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Removing The Filter - Bosch Built-In Coffee Machine User Manual

Bosch built-in coffee machine user's manual
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ON COFFEE is displayed, turn
function selector 2 back to u position.
i The water hardness can still be indicated in the
display program, however the setting is not

Removing the filter

i The appliance must be switched on.
q Unscrew the filter 20 with the provided tool in
an counter clockwise direction.
q Hold down button qon display 6 for at least
2 seconds.
q Select FILTER YES / NO with r or s.
q Press button q, display flashes.
q Select FILTER
q Press button qto save the setting.
q Press the o button. Back to standby.
q Replace the filter after approx. two months or after
approx. 400 brews.
q Do not insert the filter if the UNIT
message lights up. First descale the appliance.
q Before descaling the appliance, take the filter out
of the water tank.
q When the filter has been inserted, it must be
rinsed. Follow the displayed instructions.
q If the appliance is always operated with an inserted
filter, it should be descaled once or twice a year,
even if the descale message is not displayed.
q If softened water from a domestic descaling unit is
used, a filter should not be inserted.
Re order the filter quoting order no. 461732.
NO / OLD with r or s.

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Table of Contents

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