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Unpacking The Aq-125-Bo Heater - Bosch AQ 125BO LP User Manual

Outdoor water heater piezo ignition
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Unpacking the AQ-125-BO heater

This heater is packed securely.
Before installing the unit, be certain you have the
correct heater for your type of Gas - Propane or
Natural Gas. Identification labels are found on the
shipping box, and on the rating plate which is located on
the right side panel of the cover.
The box includes:
• Pressure relief valve
• Heat shield
• Mounting screws
• Product registration card
• Installation manual.
Do not lose this manual, there is a charge for a
Please complete and return the enclosed product
registration card.
The AQ125 BO is not approved or designed for:
• Manufactured (mobile) homes, RV's or boats
• Heating or other recirculating/pumping applications*
• Solar/preheat backup or high temperature booster
* This includes domestic hot water circulator pump loop
systems that may previously exist in a home hot water
system. The use of a small electric mini-tank (4-6 gallon
size) should be used for this application; when
designed so the pump will circulate the hot water in the
mini-tank only and through the building's hot water
return loop (timed or thermostatic controlled operation
of the pump is commonly done). The AQ125 BO should
be plumbed in line before the mini-tank water heater,
contact CEC if further instruction is needed.
General rules to follow for safe
B 1. You should follow these instructions when you
install your heater. In the United States: The
installation must conform with local codes or, in the
absence of local codes, the National Fuel Gas Code
ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54.
In Canada: The Installation should conform with
local installation codes.
B 2. Carefully plan where you install the heater. Proper
clearances must be followed.
B 3. The appliance must be isolated from the gas
supply piping system by closing its individual manual
gas shutoff valve (not supplied with heater) during
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any pressure testing at pressures in excess of ½ Psig
(3.5 kPa).
The appliance and its gas connection must be leak
tested before placing the appliance in operation.
B 4. Keep water heater area clear and free from
combustibles and flammable liquids. Do not locate
the heater over any material which might burn.
B 5. Correct gas pressure is critical for the optimum
operation of this heater. Gas piping must be sized to
provide the required pressure at the maximum output
of the heater, while all the other gas appliances are in
operation. Check with your local gas supplier, and
see the section on connecting the gas supply.
B 6. Should overheating occur or the gas supply fail to
shut off, turn off the gas supply at the manual gas
shut off valve, on the gas line. Note: manual gas
shutoff valve is not supplied with the heater.
B 7. Do not use this appliance if any part has been
underwater. Immediately call a qualified service
technician to inspect the appliance and to replace
any part of the control system and any gas control
which has been underwater.
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