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Mechanical Concept - Siemens C35 series Service Manual

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Mechanical Concept

Note: All numbers refer to mechanical drawing in Figure 2.1.
The mechanical concept of the C35 differs in various points from the one of the other Siemens
mobile telephones.
The first thing you will experience is how the housing is locked. In C35 no screws are used to
keep the housing closed. Also inside the telephone no screws are used anymore. To open the
housing, which is kept closed by catches only, a special opening tool has been defined. For
details on disassembly tool please refer to Photo 2.3 in this chapter .
Inside, the C35 consists of just one board (1010) which carries display module(1170), control
part and RF section of the mobile.
The display module (1170) is connected to the board by a flexible cable which is inserted into a
plug. In case the display is defective electrically or mechanically it can be exchanged very easily.
C35 does have an external connector of a new type. Since S6 a so called "Molex"-connector
was used, which also offered the possibility to connect an external antenna to it. The new
"Lumberg"-connector which is used in C35 does not feature such a connection, because the
connector for external antenna is located at the back side of the upper end of the mobile, close
to the internal antenna (1130). As a consequence of this there is no need anymore for a RF
cable mounted to the board nor for a RF plug on it to connect this cable. This improves RF-
properties of the mobile and lowers production costs.
To be able to do measurements on and software update of the telephone, an adapter cable
between Molex and Lumberg connector will be available. See photos in Additional Tools of
Chapter 3 .
C35 series antenna is of a snap-in type which inserted into the lower case shell (1030). The
antenna can only be changed by opening up the C35 phone.
The C35 is a dual-band mobile operating on GSM900 and
GSM1800, the antenna is an integral part of the lower housing.
The keypad (1150), the microphone (1110) and the loudspeaker (1120) are mounted into the
upper case shell (1020). Make sure that the microphone and the earphone contact springs are
not dirty or damaged during repair process.
The dust protection frame and the display window are included in the display module(1170).


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