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Cisco 12016 Replacement Instructions Manual page 8

Blower module and air filter for cisco 12016, cisco 12416, and cisco 12816 router
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Cleaning or Replacing the Chassis Air Filter
Use the following procedure to clean or replace the air filter.
Step 1
Loosen the captive screws on the air filter door and pivot the door open
If the router uses an extended front cover bezel, the air filter door does not have enough space to open
completely. Before you open the air filter door, you must remove the extended front cover.
Figure 4
(behind filter door)
Captive screws
(2 on each side)
Cisco 12016, Cisco 12416, and Cisco 12816 Router Blower Module and Air Filter Replacement Instructions
Opening the Chassis Air Filter Door
Switch fabric
card cage
Air filter door
Air filter



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