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Black & Decker GL570 Instruction Manual

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Your purchase of this Black & Decker Reflex
assures you of years of problem free trimming. The
not only trim 'n' edges your lawn, it also has
a unique totally automatic line feed system. You do
nothing - the Reflex
trimming; by the use of a simple mechanism it
senses when the line has worn and, when needed,
automatically feeds out line to its optimum cutting
length. You just switch the unit on and trim.
Following is a list of the parts that will be mentioned
in this instruction leaflet and are shown in the
appropriate diagrams:
Body (1)
Secondary handle (2)
Supply cord restraint (3)
Locking ring (4)
Cutting line (5)
Guard (6)
Line trimming blade (7)
Edge guide (9)
Cable storage hooks (11)
Hanging hole (18)
Power inlet or supply cord (19)
Switch handle (20)
Trigger switch (21)
Arrow (24)
Skid (25)
Pedal (26)
Button (27)
Guard retaining lugs (10)
Guard screw (22)
Guard screw hole (23)
Spool cover (8)
Spool housing (12)
Spool cover tab (13)
Eyelet (15)
Spool (17)
Arrow (16)
Lever (14)
system means non-stop
Instruction Manual
Safety instructions
Read all of this manual carefully, observing all
the recommended safety instructions before,
during and after using your machine. Maintain
your machine in good working order.
Familiarise yourself with the controls on your
machine before attempting to operate it, but
above all, be sure you know how to stop
your machine in an emergency.
Retain this manual and all other literature
supplied with your machine for future reference.
Electrical connection
Power supply cord
Cutting line
Your machine is designed for use on
AC (mains) electrical supplies only. Do
not attempt to use on any other supply.
Plug your machine into a power point,
never in a light socket.
Do not leave your machine
unattended whilst it is connected to
the electrical supply.
Always switch off and remove the
plug from the mains before cleaning,
inspecting or adjusting any part of the
trimmer, or if the supply cable has
become damaged or entangled.
The power supply cord should be
regularly inspected for signs of damage or
ageing and only used if in good condition.
Always keep the power supply cord
away from the cutting line (5), be aware
of its position at all times.
Never carry your machine by the cord or
jerk the cord to separate the connectors.
Keep the cord away from heat, oils and
sharp edges.
Have damaged cords replaced
completely by your nearest Black & Decker
service centre. Do not attempt to do this
yourself as the switch handle is not
customer serviceable.
Take care against injury from line trimming
blade (7) during unpacking and assembly
and any excess line which may be cut off
when the trimmer is first operated.
The cutting line (5) will continue to run for
a short time after releasing the switch
lever. Under no circumstances should



Summary of Contents for Black & Decker GL570

  • Page 1 Trimmer GL570/GL580 Instruction Manual Congratulations! Safety instructions ® Read all of this manual carefully, observing all Your purchase of this Black & Decker Reflex trimmer the recommended safety instructions before, assures you of years of problem free trimming. The ®...
  • Page 2: Electrical Safety

    ENGLISH you attempt to stop the cutting line, always allow it to stop on its own. • Never fit metal cutting line. Clothing • Always wear safety glasses when using • 360˚ Do not allow children, animals or other your machine. adults near your machine when in use - •...
  • Page 3 • Warning! Never connect Live or Neutral In transit, your trimmer is packed in wires to Earth pin marked ‘E’ or ‘Edging’ mode, if you want to ‘Trim’ refer to the section ‘How to convert between Fuse replacement (UK only) the trimming and edging mode’.
  • Page 4 ENGLISH Edging Best results are achieved on edges greater than 50mm deep. Note: Your trimmer is a maintenance tool for trimming overhanging grass and should not be used to create edges. Edges can be To adjust the height of your trimmer: created using an edging spade.
  • Page 5 • To gain access under benches, garden cutting line on the spool, as too much will furniture and shrubs (Fig. N). prevent the automatic feed system from functioning (Fig. 6). To alter the cutting head angle: • Remove any remnant of old cutting line •...
  • Page 6 ENGLISH • Lift the spool (17) approximately 6mm ( ") from the spool housing (12), while pulling the cutting line (5). This will allow you to lengthen the line while clearing any line jammed inside the spool. Ensure there is a minimum of 9cm (3.5") protruding from the spool housing.
  • Page 7 Chainsaws Lawnrakers Compost shredders Leafbuster EC Declaration of Conformity We declare that units: GL570, GL580 families conform to 89/392/EEC, 89/336/EEC, EN60/335, 73/23/EEC A weighted sound pressure 96dB (A) A weighted sound power 96dB (A) Hand/arm weighted vibration 4m/s Brian Cooke...
  • Page 9 Australia Black & Decker (A’asia) Pty Ltd Tel: 03 213 8200 286-288 Maroondah Highway Fax: 03 726 7150 North Croydon, Victoria 3136 Belgique/België Black & Decker Belgium NV Tel: 02 719 07 11 Weihoek 1, Nossegem Fax: 02 721 40 45 1930-Zaventem-Zuid Deutschland Black &...
  • Page 10 English...

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