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DeWalt D28110 Instruction Manual

Heavy-duty small angle grinder
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D28110, D28112, D28402, D28402N
Heavy-Duty Small Angle Grinder



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  Summary of Contents for DeWalt D28110

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL D28110, D28112, D28402, D28402N Heavy-Duty Small Angle Grinder...
  • Page 2: Work Area

    the need for the three wire grounded power cord and grounded power supply system. Applicable only to Class II (double insulated) tools. • Avoid body contact with grounded surfaces such as pipes, General Safety Rules – For All Tools radiators, ranges and refrigerators. There is an increased risk WARNING! Read and understand all instructions.
  • Page 3: Personal Safety

    PERSONAL SAFETY • Disconnect the plug from the power source before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or storing the tool. • Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common Such preventative safety measures reduce the risk of starting sense when operating a power tool.
  • Page 4 missing or damaged. If grinding wheel or accessory loosens, it • Direct sparks away from operator, bystanders or flammable may dismount from the machine and may cause serious personal materials. Sparks may be produced while cutting and/or injury. grinding. Sparks may cause burns or start fires. •...
  • Page 5: Components (Fig. 1)

    D. Spindle (not shown) (DES) harm. Some examples of these chemicals are: E. Side Handle L. Slider Switch (D28110, • lead from lead-based paints, F. 4-1/2" Grinding Wheel D28112) • crystalline silica from bricks and cement and other masonry G.
  • Page 6: Assembly And Adjustments

    Rotating the Gear Case Turn off and unplug tool before making any adjustments or removing or installing accessories. Before reconnecting the tool, D28110 depress and release the trigger switch to ensure that the tool is off. 1. Remove guard and flanges from tool.
  • Page 7 4-1/2" Grinding Wheels Wire Wheels Type 27 guard Type 27 guard Type 27 guard Type 27 guard backing flange 3" wire cup Type 27 hubbed wheel brush 4" wire wheel Mounting Guard Type 27 depressed MOUNTING AND REMOVING GUARD center wheel (D28112, D28402, D28402N) CAUTION: Turn off and unplug the tool before making any adjustments or removing or installing attachments or acces-...
  • Page 8 4-1/2" Cutting Wheels Sanding Discs 4-1/2" Sanding Flap Discs rubber backing pad Type 1 guard Type 1 guard Type 27 guard Type 27 guard sanding disc backing flange backing flange backing flange hubbed sanding flap disc threaded clamp nut abrasive cutting wheel diamond cutting wheel non-hubbed sanding flap disc...
  • Page 9: Operation

    MOUNTING AND REMOVING GUARD wheel or accessory stops rotating. Make sure the wheel has come (D28110) to a complete stop before laying the tool down. 1. Loosen screw. Align the lugs (N) on the NOTE: To reduce unexpected tool movement, do not switch the guard with slots (O) on the gear case.
  • Page 10: Spindle Lock

    SLIDER SWITCH (D28110, D28112) only when the tool is turned off, unplugged from the power supply, and has come to a CAUTION: Before connecting the tool to a power supply, be sure complete stop. Do not engage the spindle the switch is in the off position by pressing the rear part of the switch lock while the tool is operating because and releasing.
  • Page 11 Depressed center Type 27 grinding wheels SURFACE GRINDING WITH GRINDING WHEELS must be used with included flanges. See 1. Allow the tool to reach full speed before touching the tool to the page 6 of this manual for more information. work surface.
  • Page 12 3. Position yourself so that the open-underside of the wheel is CAUTION: Proper guard must be reinstalled for grinding wheel, facing away from you. sanding flap disc, wire brush or wire wheel applications after sand- 4. Once a cut is begun and a notch is established in the work- ing applications are complete.
  • Page 13 2. Apply minimum pressure to work surface, allowing the tool to 2. Depress spindle lock button and use a wrench on the hub of the operate at high speed. Sanding rate is greatest when the tool wire wheel or brush to tighten the wheel. operates at high speed.
  • Page 14 Mounting and Using Cutting 5. To remove the guard, open the guard latch, rotate the guard so that the arrows are aligned and pull up on the guard. (Type 1) Wheels NOTE: If, after a period of time, the guard Cutting wheels include diamond wheels and abrasive discs.
  • Page 15: Maintenance

    If the tool is deactivated by the GFCI, unplug the tool and check and clean the tool before resetting the GFCI. ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES when cleaning or using this tool. DeWalt electric Power tools...

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