Care And Maintenance; Saw Chain Sharpening - Black & Decker LCS1020 Instruction Manual

20v max, 40v max cordless chain saw
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ground. After completing the cut, wait for
the saw chain to stop before you move
the chain saw. Always stop the motor
before moving from cut to cut.

care and Maintenance

Use only mild soap and damp cloth to clean
the tool. Do not use solvents to clean the
plastic housing of the saw. Never let any
liquid get inside the tool; never immerse any
part of the tool into a liquid.
maintenance and adjustment should be
performed by authorized service centers or
other qualified service organizations, always
using identical replacement parts.
Regular maintenance ensures a long
effective life for your chain saw.
cHain and Bar
After every few hours of use, remove the
guide bar and chain and clean thoroughly
using a soft bristle brush. Ensure oiling
hole on bar is clear of debris.

saw cHain sHarpening

wear protective gloves when handling
the chain. The chain is sharp and can cut
you when it is not running.
to prevent accidental operation, ensure
that battery is removed from the tool
before performing the following
operations. Failure to do this could result in
serious personal injury.
The cutters will dull immediately if
they touch the ground or a nail while cutting.
To get the best possible performance from
your chain saw it is important to keep the
teeth of the chain sharp. Follow these
helpful tips for proper saw chain sharpening:
1. For best results use a 4.5mm file and
a file holder or filing guide to sharpen
your chain. This will ensure you always
get the correct sharpening angles.
2. Place the file holder flat on the top
plate and depth gauge of the cutter.
3. (figure r) Keep the correct top plate
(20) filing angle line of 30° on your file
guide parallel with your chain (file at
60° from chain viewed from above).
4. Sharpen cutters on one side of the
chain first. File from the inside of
To assure product
sharp chain. always
sharp moving chain.
each cutter to the outside. Then turn
your saw around and repeat the
processes (2,3,4) for cutters on the
other side of the chain.
Use a flat file to file the tops of
the rakers (portion of chain link in front of
the cutter) so they are about .025 inch (.635
mm) below the tips of the cutters as shown
in figure s.
5. figure t- Keep all cutter lengths
6. If damage is present on the chrome
surface of the top plates or side
plates, file back until such damage is
be sharp, use extra caution during this
Each time the chain is
sharpened, it loses some of the low
kickback qualities and extra caution should
be used. It is recommended that a chain be
sharpened no more than four times.
not recommended in this manual may be
Replacement chain and bar are available from
your nearest Black+Decker service center.
• LCS1020 requires replacement chain #
RC1000, service part number 90609782.
Replacement 10" bar, service part number
• LCS1240 requires replacement chain #
RC1200, service part number 90609781.
Replacement 12" bar, service part number
The use of accessories not recommended
in this manual may be hazardous.
.025 in.
After filing, the cutter will
The use of accessories

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