Operation; Installing And Removing The Battery Pack - Black & Decker BCCS320 Instruction Manual

20v max cordless pruning chainsaw
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7. Follow instructions for Installing the Guide Bar and
Saw Chain.
Scabbard and Wrench Storage (Fig. J, K)
The scabbard 
has two functions, to cover the guide bar 
when the tool is not in use and to store the wrench 
1. To open the scabbard , lift up on the latch
the two halves apart.
2. To close the scabbard, close the two halves and ensure
the latch is secured to the notch
1. Open the scabbard to gain access to the wrench.
2. Remove the wrench by lifting the wrench end up and
away from the scabbard.
3. Store the wrench in the scabbard when finished. First
install flat screwdriver end of the wrench into the retaining
and then press the wrench end down until the
retaining clips
firmly secure the wrench in place.
Bar Tip Guard (Fig. A)

WARNING: Never operate the pruner without the
bar tip guard properly mounted on the guide bar
to prevent rotational kickback.
The bar tip guard
reduces the chance of the chain
the end of the guide bar
objects which may cause the bar and chain to kickback
towards the operator. In addition to reducing the chance
of kickback, the bar tip guard will reduce the chance of the
chain from touching the ground.
Transporting Pruner (Fig. A)
Always turn unit off, remove the battery and cover the
guide bar 
with the scabbard 
the pruner.


WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, turn unit off and remove the battery pack
before making any adjustments or removing/
installing attachments or accessories. An
accidental start‑up can cause injury.
Proper Hand Position (Fig. L)

WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal injury,
ALWAYS use proper hand position as shown.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, ALWAYS hold securely in anticipation of a
sudden reaction.
Proper hand position requires the left hand on the front
, behind the front hand guard
hand on the rear handle 
nOTE: DO nOT hold the saw by the front hand guard.

Installing and Removing the Battery Pack

(Fig. M)

WARNING: Ensure the tool/appliance is in the off
position before inserting the battery pack.
and pull
from coming into contact with
when transporting
, with the right
nOTE: For best results, make sure your battery pack is
fully charged.
1. To install the battery pack 
the battery pack with the rails inside the tool's handle
and slide it into the handle until the battery pack is firmly
seated in the tool and ensure that it does not disengage.
2. To remove the battery pack from the tool, press the
release button 
the tool handle. Insert it into the charger as described in
the charger section of this manual.
Operating the Pruner (Fig. A)

WARNING: Read and understand all instructions.
Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result
in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.

WARNING: Do not hold pruner by front hand guard.
Keep elbow of left arm locked so that left arm is straight
to withstand a kickback.

WARNING: Never use a cross‑handed grip (left hand
on the rear handle and right hand on the front handle).

WARNING: Never allow any part of your body to
be in line with the guide bar when operating the
chain pruner.

WARNING: When not in use always have the chain
brake (if equipped) engaged, unit turned off and
remove the battery pack.

WARNING: Never operate the pruner without the
bar tip guard properly mounted on the guide bar
to prevent rotational kickback.
ON/OFF Switch (Fig. A)

WARNING: Never attempt to lock a switch in the
ON position.
Always be sure of your footing and grip the pruner firmly
with both hands with the thumb and fingers encircling
both handles.
into the tool handle, align
and firmly pull the battery pack out of
Guard Against Kickback which can result in severe
injury or death. See Important Safety Instructions
guard Against Kickback, to avoid the risk
of kickback.
Do not overreach. Do not cut above chest height.
Make sure your footing is firm. Keep feet apart.
Divide your weight evenly on both feet.
Use a firm grip with your left hand on the front
and your right hand on the rear
so that your body is to the left of the
guide bar.
Never operate pruner while in a tree, in any
awkward position or on a ladder or other unstable
surface. You may lose control of pruner causing
severe injury.
Keep the pruner running at full speed the entire
time you are cutting.
Allow the chain to cut for you. Exert only light pressure.
Do not put pressure on pruner at end of cut.

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