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RIDGID WD1255BR0 Owner's Manual: Maintenance; Filter; Filter Cleaning; Filter Removal

45 liter/12 u.s. gallon wet/dry vac.
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SP6823 WD1255 PSE-BRZ



NOTE: The filter is made of high quality
paper designed to stop very small
particles of dust. The filter can be used
for dry pick up or small amounts of liquid.
Handle the filter carefully when removing
to clean or installing it. Creases in the
filter pleats may occur from installation
but will not affect the performance of the

Filter Cleaning

Your filter should be cleaned often to
maintain peak Vac performance.
Be sure to dry the filter before storing or
picking up dry debris.
IMPORTANT: After cleaning, check the
filter for tears or small holes. Do not use a
filter with holes or tears in it. Even a small
hole can cause a lot of dust to come out
of your Vac. Replace it immediately.

Filter Removal

Refer to page 37 "Filter Removal and
Installation" Section of this manual.
Cleaning A Dry Filter
IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to the
blower wheel and motor, always reinstall
the filter before using the Vac for dry
material pick-up.
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1. Some removal of dry debris can be
accomplished without removing the
filter from the Vac. Slap your hand on
top of the lid while the Vac is turned
2. For best cleaning results due to
accumulated dust, clean the filter in
an open area. Cleaning SHOULD be
done outdoors and not in the living
3. After filter removal from Vac, remove
the dry debris by gently tapping filter
against the inside wall of your dust
drum. The debris will loosen and fall.
4. For thorough cleaning of dry filter with
fine dust (no debris), run water
through it as described under
"Cleaning A Wet Filter"
Cleaning A Wet Filter
After filter is removed, run water through
the filter from a hose or spigot. Take care
that water pressure from the hose is not
strong enough to damage filter.
Refer to page 37 "Filter Removal and
Installation " Section of this manual.
Allow the filter to dry before reinstalling
and storing the Vac.



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