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Safety and process lock
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General description

The safety lock Knox with frame part Knox 2A, is a lock that complies with the highest safety level (two locking bolts
with monitored positions) that can be used both as a safety and a process lock. The locking function is
electronically controlled and is bi-stable, i.e. it retains its position (unlocked/locked) in the event of a power failure.
Connection is made to an 8-pole M12 connector, where dual signals for locking/unlocking are used for safe
operation, i.e. no dangerous situation will occur because of short-circuits or cable breakage.
Knox, with frame part Knox 2X, is a process lock with a built in safety sensor to monitor that door is closed and
locked. While powered, a single locking signal must be applied to keep the device locked. However, the locking
function is bi-stable in case of a power failure, i.e. the lock retains its position (unlocked/locked) if power to the
device is cut off. Connections to Knox 2X is made through a 5-pole M12 connector, with a pin configuration which
allows connection to an Urax unit for easy connection to the AS-i bus.
The handles operate as they would on a normal door apart from the exterior handle also having a reset function,
reducing the need for an extra reset button for this device, and an interior handle that can be used for escape
release when the device is in a locked state. Its design and durability makes the device ideal for harsh
environments as the sensors in the lock are non-contact and the lock is manufactured out of stainless steel.
Shielded cable is recommended between this unit and the rest of the safety circuit.

Safety regulations

Carefully read through this entire manual before using the device.
The devices shall be installed by a trained electrician following the Safety regulations, standards and the Machine
Failure to comply with instructions, operation that is not in accordance with the use prescribed in these instructions,
improper installation or handling of the device can affect the safety of people and the plant.
For installation and prescribed use of the product, the special notes in the instructions must be carefully observed
and the technical standards relevant to the application must be considered.
In case of failure to comply with the instructions or standards, especially when tampering with and/or modifying the
product, any liability is excluded.
2TLC172250M0201, rev. D

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents