Troubleshooting - KitchenAid Built-In Convection Microwave Oven User Manual

Built-in convection microwave oven
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Try the solutions suggested here first in order to avoid the cost of an unnecessary service call.
Nothing will operate
Has a household fuse blown, or has the circuit breaker
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker. If the problem
continues, call an electrician.
Is the appliance wired properly?
See Installation Instructions.
Microwave oven will not operate
Is the door completely closed?
Firmly close door.
Is the electronic oven control set correctly?
See "Electronic Oven Control" section.
On some models, is the Control Lock set?
See "Control Lock" section.
On combination oven models, is the lower oven self-
The upper oven will not work during the lower oven Self-
Cleaning Cycle.
Is the magnetron working properly?
Try to heat 1 cup (250 mL) of cold water for 2 minutes at 100%
cooking power. If water does not heat, call for service. See
"Assistance or Service" section.
Microwave oven makes humming noise
This is normal and occurs when the transformer in the
magnetron cycles on.
Microwave oven door looks wavy
This is normal and will not affect performance.
Turntable will not operate
Is the turntable properly in place?
Make sure turntable is correct side up and is sitting securely on
the turntable support.
Is the turntable support operating properly?
Remove turntable. Remove and clean turntable support and
rollers. Replace turntable support. Replace turntable. Place
1 cup (250 mL) of water on the turntable, then restart oven. If it
still is not working, call for service. See "Assistance or Service"
section. Do not operate the oven without turntable and
turntable support working properly.
Turntable rotates both directions
This is normal and depends on motor rotation at beginning of


Display shows messages
Display shows time countdown, but is not operating
Tones are not sounding
Fan stays on after cooking is completed
Smoke is coming from oven vent during crisping
Sparking during crisping
Cooking times seem too long
Radio or TV Interference
Is the display showing a letter followed by a number?
Clear the display. See "Display(s)" section. If it reappears, call
for service. See "Assistance or Service" section.
Is the Timer in use?
See "Timer" section.
Are tones disabled?
See "Tones" section.
Depending on the temperature inside the microwave oven after
a cooking cycle ends, the cooling fan may continue to run for
some time in order to cool the microwave oven. The turntable
may also continue to rotate and the light may stay on during
this time. This is normal. The door may be opened at any time
to add or remove food, and/or to start another cooking cycle.
Some smoke is normal and occurs just as in conventional
This is normal and occurs as fat burns off from past cooking.
Sparking will stop once fat is completely burned off.
Is the cooking power set properly?
See "Microwave Cooking Power" in the "Microwave Oven Use"
Are large amounts of food being heated?
Larger amounts of food need longer cooking times.
Is the incoming voltage less than that specified in the
"Electrical Requirements" section?
Have a qualified electrician check the electrical system of the
Is the microwave oven plugged into the same outlet?
Try a different outlet.
Is the radio or TV receiver near the microwave oven?
Move the receiver away from the microwave oven, or adjust the
radio or TV antenna.
Are the microwave oven door and sealing surfaces clean?
Make sure these areas are clean.

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Table of Contents

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