remain displayed. Alarm Repeat Disarm sequence to clear display. –...
  • Page 5: Bypass Zones

    BYPASS ZONES NOTE: Bypassed zones are unprotected. Press Security icon. Press Zones icon. Select zones to bypass from list. Press Bypass. Bypass. Enter user code. Bypassed zones appear in list with icon. Arm system as usual. (Away) (Stay) (Custom) – 5 –...
  • Page 6: Panic Alarms

    PANIC ALARMS See your installer for the types of Panic alarms programmed for your system. Press and hold Panic button for 3 seconds. Press desired Panic icon within 5 seconds. Fire Police Local Alarm Medical Alarm message is sent to your central station. –...
  • Page 7: Assign User Codes

    ASSIGN USER CODES Press Tools icon on Security screen. Enter Master User code. Press Users icon. Master To assign a Master, Guest, or Duress code, press the desired option then press Edit. Guest To assign a regular user code, press Add New. Duress Add New If desired, press Name to assign a personal name...
  • Page 8: Use Automation Devices (Z-Wave)

    Actions vary based on the device selected. NOTE: In some cases, a Z-Wave device might not report its status to the Lyric controller when an action is initiated at the device itself (ex. thermostat or water shutoff valve). This varies with the manufacturer.
  • Page 9: Add/Remove Z-Wave Devices

    ADD/REMOVE Z-WAVE DEVICES (Include/Exclude) Press Automation icon. Scroll down on device list, press Tools. Press Include to add device. Press Exclude to remove device. Follow the prompts and activate the device’s Function button. NOTE: These steps can vary with each Z-Wave device. Read the device’s instructions and see Working with Z-Wave Devices in the User Guide.
  • Page 10: Control Smart Scenes

    CONTROL SMART SCENES Smart Scenes are created by using Total Connect. However, Smart Scenes can be manually started (Run) or placed on Hold using the Lyric Controller Smart Scenes menu. Press the Smart Scenes icon. Enter Master User code. Press All to list all the Smart Scenes programmed in the system.
  • Page 11: View Cameras

    VIEW CAMERAS (if installed) Press VIDEO icon. System may scan for cameras. Select up to 4 cameras. Press Display to view video from selected cameras. Use zoom in, zoom out, and pan & tilt controls. Press Scan to list newly-installed cameras. –...
  • Page 12 SETTINGS Press Settings icon. Adjust screen brightness and Voice/Chime volume. Press VOICE or CHIME to mute voice announcements and/or chime sounds if desired (highlighted [blue] button indicates muted). Press Clean icon before cleaning the screen; use a damp, soft cloth while screen is disabled for 15 seconds.
  • Page 13: Test The System

    TEST THE SYSTEM (to be conducted weekly) Disarm the system and close all protected windows and doors. The Home button should show green. NOTE: No alarm messages are sent to your alarm monitoring company during these tests. Press Security icon on Home screen. Press Tools icon on Security screen.
  • Page 14 Your Honeywell security system is designed for use with devices manufactured or approved by Honeywell for use with your security system. Your Honeywell security system is not designed for use with any device that may be attached to your security system's keypad or other communicating bus if Honeywell has not approved such device for use with your security system.
  • Page 15: Servicing Information

    SERVICING INFORMATION Your local authorized service representative is the person best qualified to service your Lyric system. Arranging some kind of regular service program with him is advisable. Your local service representative is: Name: Address: Phone: – 15 –...
  • Page 16 2 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100 Ê800-18080V10Š P.O. Box 9040, Melville, NY 11747 Copyright © 2015 Honeywell International Inc. 800-18080V1 11/15 Rev. A PART 1...

Table of Contents