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Heat Dry/Air
Use of the HEAT DRY option, especially in
combination with use of rinse agent, will
enhance drying.
If AIR DRY is selected the
heater will be de-activated during the drying
phase of the selected wash cycle. This will
slightly lower the energy use but will increase
the likelihood that the dishware will not dry
Sahara Dry T.
When SAHARA DR'f T" option is selected,
the dishwasher extends drying time by
20 minutes.
option can be used with all cycles except
ONLY. For best drying performance,
also apply
an increased wash temperature
by selecting
HI-TEMP WASH or even better, the SANITIZE
The energy required to use the SAHARA DRY( TM
option costs pennies per cycle. You may
choose not to select the SAHARA DRY Moption;
however you may have items in your dish load
that will not be completely
dry at the end of
the cycle.
Sanitize Option
To sanitize your dishes and glassware, select
the SANITIZE option.
When selected, the
indicator light will come on and remain on until
the end of cycle. The water temperature in the
final rinse will be raised to 156°F C6cJcC). This
option is available in POWER PLUS, NORMAL
WASH and TOP RACK Cycles. Only these
sanitization cycles have been designed to meet
NSF requirements.
The cycle time will be extended until the proper
water temperature is reached.
action will continue during the water heating
delay. For best results, the incoming water
temperature should be at least 120°F (49cC).
The sanitize criteria may not be satisfied if there
is an interruption
of the cycle, power failure or if
the incoming water temperature
is below 120°F
To turn off the SANITIZE option, press
SANITIZE a second time. The indicator light will
turn off.
Favorite Cycle
The FAVORITE CYCLE option allows you to
program your preferred cycle and options into
one button.
Once Programmed,
simply select
FAVORITE CYCLE and then select START/
To Program the FAVORITE CYCLE:
Select your preferred cycle and options
Press FAVORITE CYCLE for 3 seconds.
The display will flash for 2 seconds indicating
the FAVORITE CYCLE option has been
To change the FAVORITE
CYCLE option simply repeat steps one and
two above.
Delay Start
The DELAY START option allows you to
automatically delay starting your dishwasher
1-24 hours.
To start the DELAY START option, press DELAY
START until the desired delay time shows in the
STATUS window.
A light will come on indicating
the delay has been set and will remain on until
cycle starts.
To cancel the DELAY START option and to
begin the selected cycle before the delay
period is over, press START/CANCEL twice.
To Cancel a Cycle
You can cancel a cycle anytime during
the cycle. Press START/CANCEL and the
dishwasher will start a 90 second drain. At the
end of the drain, select the next desired cycle.
Child Lock Controls
To prevent children from accidently changing
the dishwasher cycle or starting the
dishwasher, lock the dishwasher controls
by press and hold the DELAY START for 3
seconds. An indicator light on the lock graphic
pad will illuminate when the controls are locked
and no new selections can be made until the
lock is released. To unlock the controls, press
DELAY START again for 3 seconds, and the
indicator light will go out.


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