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RIDGID WD1255BR0 Owner's Manual: Emptying The Drum; Moving The Wet/dry Vac; Blowing Feature

45 liter/12 u.s. gallon wet/dry vac.
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SP6823 WD1255 PSE-BRZ
Operation (continued)

Emptying the Drum

WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury from accidental starting,
unplug power cord before emptying
the drum.
1. The Vac comes equipped with a drain
for easy emptying of liquids. Simply
unscrew the drain cap and lift the
opposite side slightly to empty the
2. Another option is to remove the lid. Pull
the flexible latches outward on each
side of the lid to release from the drum.
3. While holding the latches out, lift the
top assembly up and away from the
4. Lay top assembly upside down on a
clean area while emptying drum or
changing filter.
5. Dump the drum contents into the
proper waste disposal container.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
back injury or falls, do not lift a Vac
heavy with liquid or debris. Scoop
or drain enough contents out to
make the Vac light enough to lift

Moving the Wet/Dry Vac

Should it become necessary to pick the
Vac up to move it, the handles on the
sides of the dust drum are used to lift. To
maneuver the Vac, the pull handle above
the inlet should be used.
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Blowing Feature

Your Wet/Dry Vac features "Full Blowing".
It can blow sawdust and other debris.
Follow the steps below to use your Vac
as a blower.
WARNING: Always wear safety
eyewear before using as a blower.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury to bystanders, keep them
clear of blowing debris.
CAUTION: Wear a dust mask if
blowing creates dust which might
be inhaled.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of
hearing damage, wear ear protectors
when using the Vac/Blower for
extended time or in a noisy area.
1. Locate blowing port of your Wet/Dry
2. Insert locking end of hose into the
blowing port of the Vac.
3. (Optional) Attach extension wand to
swivel end of hose, then place a car
nozzle on the wand.
4. Turn Vac on and you are ready to use
your Vac as a blower.
Swivel End
of Hose
Car Nozzle



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