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Safety and process lock
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Installation and maintenance

Installation precautions

Warning! Follow the below instructions carefully to avoid personal injury or damage to the device.
Knox must be protected from excess current by a fuse of max 6A.
Knox shall always be mounted with the locking bolts aligned horizontally.
Never use Knox where the ambient temperature goes below +5° C since icing can disrupt the functions.
All the safety functions must be tested before starting up the system.
It must be ensured that the escape release is not possible to reach from outside of the protected area. E.g.
by reaching over a door with low height.
If the built in reset-function (by lifting the outer handle) is used to reset the safety circuit, it must be ensured
that it is not possible to reach the handle from inside the protected area. Otherwise a separate reset button
must be added to the safety circuit out of reach from inside of the protected area.
When installing a Knox with possibility to unlock manually from the outside (Knox 1_x), the introduced risk
must be considered in the risk analysis. Especially the risk of misuse must be taken into consideration.
Routines, adapted to the application, about the use of manual unlock should be prepared. The routines
may describe when manual unlocking may be performed and, if necessary, where to store a fitting tool.


The opening of the frame part should be cleaned regularly.
In case of dirt indication (flashing LEDs, see LED indication); thoroughly clean the two optical lenses at the
edge of the frame part opening (see figure).
The safety functions and the mechanics shall be tested regularly, at least once every year to confirm that all the
safety functions are working properly (EN 62061:2005).
In case of breakdown or damage to the product, contact the nearest ABB Jokab Safety Service Office or reseller.
Do not try to repair the product yourself since it may accidentally cause permanent damage to the product,
impairing the safety of the device which in turn could lead to serious injury to personnel.
2TLC172250M0201, rev. D
Optical lens

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents