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Battery; Short Circuit Protection; Charging - Siemens C35 series Service Manual

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Be careful with NON-original SIEMENS accessories or chargers. Make sure that
the charging current is limited to value below 1A.


C35 series uses a Nickel Metal Hyride (NiMH) 500mAH battery pack as standard battery. It also
support the Lithium Ion 600mAH battery pack (For S35i phone) as optional battery for customer
want longer talk time.
For C35, BATT+ has a voltage level from +3.0V to 5.5V, and a BATT_TEMP contact is used for
detecting abnormal increase in temperature of the battery.
If the temperature is too high or too low, there is a high probability
that the battery is not charged. To enable the charging process
again, battery and phone needs to cools down or warm up. Battery

Short Circuit Protection

For the Nickel Metal Hydride battery, a polyswitch in the battery pack protecting the battery from
short circuit and it should reset by itself after some time removing the short circuit.
For the Lithium Ion battery, it is short-circuit protected by an electronics fuse. The fuse will be
activated in case a too high current is drawn. This fuse will not reset automatically.
The resetting of the L-ion battery fuse can be done with either of the following procedures:
1. Insert the battery into the C35 and then connect the rapid charger to the phone. Wait for
approximately 10 second, then the mobile can be turned on again.
2. Plug the battery separately into the desktop charger. The fuse is reset immediately.
3. Insert the battery into the C35 and put the phone into the desktop charger. Wait for
approximately 10 second, then the mobile can be switched on.


The battery can be charged when it is inserted into the phone. The charging process is
completely controlled by the mobile. Charging can be done with any of the following accessory:
replacement is not required.
A v o i d s h o r t i n g t h e b a t t e r y t e r m i n a l s .


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