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Operation; Installing Guide Bar And Saw Chain; Fuel And Chain Oil - Black & Decker GGK45 Instruction Manual

Gas chain saw
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f Keep all parts of your body away from the machine
when the engine is running.
f Before starting the engine, make sure the saw chain is
not contacting anything.


►Keep the handles dry, clean and free of oil or
fuel mixture.
►Never touch the muffler, spark plug or other
metallic parts of the engine while the engine is
in operation or immediately after stopping the
engine. Doing so could result in serious burns
or electrical shock.
f Use extreme caution when cutting small size brush
and saplings because slender material may catch
the saw chain and be whipped toward you or pull you
off balance.
f When cutting a limb that is under tension, be alert for
spring back so that you will not be struck when the
tension in the wood fibers is released.
f Check the tree for dead branches that could fall
during the cutting operation.
f Always shut off the engine before setting it down.
f Kickback may occur when the nose or tip of the
guide bar touches an object, or when the wood
closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut. Tip
contact in some cases may cause a lightning fast
reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar up and back
towards the operator. Either of these reactions may
cause you to lose control of saw which could result in
serious personal injury.
f Do not rely exclusively on the safety devices built into
your saw. As a chain saw user you should take
several steps to keep cutting jobs free from accident
or injury.
- With a basic understanding of kickback you can
reduce or eliminate the element of surprise.
Sudden surprise contributes to accidents.
- Keep a good grip on the saw with both hands,
the right hand on the rear handle, and the left
hand on the front handle, when the engine is
running. Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers
encircling the chain saw handles. A firm grip will
help you reduce kickback and maintain control of
the saw.
- Make certain that the area in which you are
cutting is free from obstructions. Do not let the
nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch, or
any other obstructions which could be hit while
you are operating the saw.
- Cut at high engine speeds.
- Do not overreach or cut above shoulder height.


A standard saw unit package contains the items as
illustrated. (Fig. A)
1. power unit
2. Bar protector
3. Guide bar
4. Saw chain
5. Plug wrench
6. Spanner for carburetor adjustment
Open the box and install the guide bar (3) and the saw
chain (4) on the power unit as follows:
1. Loosen the nuts and remove the chain cover. (Fig. B)
2. Gear the chain to the sprocket and, while fitting the
saw chain (4) around the guide bar (3), mount the
guide bar to the power unit. Adjust the position of
chain tensioner (7) nut on the chain (8) cover to the
lower hole of guide bar.
Note: Pay attention to the correct direction of the saw
chain. (Fig. C)
3. Fit the chain cover to the power unit and fasten the
nuts to finger tightness.
4. Tighten the tensioner screw (8).
Note: A new chain will expend its length in the
beginning of use. Check and readjust the tension
frequently as a loose chain can easily derail or cause
rapid wear of itself and the guide bar.


Warning! Gasoline is very flammable. Avoid smoking
or bringing any flame or sparks near fuel.
f Make sure to stop the engine and allow it cool before
refueling the unit. Select outdoor bare ground
for fueling and move at least 3m away from the
fueling point before starting the engine.
f Please use an anti-oxidant added quality oil expressly
labeled for air-cooled 2-cycle engine use. (JASO FC
f Do not use BIA or TCW (2-stroke water-cooling type)
mixed oil.
f Exhaust emissions are controlled by the fundamental
engine parameters and components (eq., carburetion,
ignition timing and port timing) without addition
of any major hardware or the introduction of an inert
material during combustion.
f This engine is certified to operate on unleaded
f Make sure to use gasoline with a minimum octane
number of 89 RON(USA/Canada:87AL)
f If you use a gasoline of a lower octane value than
prescribed, there is a danger that the engine
temperature may rise and an engine problem such
as piston seizing may consequently occur.
f Unleaded gasoline is recommended to reduce the
contamination of the air for the sake of your health
and the environment.


Table of Contents