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How To Use - Black & Decker DF1405SKT Use And Care Book Manual

Brushed stainless steel 4.5-liter deep fryer
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How to Use

This product is for household use only.
• Remove all packing material and any stickers. Remove and save Use and Care manual.
• Please go to to register your warranty.
• Wash all removable parts as instructed in CARE AND CLEANING section.
• Wipe outside of appliance with a damp cloth; dry thoroughly.
• Assemble product following directions as directed below.
• Select a stable, level, heat-resistant surface where this appliance is to be used, allowing
enough space from back of unit and the wall to allow heat to flow without damage to
cabinets and walls.
• Fill with oil to MIN (4 quarts) or MAX (5 quarts) line.
• This fryer has a detachable cord with a magnetic power attachment to be inserted to the
rear of the fryer. This must be inserted with the words THIS SIDE UP facing upward.
• Attached the cord to the appliance by matching the 2 electrical pins on the back of the
control assembly with the 2 indentations on the power cord.
• Plug unit into electrical outlet
Basket Handle Assembly
• The basket and handle are packed unassembled.
• Stand the basket on end on a flat surface or countertop with the narrow end down.
• Grasp handle by metal prongs and squeeze together.
• Insert prongs into loops half way down the side of the basket.
• Once they are inserted release the metal prongs.
• Lay the basket flat on the counter (A).
• Pull the handle forward until the metal prongs rest against the side of the basket and the
handle clicks into place (B).
Fryer Assembly
• Place cooking pot into fryer matching the shape of the outer housing with narrow end
facing forward.
• Insert the control assembly aligning the 3 projections on the front of the control assembly
with the tracks on the back of the outer housing of the fryer.
• Slide the control assembly down as far as it will go making sure both outer guides are in
the tracks.
Note: The fryer will only function when both guides are properly positioned in the tracks.
• Fill the cooking pot with oil to the MIN (4 quarts) or MAX (5 quarts) line on the inside of the
cooking pot. Do not use olive, sunflower or flavored oils.

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