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Operations -Cd Receiver; Tuning; Tuning Mode - Kenwood HD Radio KTC-HR200 Instruction Manual

Tuner unit
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Table of Contents
Operations –CD Receiver–


Selecting the station.
Select HD Radio source
Press the [SRC] button.
Select the "HD Radio"/"HD RADIO" display.
Select the HD FM band
Press the [FM] button.
Each time the [FM] button is pressed it switches
between the HF1, HF2, and HF3 bands.
Select the HD AM band
Press the [AM] button.
Tune up or down program
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
If the sub channel is available in Digital FM
broadcast when <Tuning Mode> is set to Auto
seek or Manual, the channel can be switched.
Analog FM 1
Analog FM ™
Analog FM £
(HD FM band)
• During the reception of 1, tune up:
• During the reception of !, tune down: !➡0...
• Using <Receive Mode> the modes can be switched to
digital broadcast automatic switching, analog broadcast
only, or digital broadcast only.
• When "Digital" has been set with <Receive Mode>, the
seek time will be longer to allow a check of whether the
transmission is a digital broadcast.
• It will take few seconds to receive the digital
broadcasting after selecting the frequency.
• When Tune up button is pressed, it will switch to the
next frequency if is it switched before receiving the
Digital broadcasting. (™➡£)
• When Tune down button is pressed, it will be received
from Analog broadcasting if the Digital broadcasting has
never been received. (!➡£)
• When <Tuning Mode> is set to "Manual", the frequency
will be switched while pressing [4] or [¢] buttons.
• Some of the models have the following displays when
the Main channel and Sub channel are switched.
- "Main"/"Primary"/"PRI": When it is switched to the Main
Digital FM 2
Digital FM-1ch 3
Digital FM-2ch 4
Digital FM-8ch 0
Digital FM !
<Tuning Mode> : Auto seek or Manual
<Receive Mode> : Auto mode
- "Sub"/"Secondary"/"SEC": When it is switched to Sub

Tuning Mode

Sets the tuning mode.
Press the [AUTO] button.
Each time the button is pressed the Tuning mode
switches as shown below.


Table of Contents

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