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Safety and process lock
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1 ) Remove any padlock in place.
2 ) Close the door.
3 ) Make sure that the hazardous area is clear, then pull outer handle upwards to reset the safety device.
Door locking according to safety-PLC-program.
4 ) Knox is locked when the escape release handle is in upward position and the outmost LED on the frame part
lights green.
NB: It may take up to 2 seconds for Knox to fully reach the locked state after the locking signal has been applied.
Warning! It is imperative that the person resetting the safety device confirms that the hazardous area is clear
before resetting the safety device.


1 ) Wait until the safety monitor acknowledges that the hazardous process has stopped (required for safety lock).
Door unlocking according to safety-PLC-program (or directly by output signal from a standstill monitor, for
The escape release handle is released from the upper position and the outmost LED on the frame part lights
red when the door is unlocked.
2 ) Press the outer handle down and open the door.
NB: It may take up to 2 seconds for Knox to completely lock/unlock when the signal is sent. However, using the
escape release handle will unlock Knox mechanically and is instant.
Caution! Never try to force the lock as it can cause permanent damage to the product. Knox is by design equipped
with a shear pin on the inside of the handle shaft, which is intended to break before any safety critical part is

Escape release:

Knox 1A, -1Ax, -1B, -1Bx:
1 ) Press the red escape release handle down and open the door.
Meanwhile, a stop signal will be generated and the hazardous process will be stopped.
Knox 1F, -1Fx:
1 ) Turn the escape release handle in the direction where upper part of handle moves in the direction of door
opening. While holding the handle turned, push handle outward and slide the door to open.

Auxiliary release (Knox 1Ax, -1Bx, -1Fx):

1 ) Remove the seal.
2 ) Insert a 4 mm hex key and turn for unlocking. Turn clockwise on Knox 1_-R and turn counter-clockwise on
Knox 1_-L. I.e. rotate the hex key in the same direction as the handle is turned when opening.
3 ) Press the outer handle down and open the door.
4 ) When finished, investigate the cause for using manual unlocking and replace the seal with a new one.
It's imperative to follow any additionally routines regarding manual unlocking that has been developed by the
machine builder or the user to avoid residual risks associated with manual unlocking and also routines for
resetting into normal operation afterwards.
2TLC172250M0201, rev. D

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents