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Black & Decker DF1405SKT Use And Care Book Manual page 6

Brushed stainless steel 4.5-liter deep fryer
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Note: The amount of oil in the cooking pot must always be between the MIN and MAX line .
Never allow the oil to go below the MIN line or exceed the MAX line.
Note: When the fryer is functioning, the oil gets extremely hot. Use caution at all times.
Do not touch any of the metal parts, such as the basket or cooking pot once the appliance is
• Insert the basket into the cooking pot.
• Place the lid on the fryer.
• This fryer has a detachable cord with a magnetic power attachment to be inserted to the rear
of the fryer. This must be inserted with the words THIS SIDE UP facing upward.
• Attach the cord to the appliance by matching the 2 electrical pins on the back of the control
assembly with the 2 indentations on the power cord.
Important: This magnetic cord is designed to detach easily from the appliance; this will cause
the appliance to stop heating. Avoid moving the fryer or touching the cord in any way during
Important: The appliance will only operate when both guides are properly positioned in the
• Always use handles on the base when lifting or moving the appliance. Never lift or move
appliance using digital control assembly.
Caution: Never attempt to move the fryer when it contains hot oil.
1. Fill cooking pot with cooking oil up to the MIN (4 quarts) or MAX (5 quarts) level marking.
Do not exceed the MAX level mark.
2. Insert the cooking basket.
3. Close the lid.
4. Attach the cord to the appliance and plug into electrical outlet.
When the fryer is plugged in there will be an audible signal.
Digital display shows 130°C.
Select the desired temperature (see FRYING CHART on page 7) by pressing the UP or
DOWN button on the left side of the control assembly and allow fryer to preheat.
The temperature range is (130°C, 150°C, 170°C, and 190°C).
5. The recommended setting for most frying is 190° F.
6. Press the On/Off button on the control assembly. There will be an arrow below the preheat
signage on the LCD.
7. Once the appliance has reached set temperature the numbers on the display will flash and
the arrow below the Ready signage will appear on the LCD display.
8. Lift the lid.
9. Raise the basket and rest it on the drain hook at the front of the cooking pot
10. Allow the basket to drain for several seconds.
11. Fill the basket no more than ¾ full with food to be cooked. Do not overfill.
12. Close the lid and lower the basket into the oil.
13. Press the switch on the handle to lower it into the rest position parallel to the front
of the fryer.
14. Press the + button to select the cooking time. The timer can be set from 1 to 30 minutes.
When the timer counts down below 1 minute the counter will count down in seconds.
Note: During cooking the temperature button can be pressed and the set oil temperature will
show on the LCD; however, the temperature cannot be changed.
15. When the timer reaches 0 there will be an audible signal. Raise the basket and allow it to
rest on the drain hook for several seconds to drain the excess oil.

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