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NEC Univerge SV9100 Reference Manual page 3

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Outgoing Calls:
To place an outgoing call, either lift the handset or press the Speaker key
(Speaker key will light). You will hear dial tone. Press 9 and then dial the
outside number. If you use the Speaker key, you will have a hands-free
conversation (speakerphone) until you lift the handset. Lifting the handset will
move the conversation from a hands-free conversation to a handset
conversation. If you are on a handset conversation and would like to change to a
speakerphone (hands-free) conversation, press the Speaker key once and
replace the handset.
To disconnect, replace the handset or press the Speaker key.
Intercom Calls:
To place an intercom call, either lift the handset or press the Speaker key
(Speaker key will light) and dial the extension number. If your phone has been
programmed with intercom keys for the person you wish to call, instead of
manually dialing the extension number, just press the programmed key. If the
called person lifts the handset, the speaker turns off and the intercom
conversation can continue through the handset.
Transfer Calls:
To transfer a call you are on, press the Transfer key (the outside person is now
on hold). Either dial the extension number or press the pre-programmed key of
the person to whom you wish to transfer the call. You may stay on the call to
announce the caller. To complete the transfer, simply replace the handset.
Place a Call on Hold:
To hold a call you are on, press the Hold key. The Loop key will flash indicating
that your call is there. To retrieve the call, lift the handset and press the flashing
Loop key. When a call is on hold at your extension, the Loop key is not flashing
on other extensions. This prevents people from picking-up a call that is not
Parking a Call
To Park a caller, simply press one of the Park buttons. The Park button will flash.
The caller is now on hold or Parked. This allows someone at another extension
to pick up the caller. To pick up a Parked caller, lift the handset or press the
speaker button, and then press the flashing Park button.
Conference Call
While you are on the first call, push the Conf soft key (soft keys are the four
buttons under the display). Now make your second call. Once the second call
has been established, push the Add soft key and then push the Begin soft key.
You are now on your conference.



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