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Kenmore ULTRASOFT 250 625.38826 Owner's Manual

Kenmore water system user manual.
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UltraSoft 250
UltraSoft 275
Read and Follow
All Safety Rules and
Before First Use of
This Product.
If you have questions
or main-
the timer,
this toll-free
Water Softeners
with Deluxe Valve
• Warranty
• Start Up / Setting Timer
• How It Works
• Care Of
• Specifications
• Repair Parts
Use the plastic bag and tie provided, to hang manuals
nearby the softener for future reference.
Sears, Roebuck and
IL 60179 USA
Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates,
(Rev. A 4/3/03)


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   Summary of Contents for Kenmore ULTRASOFT 250 625.38826

  • Page 1

    OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL NOS. UltraSoft 250 625.388260 UltraSoft 275 625.388270 Caution: Read and Follow All Safety Rules and Operating Instructions Before First Use of This Product. If you have questions when installing, operating or main- taining your softener, when setting the timer, call this toll-free...

  • Page 2

    For one year from the date of purchase, maintained defects in material For ten years from the date of purchase, model water softener or drum develop OBTAIN SEARS ranty applies This warranty vary from state to state. JJJJJJJJJJ_JJJ_J, _JJJJJ_JJJJJJJJJ_ JJJJJJJJJ_JJJJJ_J JJJ_JJJJJJ_JJJJ JJ_JJ_JJJJJ_JJJ_ Sears,...

  • Page 3

    Safety Guides Check List of Step-By-Step Program Sanitizing Fill The Storage Tank With Salt ... Faceplate Soft Water Service and Regeneration Salt: Refilling Keeping Protect Checklist JJJJJJ_JJJ_JJJ_. JJJ_ JJJJJ_JJJ_ _JJJJ_J_J JJJjjJJJ_J JJ_JJJJ_J_JJJ JJJ_jJJJ_J_ JJJ_JJ_JJ _J_JJ_JJJ_JJJ_JJ_ Dimensions Troubleshooting Rotary Water Flow Through Water Brine Valve Assembly Valve Assembly...

  • Page 4

    Call 1-800-426-9345 minerals Dam- INJURY, ONLY. 120V, OVERCUR- USE ONLY if the power Make back power or after in the Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 5

    3-5 in the into an inside, electrical out- on page 5-1 of heater. See page require installation plumbing code Call 1-800-426-9345 START UP INLET 3-valve t P-_-r_. ! plastFc Bypass Valve(s) Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 6: Program The Timer

    PM PRESEP+IT_ME time is between and noon, be sure AM PRESENT'ME of the UP /DOWN buttons 1 minute. Holding buttons each second. Kenmore Water Line beeps from the dis- press 4'58" _71-"_,,t I 1'_70 changes...

  • Page 7

    RECHARGE shows in the display. BIB, CALL TOLL FREE, TIMER FEATURES. Kenmore Water Line TIME 2:00 AM is not being If a differ- for your the AM- time of day. changes in changes to com-...

  • Page 8: Sanitize The Water Softener

    3 gallon.: This first recharge the softener level needed. tank. 2-4) for ser- from the soften- (page 1-4). with or without salt Association. On some need periodic Call 1-800-426-9345 brinewe{I cover about 3/4 oz. bleach) brinewell Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 9: Fill The Storage Tank With Salt

    3 quarts to consume 335 milligrams to eating 2-1 / 2 slices of white bread. about their drinkingwater a Kenmore Drinking Water or reduce in excess of 90% of the so- water contaminants. Kenmore Water...

  • Page 10: Faceplate Timer Features

    SALT level LEVEL brinewell decal TONIGHT RECI_ARGE RECHARGE indicator light SALT Kenmore Water Line with an inside salt is at button show LIGHT this will salt level until and other LEVEL...

  • Page 11

    250) min- water using button continue Call 1- 800- 426- 9345 Kenmore again to show the following RECHARG£ example: set to 4 days maxi- mum between regenerations days between regenerations: The face-...

  • Page 12

    However, time of day until time of day (page CODE code could appear display if a prob- in the softener elec- Turn to page 5-2 under resolve Kenmore Water Line electrical works as it regenera- 1-3). I-I-...

  • Page 13

    As you use more water, fill time more brine made. deans more hardness minerals bed. Water Flow Through the Softener in Fill soft water hard water fill water Kenmore Water Line brine. from much greater...

  • Page 14

    (FIG. 9). returns to service. into the resin tank where the resin out the hardness minerals. Soft water soft water pipes. Water Flow Through Softener in Fast Rinse soft water hard water drain Z2Z ... Kenmore Water Line Hard...

  • Page 15

    *RECHARGE TIME REMAINING flashes feature is set to ON, a cleaning in the dis- with the minutes of the clean cycle re- the recharge. Kenmore Water Line are [] of the before (gpg) using soft goes up to...

  • Page 16

    Without salt, you hard water. After filling, reset the Salt page 2-1. a loss in softening capacity and may if less than 10 inches (salt mon- tank. PAGE 2-1. Salt Bridge salt salt bridge water }evef Kenmore Water Line will...

  • Page 17

    Your local Sears store cleaner, Item No. 42-34426 6 months. If iron shows before 6 months, clean instructions on the Kenmore Water Line iron, even regular for this. more resin...

  • Page 18

    Kenmore Water Line thick block Do not Leave...

  • Page 19

    DOWN(_ button. 12:00 AM display. Reset the present time, CORRECTION Press ON/OFF-HOLD (RECHARGE time display read PROGRAM or be raised too high above the (see page 16 in your installation or grooves, replace if Kenmore Water Line your- (see...

  • Page 20

    Performance (WQA). The rating decal is located WATER SUPPLY TO WATER SOFTENER Minimum water system flow (gpm) ... Minimum-Max. water pressure (psi) ... Minimum-Max. water temperature (°F) ... Maximum water hardness (gpg) ... Maximum "clear water" iron (ppm) ... SALT FOR WATER SOFTENER Type of salt needed ...

  • Page 21

    = grains per gallon per square inch ppm = parts per million if set to ON. Call 1-800-426-9345 1.4psi UltraSoft 275 high capacity 1.07 approximately 124 minutes @ 6.4 salt dose 5060 @ 3.2 Ib salt Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 22

    Also test a soft water if a problem exists.) Press twice more to return to present after making MANUAL INITIATED DIAGNOSTICS, and the MANUAL REGENERATION CHECK. Kenmore Water Line con- 5-4). set- (Make with sam- the SE- time initial ELEC-...

  • Page 23

    STATUS: With the valve cycles, the switch open -'_-. While the valve to another, the indicator closed -"---. A defect is probable from this pattern. Kenmore Water Line that could all face per- ELEC- isolate of the SENSOR HOUSING SHAFT...

  • Page 24

    If an error code occurs, the transformer, then plug in again. JJ'lO MOTOR Kenmore Water Line capacity will but- press the re- in ser- while...

  • Page 25

    BRINE VALVE FLOAT SETTING Kenmore Water Line with Seepage on gasket. & disc, brine soft- top dis-...

  • Page 26

    _,iii_i_._ii_,_iiJi_'i SECTION Before working on the valve, turn ply and disconnect from electrical LIEVE PRESSURE: • 3 VALVE BYPASS: Close the inlet valve a soft water faucet. Then close the outlet open the bypass valve. • SEARS SPECIAL BYPASS: Slide the bypass stem to bypass position.

  • Page 27

    SOFT water to the brine valve, into the salt storage to the house lines. 1-800-426-9345 Kenmore VALVE routes water to the valve the vane fill through Water Line...

  • Page 28

    BACKWASH, to the nozzle. Water is routed distributor, up through to the drain. The fast in the drain fitting) iron deposits, remainingbrine Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 29

    Call 1-800-426-9345 VALVE so water flow enters through the bottom to return the valve lever drops to open until the electronic timer Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 30

    SECTION6 _,i_ii_i_ _J_J;_J_l Kenmore MODEL NOS. 625.388260 JJ_JJJJ_JJJJJJ_. JJJJ_JJJJJJ_JJJ. JJJJJJJ_JJ • J J_JJJ_J_JJ JJJJJJJ_J JJj_jJjJJJJJJJJJJ_ JJJJJJJJ_J J_J_JJJJ JJJJJJ_JJJ_JJJJ aJJJJJJJJJJJJ_JJJJ Problems, Questions? REPAIR PARTS FOR WATER SOFTENER • Rating Decal Location _.--_--19 Call 1-800-426-9345 and 625.388270 Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 31

    SECTION 6 _,_;_ Kenmore MODEL NOS. 625.388260 A. WATER SOFTENER PART NUMBER 7230020 7229998 7252373 7249532 7255737 7230038 7247417 7253133 7231571 7232080 7082150 7100819 7137913 7257307 7232250 0900431 1103200 9003500 7116488 7105047 0502272 7144952 7235478 7170270 7077870 7170254 7170296 7141001...

  • Page 32

    SECTION 6 _._;I Kenmore INLET - OUTLET GROUNDING CLAMPS Problems, Questions? REPAIR PARTS FOR WATER SOFTENER MODEL NOS. 625.388260 Call 1-800-426-9345 and 625.388270 Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 33

    SECTION Kenmore PART NUMBER 7168647 0513860 7097202 0516947 7093216 7092278 7170288 0516211 0516924 7116713 7092252 7080653 7131365 7094979 7092294 7176161 7095470 7113016 7171349 7248706 • included in parts bag, see page 6-2. Problems, Questions? REPAIR PARTS FOR WATER SOFTENER MODEL NOS. 625.388260 B.

  • Page 34

    _ii_ii_i I SECTION 6 _i_iiiii_ Kenmore MODEL NOS. 625.388260 9o-----__ Problems, Questions? REPAIR PARTS FOR WATER SOFTENER and 625.388270 Call 1-800-426-9345 Kenmore Water Line...

  • Page 35

    Kenmore MODEL NOS. 625.388260 PART DESCRIPTION NUMBER 7224087 Screw, #8-32 x 1" (2 req.) 7250622 Motor (incl. 2 ea. of Key No. 51) Motor Plate 7231385 0900857 Screw, #6-20 x 3/8 (2 req.) 0503288 Bearing 7113927 Cam and Gear 7142942...

  • Page 36

    OWNER'S MANUAL MODEL NOS. UltraSoft 250 625.388260 UltraSoft 275 625.388270 The model number your water softener found on the rating de- cal. This decal is on the rim, under the salt cover. When requesting service or ordering parts, always provide the following in- formation: Product Type •...

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