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Descaling The Appliance - Bosch Built-In Coffee Machine User Manual

Bosch built-in coffee machine user's manual
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Descaling the appliance

If the illuminated ring on the 4button is lit red and
the message UNIT CALCIF. is displayed when the
appliance is switched on, descale the appliance
immediately. If the appliance is not descaled as
instructed, it may be damaged.
If you use a filter 20 and the message UNIT
CALCIF. is displayed, the filter is NOT activated
in the settings. Follow the instructions Change
settings/ programming - Filter".
If the appliance is always operated with an inserted
filter, it should be descaled once or twice a year,
even if the descale message is not displayed.
Use care storing and handling
descaling agent!
Do not place the descaling agent in
mouth. Keep under lock and key and
out of the reach of children. Avoid
contact with skin and eyes. Do not
drink liquid.
If a descaling agent comes into contact
with eyes, immediately wash eyes with
plenty of water and consult a doctor. If
a descaling agent is swallowed, seek
medical advice immediately and
produce packaging or label.
Never descale the appliance with
vinegar or vinegar based agents!
Do not use cleaning tablets.
Never interrupt the descaling program!
i Specially developed and suitable agents are
available from customer service.

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Table of Contents

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