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Canon image Prograf iPF780 Series Setup Manual page 5

Wide format printer
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Load Paper to Adjust the Printhead
Load the included paper and adjust the printhead.
Select type of paper for printhead adj.
is shown on the display screen. Check
that Cut Sheet is selected and press OK.
Instructions on loading cut sheets are
shown on the display screen.
Load the sheet straight into the paper
feed slot with the printing-side facing up,
making sure the right edge is aligned with
the paper alignment guide (a) to the right
of the roll cover.
Insert the paper until the leading edge
makes contact and you hear a tone.
Only one sheet can be loaded in the
printer. Do not load two or more sheets.
Doing so might cause a paper jam.
Wrinkled or warped paper might cause
paper jams. Be sure to fl atten the paper
out before loading it.
The screen for selecting the paper type is
shown on the display screen. Press ▲ or
▼ to select the type of paper loaded in the
Select Coated Paper and press OK.
Then from the menu that appears, select
Coated Paper and press OK.
The paper is advanced.
Slide the width guide (a) and align it
with the mark for the size of paper to be
loaded. In this example, align the width
guide with A2 to align it with the size of the
sample paper.
Adjust the position of the width guide (a)
to the size of the paper to be loaded.
Make sure the width guide fi ts properly
against the edge of the paper to prevent it
from being tilted or wrinkled.
When paper advance ends, the system
is automatically fi lled with ink for the fi rst
time and printhead adjustment is started.
It takes a total of about 20 minutes.
Make use of this time by referring to
"Install the Software" on page 7 to install
the software on your PC.
Charging the system with ink fi lls the system
from the ink tanks to the printhead. In
addition, cleaning is performed to keep the
printer in optimal condition. This may cause
the remaining ink indicator and maintenance
cartridge capacity indicator to drop some
amount. The starter ink tank is for fi rst-time
installation. It is recommended that you
purchase replacement ink tanks quickly.
Prepare one sheet of paper.
Refer to the packaging for the paper to
check which side is the printable surface.
Return unused paper to the pouch it
came in, and store it away from heat,
humidity and direct sunlight.
A message confi rming paper advance is
shown on the display screen. Press OK.
When printhead adjustment ends, paper is
printed with an adjustment pattern and is
While holding the paper, press the release
lever (a) backwards to remove the paper.



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