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Frigidaire Bern Instructions & Operating Manual page 4

Floor standing fireplace
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Helpful Advice Before Installation
Please retain all packaging until all the parts and other package contents are accounted for.
It is recommended to place your fireplace near an existing wall outlet for ease of electric
Store your fireplace in a dry, safe and dust-free place while drilling during fireplace installation.
Do not attempt to wire new outlets or circuits. To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury
to persons, always have a licensed electrician perform maintenance and repairs.
Instructions for Use
This fireplace can be operated with the switches located on the front panel of the fireplace.
Plug the fireplace into a power outlet.
To access the control panel, slowly open the door located on the front of the fireplaces.
To adjust the flame effect of your fireplace, turn the "Low Heat Switch" on. This will turn the
flame effect on and turn the heat on (low heat).
Turn the "High Heat Switch" on to increase heat output.
Turn the "Flame Adjust" knob to adjust flame brightness.
Auto Safety Shut-Off Mechanism
This fireplace is equipped with a safety shut-off feature which initiates if the fireplace overheats
(e.g. Due to blocked air vents). For safety reasons, the fireplace will NOT automatically reset,
and will need to be manually turned ON.
To restart the fireplace, unplug the fireplace from the power outlet for at least 15 minutes. Next,
reconnect to the power outlet and turn on the fireplace.



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