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Operations; Sirius Id [Esn] Display; Selecting Sirius Mode - Kenwood SIRIUS KTC-SR901 Instruction Manual

Kenwood sirius ktc-sr901: instruction manual
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What is Sirius Satellite Radio?
Sirius is radio the way it was meant to be: up to
100 new channels of digital quality programming
delivered to listeners coast to coast via satellite.
That means 60 channels of completely
commercial-free music. Plus up to 40 more
channels of news, sports, and entertainment
from names like CNBC, Discovery, SCI-FI
Channel, A&E, House of Blues, NPR,
Speedvision and Comedy World.
Sirius is live, dynamic entertainment, completely
focused on listeners. Every minute of every day
of every week will be different. All 60
commercial-free music channels are created in-
house and hosted by DJs who know and love
the music. Do you like Reggae? How about
Classic Rock or New Rock? Sirius has an array of


There are three kinds of actions (A, B and C)
that have different functions depending on
Control units to be connected.
See the description below to identify which
action, A, B or C, your Control unit perform.
KDC-5019,KDC-4019, KDC-319
See each instruction manual for details on the
operation of KVT- M700 and KVT- 911DVD.

Sirius ID [ESN] display

<A models>
Select the ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
item in MENU of Control unit to display ESN.
<B models>
Press the [DISP] button repeatedly until ESN
mode is displayed.
<C models>
1 Press the [S.A] button to enter the display
control mode.
2 Press the [
] or [
the "ESN" display.
3 Press the [S.A] button.
] button to select
choices spanning a vast range of musical tastes
including the hits of the 50's, 60's, 70's, & 80's
as well as Jazz, Country, Blues, Pop, Rap, R&B,
Bluegrass, Alternative, Classical, Heavy Metal,
Dance and many others...
From its state-of-the-art, digital broadcasting
facility in Rockefeller Center, New York City,
Sirius will deliver the broadest, deepest mix of
radio entertainment from coast to coast.
Sirius will bring you music and entertainment
programming that is simply not available on
traditional radio in any market across the country.
It's radio like you've never heard before.
So Get Sirius and Listen Up! For more
information, visit
Serial & Sirius ID [ESN]
It is especially important to retain the unit
serial number and the electronic Sirius
Identification number for service activation
and potential future service changes.

Selecting Sirius Mode

Press the [SRC] button. Select the "SIRIUS"
• You need to subscribe to SIRIUS to receive
the service by Sirius Satellite Radio. Consult
SUBSCRIBE"/"CALL 888 539-SIRI" appears.
• It may take a little time to start receiving
after you selected the SIRIUS source.
• If the signal receiving fails, "Acquiring
Signal"/"Linking" appears.
• Select the SIRIUS/DAB setting item in
MENU for Control unit B, and then set



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