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Safety and process lock
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Function description

Handle positions
Escape released
Reset, openable
Escape release
Operational mode
Maintenance mode
2TLC172250M0201, rev. D
Door open, outer handle pressed down and escape release handle in horizontal position.
The safety device is reset but the door is unlocked and can be opened from either side.
Outer handle in upward position and escape release handle turned upwards slightly from
the horizontal position.
Door opened by escape release. The door can always be opened from the hazardous
area. The door unlocks and the safety circuit is opened when the escape release is
pressed down. Independent of the outer handle position.
Door is locked and reset, closing the safety circuit (i.e. allowing a process to start). Both
handles on the device are in their upward position. The door can only be opened from
the hazardous area (using the escape release handle) causing the process to stop.
The two holes in the locking bolts (one on each bolt) are intended for padlocks to be
fitted during maintenance work within the hazardous area, as an additional measure to
reduce the risk of entrapment.
Reset, openable
Operational mode, locked and reset

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents