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Obtaining Documentation - Cisco 12016 Replacement Instructions Manual

Blower module and air filter for cisco 12016, cisco 12416, and cisco 12816 router
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Obtaining Documentation

Class A Notice for Taiwan and Other Traditional Chinese Markets
This is a Class A Information Product, when used in residential environment, it may cause radio
frequency interference, under such circumstances, the user may be requested to take appropriate
countermeasures. Statement 257
Class A Notice for Korea
This is a Class A Device and is registered for EMC requirements for industrial use. The seller or buyer
should be aware of this. If this type was sold or purchased by mistake, it should be replaced with a
residential-use type. Statement 294
Obtaining Documentation
Cisco provides several ways to obtain documentation, technical assistance, and other technical
resources. These sections explain how to obtain technical information from Cisco Systems.
You can access the most current Cisco documentation on the World Wide Web at this URL:
You can access the Cisco website at this URL:
International Cisco websites can be accessed from this URL:
Cisco 12016, Cisco 12416, and Cisco 12816 Router Blower Module and Air Filter Replacement Instructions



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