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Surface Cooking; Surface Cooking Utensils; Using The Griddle - Electrolux Gas cooktop Use And Care Manual

Electrolux gas cooktop use and care guide
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Surface cooking utensils

Pans should have fl at bottoms. Check
for fl atness by rotating a ruler across
the bottom. There should be no gaps
between the pan and ruler.
* Specialty pans such as lobster pots,
griddles and pressure cookers may be
used but must conform to the above
recommended cookware requirements.
Note: Always use a utensil for its intended purpose. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Some utensils
were not made to be used in the oven or on the cooktop.

Using the griddle

The griddle is intended for direct food cooking and
can be used on both sides (Figures 2 or 3). Do
not use pans or other cookware on the griddle.
Doing so could damage the fi nish. With the grate
in position over the burner, set the griddle on top
of the grate positioning the notches in the griddle
over the grate fi ngers (refer to fi gures 1 and 2 for
optimal positioning).
Always place the griddle on the grate before to turn on
the burner.
Always use potholders to remove the griddle from the
grate. Allow the griddle to cool before removing. Do not
set hot griddle on surfaces that cannot withstand high
heat; such as countertops.
Be sure the griddle is positioned correctly and stable
before use to prevent hot spills and possible burns

Surface Cooking

• Flat bottom and
straight sides.
• Tight fi tting lids.
• Weight of handle
does not tilt pan. Pan
is well balanced.
• Pan sizes match the
amount of food to be
prepared and the size
of burner.
• Made of material that
conducts heat well.
• Easy to clean.
Figure 1
Figure 3
Flat Side
• Curved and warped pan
• Pan overhangs unit by more
than 2.5 cm (1").
• Heavy handle tilts pan.
• Flame extends beyond unit.
Figure 2
Side with


Table of Contents

Table of Contents