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Black & Decker Saw Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Black & Decker Saw

  • Page 2 Copyright Black & Decker...
  • Page 8: Safety Instructions

    Stay alert. Never operate your chainsaw when you are tired. Do not saw wet wood or use your Check damaged parts. Before further use of chainsaw when it is raining. your chainsaw, a guard or other part that is Keep people away while your chainsaw is in use.
  • Page 9 Kickback can be caused by: Striking branches or other objects accidentally Always wear ear and eye protection. with a tip of the saw while the saw chain is moving. Always remove the plug from the socket Striking metal, cement or any other hard before inspecting a damaged cable.
  • Page 10 E N G L I S H To ensure continued safe operation, Insertion of a detatched plug into a 13 amp check the chain tension as described socket outlet may result in electric shock. in this manual after every 10 minutes Only fit BS1363A approved plugs fitted with of use, and adjust back to 3 mm as the correctly rated fuse (1).
  • Page 11 E N G L I S H The new connection system does not This adaptor is only suitable for products release the operator of the tool from the rated up to 500 W. It is not recommended safety precautions and safe working for use with hover mowers, rotary mowers practices given in the manual.
  • Page 12 E N G L I S H The extension cable contains two wires, which are Additional safety instructions for Australia and colour coded for easy identification: brown is for New Zealand Live (L), blue is for Neutral (N). The connector is This appliance is not intended for use by marked ‚L‘...
  • Page 13 Filling oil into the reservoir (fig. E) Remove the oil cap (3) and fill the reservoir with Fit the saw chain (9) over the guide bar (8), the recommended chain oil. You can see the oil making sure that the cutters are the right way level in the indicator slot (4).
  • Page 14 Regular maintenance ensures a long effective life Open the cut with wedges to relieve the strain for the tool. We recommend you make the on the guide bar. Do not try to wrench the saw following checks on a regular basis. free. Start a fresh cut.
  • Page 15: Protecting The Environment

    If you are to get the best possible performance from the tool it is important to keep the teeth of ACCESSORIES the saw chain sharp. Guidance for this procedure is found on the sharpener package. For this purpose Cat. no.
  • Page 16: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    E N G L I S H You can check the location of your nearest EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY authorised repair agent by contacting your local Black & Decker office at the address indicated in GK1640T/GK1635T/GK1630T series this manual. Alternatively, a list of authorised Black &...
  • Page 17 GK1430 GK1435 GK1440 GK1630 GK1635 GK1640 GK1330 GK1630T GK1635T GK1640T 11 1 11 1 GK1430 GK1435 GK1440 GK1630 GK1630T GK1635T GK1640T GK1635 GK1640 GK1330 E13317 04 - 03 - 02...
  • Page 18 Australia WALT Industrial Power Tool Company Tel. 03 9895 9200 7 Clarice Road Fax 03 9899 7465 Box Hill, Victoria 3128 New Zealand Black & Decker Tel. 09 579 7600 81 Hugo Johnson Drive Fax 09 579 8200 Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand South Africa Black &...
  • Page 20 374860-13...