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Option Selections; Wash Cycle Selections - Frigidaire Dishwasher Use & Care Manual

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Your dishwasher uses a DishSense
adjusts the cycle accordingly.
Property Damage Hazard
Before starting dishwasher be sure that the water
is connected and turned on. Failure to do so
may cause damage to the pump seal and result
in water leakage.

Wash Cycle Selections

Cycle times are approximate and will vary with
options selected. Hot water is necessary to
activate dishwasher detergent and melt fatty food
soils. An automatic sensor will check the incoming
water temperature and, if it is not hot enough,
the cycle will be lengthened for automatic water
heating in the main wash and final rinse of all
cycles. This happens even when HI-TEMP WASH
option has not be selected. When HI-TEMP WASH
is selected, an even higher temperature will be
reached to handle heavier soil loads.
Recommended Cycle for typical
The Normal cycle with its factory default options
of normal temperature and heated dry together
provide the best all around performance. This
cycle selection is recommended for everyday use
and is suitable for a large range of both dish load
sizes and food quantities remaining on those
Technology to understand how much food is on the dishes and then

Option Selections

Wash Pressure
The programmed cycles default to the "surge"
pressure option which varies the pressure
optimally for the cycle's intended normal use.
If, for some special circumstance, either a very
low "spray" or very high "scour" pressure is
desired that may be selected. Due to wash cycle
optimization, some pressure options are not
selectable in all wash cycle.
Wash Temp
The programmed cycles default to the "normal"
temperature option, to choose HI-TEMP or
SANITIZE press WASH TEMP pad again.
Hi-Temp Wash Option
HI-TEMP WASH option is selected, by pressing
the WASH TEMP pad, the dishwasher heats water
in the main wash to approximately 140
This increase in water temperature helps
dishwasher detergent remove food grease and
soil from dishes more effectively and aids in
F (60


Table of Contents

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