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Using The Simmer Plate (Accessory Not Included); Locations Of The Burners; Placement Of Burner Caps - Electrolux Gas cooktop Use And Care Manual

Electrolux gas cooktop use and care guide
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Using the simmer plate (accessory not included)

The simmer plate (Figure 1) is intended to
diffuse lower temperature of the burner to help
cooking delicate aliment such as chocolate, milk,
bechamel, etc. It can also be use for cooking
sauce during long period. With the grate in
position over the burner, set the simmer plate
on top of the grate positioning the notches in the
simmer plate over the grate fi ngers (See Figure
2) and then place the utensil on the simmer plate.
Always place the simmer plate on the grate before to turn on the burner.
Always use potholders to remove the simmer plate from the grate. Allow the simmer plate to cool before removing.
Do not set hot simmer plate on surfaces that cannot withstand high heat; such as countertops.
Be sure the simmer plate is positioned correctly and stable before use to prevent hot spills and possible burns.
Location of the Burners
The cooktop is equipped with different sized burners.
The surface burners are located on the cooktop as follows:
- a 5 000 BTU (natural gas) burner located at the center
rear position;
- a 9 500 BTU (natural gas) burner located at the right rear
- two 14 000 BTU (natural gas) burners located at the left
rear and center front position;
- and two 20 000 BTU (natural gas) burners located at the
left front and right front position.

Placement of burner caps

Place a burner cap on each burner
head, matching the cap size to the
head size. The cap for each burner has
an inner locating ring which centers the
cap correctly on the burner head. Be
sure that all the burner caps and burner
heads are correctly placed BEFORE
using your appliance.
Make sure each burner cap is properly
aligned and level.
Turn the burner on to determine if it
will light. If the burner does not light,
contact a Service Center. Do not
service the sealed burner yourself.
ATTENTION: Do not slide the burner
caps on the cooktop, doing so can
damage the surface.
Surface Cooking
Figure 1
Figure 2
Burner Simmer
Precision Flame



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