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Display Lockout; Power Loss; Failure Mode - Culligan MEDALLIST SERIES Service Manual

Medallist series automatic water conditioner
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If "dip2" is set to "Id", the unit will begin a regeneration immediately for instances 1 and 2. With "dip2" set to "del",
the regeneration will not begin until the preset regeneration time.
Note: If set to immediate mode as timeclock or timeclock backup, the unit will initiate regeneration at 12:00 AM.
In the delay mode, "REG" indicator will light at 12:00 AM and regeneration will occur at delayed time.


The Culligan Medallist Series
settings from tampering by unauthorized individuals. When the lockout feature is activated, the only parameters
which can be adjusted are the Time-of-Day and the Time of Regeneration. Refer to the "Setting of the
Microprocessor" for activating this feature.


The AccuSoft
capable of maintaining the time, for at least two days (masked chip), in the event of a power outage. The EEPROM
ensures that the individual programming parameters of the softener are not lost.
If the power outage lasts long enough to drain the Hi-Cap Capacitor, the control will flash "12:00 PM" when power
is returned to the control. The unit will continue to keep time from the moment power is restored, and will initi-
ate a full regeneration at the preset regeneration time. The time of day will need to be reset in order to return the
regeneration to its preset time.


There are certain conditions that can be interpreted by the circuit board as a failure of the drive motor or motor
position switch. Upon failure detection the control will cease further operation. A telephone hand set symbol will be
shown in the upper left corner of the display and the error code will be shown. Listed below are the different error
1. Motor Always Turning
Error code "E1" occurs when the circuit board detects changes in the motor program switch when the motor is
not supposed to be turning. The phone icon and "E1" will be lit in the display.
2. Motor Never Turns
The Culligan Medallist Series control is equipped to detect no change in the motor position when the motor is
supposed to be turning (motor or piston locked in a frozen position). The AccuSoft circuit board will apply
power to the motor for 20 seconds. If there is no change in the motor homing or position switch, the control will
power down for 1 minute. The circuit board will repeat this procedure two more times in an attempt to remove the
obstruction. If no movement has been detected, the control will permanently power down and a phone icon and
an "E2" will appear in the display.
3. Homing Error
Error code "E3" occurs when the circuit board detects when the control is unexpectedly in the home position.
The phone icon and "E3" will be lit in the display.
Error Display Cancellation
The error code display can be removed by removing the power to the control for 1 minute. After clearing an error
condition, the control will default to the factory settings when power is restored.
control is equipped with a feature which will allow you to protect the programmed
circuit board is equipped with a Hi-Cap Capacitor and EEPROM memory chip. The capacitor is

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Table of Contents

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