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Zte MF283+ User Manual

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Let's go
Getting started with your device.



  Summary of Contents for Zte MF283+

  • Page 1 MF283+ Let’s go Getting started with your device.
  • Page 2: Legal Information

    ZTE Corporation. The manual is published by ZTE Corporation. We reserve the right to make modifications on print errors or update specifications without prior notice.
  • Page 3: Connecting Your Device

    Connecting Your Device Follow the number to connect your device. If you select a different operation mode, the connection of the LAN port is different. Please refer to the chapter “Ac- cessing the Internet”. If you want to use the mobile network to connect to the Internet or use your home phone, you need to insert your (U)SIM card first.
  • Page 4: Indicators

    Indicators Indicator State Description Power is on and external power Blue ON POWER supply is working normally. Power is off or external power supply is working abnormally. WLAN works normally with no Blue ON data transmission. WIFI WLAN works normally with data Blue Blinking transmission.
  • Page 5 The device is turned on but not registered to the mobile net- work. The device is connected to the Blue Blinking LTE network and data is being transferred. G/G The device is registered to the Blue Solid LTE network. The device is connected to the Green G network and data is being Blinking...
  • Page 6: Configuring Your Pc

    Configuring Your PC Follow the following steps and figures for Windows XP to configure the Internet Protocol for your connection. NOTES: • Wireless Network Connection is used for Wi-Fi connec- tion. • Local Area Connection is used for network cable con- nection.
  • Page 7 . Right-click the icon for Connection, and then select Properties. . Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.
  • Page 8: Accessing The Internet

    4. Select the two items indicated in the following figure, and then click OK to finish the configuration. Accessing the Internet Before accessing the Internet, please make sure that the following operations are finished. • Your device is connected via a network cable or Wi-Fi. •...
  • Page 9 To access the Internet: . Log in the G CPE Page. ) Launch the Internet browser and enter http://..0. in the address bar. The login page appears. ) Input the password and then click Login. The de- fault password is admin. .
  • Page 10 . Select an operation mode which you want to use and then click Apply. NOTE: If you change the operation mode, the device will be re- started automatically. . Set the detail parameters for the operation mode. • For Bridge You need to connect the WAN to the LAN port via Ethernet cable and set the clients to obtain the IP address automati- cally.
  • Page 11 NOTE: If you want to change the operation mode, you need to set the client a fixed IP address between and ..0.00, and then log in the G CPE page to change • For Cable Broadband You need to connect the WAN to the LAN port (LAN/WAN) via Ethernet cable and select the WAN Connection Mode.
  • Page 12 Static mode Select Static, input all the parameters and then click Apply. NOTE: Your service provider gives you the static address informa- tion.
  • Page 13 DHCP mode Please select DHCP and then click Apply. NOTE: Your service provider does not give you any parameters. • For Wireless Broadband If you want to use your PC to connect to the Internet, please connect your PC to the LAN port via Ethernet cable. Select Settings >...
  • Page 14: Voice Function

    Voice Function Making a Call You can make a call through (U)SIM card. To make a call: . Pick up the handset. . Key in the telephone number. . You can either press # key on the telephone to send the call, or wait  ~  seconds for the call to be con- nected automatically.
  • Page 15: Wps Function

    WPS Function Your device supports WPS function. You can use this func- tion to connect the client to your device. . Power on your device, and enable the Wi-Fi function on your device. . Enable the WPS function. Please check the WPS Set- ting on the G CPE page.
  • Page 16 . Use your normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search for the available wireless network.
  • Page 17 NOTE: Please set the client to obtain an IP address automatically, and the client will get an IP address like “..0.0”. . Select the SSID of your device, and then click Connect. NOTE: Please check the label on your device to get the default SSID.
  • Page 18 . Input the password and then click Connect. NOTE: You may need to input the password for Wi-Fi connection. Please check the label on your device to get the default password. . Wait a moment, and then the client will connect to your device successfully.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Voice Related Problems Symptoms Possible Problems/ Solutions • Please wait for ~ minutes after the router is turned on. There is no dial • If SIG LED light is blinking, you tone. h a v e n o g o o d R F r e c e p t i o n . Change the location of the router.
  • Page 20 I hear a rapid Put the phone on the hook and try engaged tone again. If you are connected to the as soon as I lift internet using the G (GSM) network, the phone off the please disconnect this first. hook.
  • Page 21 • Enter the correct address. The de- fault address is http://..0.. I cannot visit the • Only use one network adapter in G CPE page. your PC. • Do not use any proxy server. • Make sure the Wi-Fi function is active.
  • Page 22 Others Symptoms Possible Problems/ Solutions The G/G signal • This indicates poor reception. Try indicator is always moving the router to another loca- blinking or does tion near the window. not light. • For the Wi-Fi connection pass- word, please check the label on the device.
  • Page 23: Warning And Notice

    • Please use original accessories or accessories that are authorized by ZTE. Unauthorized accessories may affect the router performance, damage the router or cause danger to you.
  • Page 24 • Do not attempt to dismantle the router. There are no user serviceable parts. • Do not allow the router or accessories to come into contact with liquid or moisture at any time. Do not im- merse the router in any liquid. •...
  • Page 25: Cleaning And Maintaining

    This warranty does not apply to defects or errors in the Product caused by: Reasonable abrasion. ii. End User’s failure to follow ZTE’s installation, op- eration or maintenance instructions or procedures. iii. End User’s mishandling, misuse, negligence, or improper installation, disassembly, storage, servic-...
  • Page 26 Modifications or repairs not made by ZTE or a ZTE- certified individual. Power failures, surges, fire, flood, accidents, ac- tions of third parties or other events outside ZTE’s reasonable control. vi. Usage of third-party products, or usage in conjunc- tion with third-party products provided that such defects are due to the combined usage.
  • Page 27: Limitation Of Liability

    Limitation of Liability ZTE shall not be liable for any loss of profits or indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from or arising out of or in connection with using of this product, whether or not ZTE had been advised, knew or should...
  • Page 28 ZTE CORPORATION NO. , Hi-tech Road South, ShenZhen, P.R.China Postcode: 0...