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Reset Button; About Controlled Mode And Autonomous Mode; Status Light Behavior - HP ProCurve MSM410 Quick Start Manual

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MSM410 Access Point Quickstart

Reset button

The Reset button is accessible via a hole on the bottom of the MSM410 as identified below.
Insert a paper clip under the cable and into the reset button hole at the precise angle shown.
Press and quickly release the button to reset the MSM410. To reset the MSM410 to factory
defaults, press the button until the status lights blink three times, then release.
Following a reset to factory defaults, the MSM410 starts up in controlled mode.

About controlled mode and autonomous mode

The MSM410 can operate in one of two modes: controlled (the default) or autonomous.
Switching modes resets all configuration settings to factory defaults.
Controlled mode: To become operational, the MSM410 must establish a management
tunnel with an MSM7xx Controller. The controller manages the MSM410 and provides all
configuration settings. Discovery of the controller is automatic if default settings are used
on the MSM410 and the controller, and both devices are on the same subnet. See Working
with controlled APs in the MSM7xx Controllers Management and Configuration Guide.
Autonomous mode: Once switched to autonomous mode, the MSM410 operates as a
stand-alone AP. An autonomous MSM410 is configured and managed via its web-based
management tool as described in Initial configuration (autonomous mode) on page 4.
Status light behavior in controlled mode
During startup/discovery in controlled mode, the MSM410 status lights provide the following

Status light behavior

Power light blinks once every two seconds.
Power light blinks once per second.
Reset button hole
The MSM410 is starting up.
The MSM410 is looking for an IP address,
or building the list of VLANs on which to
perform discovery. The management tool
will also respond before discovery.
Status light behavior
Power, Ethernet, and Radio lights blink in
sequence from left to right.
Power light is on. Ethernet and Radio lights
blink alternately.
Power and Ethernet lights blink alternately
and quickly. Radio light is off.
Power and Radio lights blink slowly.
Power and Ethernet lights blink slowly.
Once the discovery process is complete, and the MSM410 has established a secure
management tunnel to a controller, the Power light remains on and the Ethernet and Radio
lights blink to indicate the presence of traffic.
Status light behavior in autonomous mode
In autonomous mode, the status lights provide the following information:
The MSM410 has no power.
The MSM410 is starting up. If the Power light continues to
blink after several minutes, it indicates that the software
failed to load. Reset or power cycle the MSM410. If this
condition persists, contact HP ProCurve Customer Care.
The MSM410 is fully operational.
The port is not connected or there is no activity.
The port is transmitting or receiving data.
The radio is transmitting or receiving data.
HP ProCurve Networking
The MSM410 has obtained an IP address
and is attempting to discover a controller.
The MSM410 has found a controller and is
attempting to establish a secure
management tunnel with it.
The MSM410 has received a discovery
reply from two or more controllers with the
same priority setting. It is unable to
connect with either controller until the
conflict is resolved.
The MSM410 is attempting to establish a
local mesh link to a master node.
The MSM410 is attempting to establish
wired connectivity.

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