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Kenmore 116.27614 Owner's Manual

Kenmore vacuum cleaner user manual
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Vacuum Cleaner
:IN:" _N
this product°
Sears Parts and Repair Center
Anyt me, day or nght
(U.S A. oW)
Vacuum CIea_er He_p L_ne
(I o877o53t o732i )
8:00amo5:00pm EST, M_F
and Canada)
Read a__dt;giow a![
safety and operat ny
before first
use of ths product
Sears, Roebuck
and Co,, Hoffman
/L 60179 U,S,A
Printed ir_Mexico
Part Ne C@iZDt_A@QU@@.-KC@IZDEAZ@U@



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  • Page 1 Owner's Manual Vacuum Cleaner Before returning this product° Sears Parts and Repair Center (1o800o488o1222} Anyt me, day or nght (U.S A. oW) Vacuum CIea_er He_p L_ne (I o877o53t o732i ) 8:00amo5:00pm EST, M_F (US£ and Canada) Read a__dt;giow a![ safety and operat ny ;nstructions...
  • Page 2 Agitat :_rServ cn 9 ... Troubleshootini Master Protection Agreements "11 Notes Requesting Assistance Or Service and operate your rsew Kenmo'e estng infe saree a_d Sera of your new Kenmore {::ea_ing .•1718 Back Cover vacu,m_ ..;>1_ (}l'e. @u vaem N,_mber Plate referer ce...
  • Page 3 OneYearLimited Wag'rarity WhenassembIedoperatedand mastainedaccordingto oil nstructio_ssuppliedwith the product f ths w_cuum c_eaner f ailsdue to a defectn materialor workmanshp withn one yearfromthe date of purchase,returnit te any Searsstore,SearsParts& Repair Centeror other Kenmoreouter forfree repar, If this vacuumcteaneris usedfor otherthan pr vatsfamiy purposes,ths warranty app/esfor only 90 daysfromthe dateof purchase Th_swarranty covers on_ydefects/_ matoda_and workmansh/p_Soars will NOT pay for:...
  • Page 4 Do net rue vacuum cleaner ever cord. Keep co_d away from heated su£aces Be not handle pug or vacuum cleaner with wet hands Be not put any objects into openings Co not use with any ope_' b g blocked; keep...
  • Page 5 It s to know yoJ_ vac_, ,_m ceane _se_ hev:.£ hese befoe _,si_9 you_ vacums tear s !:)art5 sad lea urea to ensure Is prope__a_(:t safe Part No Part No in Canada i n U SA 20,40I i8 ... Has,die Quick Relea_¢e Adjd:s_...
  • Page 6 StyW No Ot,%t Ba9 8xi a_st _:,i t _r £F,q Motor oafe_y Ftel ._F,,4 ATTACHMENTS CrevlC_ Ibo_ ... BrushOemb@_tten ... BrushDUs#ng Brush (Behind Busf Ba£) Co_J@r Cord...
  • Page 7 UST os the cover cf i_e separate R£RA/R PARTS L/ST: Use tts to verfy t at yo,_ have eceved aI the composer ts of your new Kenmore vac _sm (/eanei WANDoTELESCOPING The wand ea{Th s ad}ustab!e and esquires _o assembly. _b...
  • Page 8 I OIen heca ste_/ood, 2 Check to see that tie <t_st bag s proper_ y nstat{ed See BAG CHANGING inst uctons 3, Check to see thai the motor safety fters propery nstaied See NSOTOR SAFETY HLTER CHANGHIG _stractons HOOD AND TOOL STORAGE COVER It is farms br the car_ ster hood and tee...
  • Page 9 OPERATING NSTRUCT ONS Persor_a_ _n_ury and Product Hazard DO NOT plug in if switch is in ON 9osi_ion_ Personal injury or property damage couk_ result. The cord moves rap dry when rewindhg, Keep c!-d[dren away and provide a clear path when rewinding the cord to prevent persona[...
  • Page 10 Suggested sweeping pattern, Fo_ best cleaning act on, the Powe_Mate shoud be pushed stra ght away foe and purled straight back At the end of each pull stroke the d recton of the PowerMale shoud be changed to poirt into the next section to be cleaned Ths pattern shoud be co _t r_ued across the capet...
  • Page 11 Forbestdeepdowncleann!_ ,lse he XLO sett tg.Howeve youTray nee:,_ to/:aise hegM to make some o_s ease< such as scatter _ugs and some deep pie calpe s and to prevent he vacuum @cane from shutting off, S_,@gested sett rigs af'e DO NOT attach or _'emove handb wands while vacuum...
  • Page 12: Overload Protector

    PROTECTOR OVERLOAD l_/e PowerMate Ove_#ead Pro_ector/ bu t...n p otectb aga nat re(tot ard th_ agilator}ar_ the ag tater sows down or stops overload ;xotectar shuts off the PowerMate The can ster motor will co/t hue to run To correct proMem: °[Sjn off and unpug vacuum...
  • Page 13: Suction Control

    SUCTION CONTROL suctio _ control slows you to change the vacuum suets _ fe_ _ d fleam fab_ cs s _c_on and carpet weig_ ts, Opehing the contro! decreases suet sI_ for dFapm es and lightwe ght r,_gs, wh!e cos _g the co_t el _creases for _@ho ste_ es and carpels PERFORMANCE ND CATOR...
  • Page 14: Canister Care

    [_e vacuumceaner createssucto_ _at picksup dirLRapidy moving ar car_ es tt_e dirt to the dust bagth o _gfthe airflowpas.o sages_ T he@_st b agletsthe ar pass through, w hle t trapsthe dirt. Forbestcleanngres ts keeptleap- flow passage eperLCheckte star_ed areasoccasions ly for dogs UnphJg ff_m outletbeforecheck _g.
  • Page 15 I_ Unpl, !I cord fro"s wali oJ let, DO NOT dFip water ol_ vacuum cleaner. 2 Cleae exte or _,sag a cean soft eoth that has been dipped n a so uton ol md liquid detergent and wate, the_ wr _r4_@% dry after ctean 3, Yo red,ice state e ectr cty and dust bud, up wpe outer surface of vact_ m c ea_,er...
  • Page 16 Fire and!orE_ectdcai S hockHazard Do not operatewith a c_ogged exhaust filter or without the exhaust filter or exhaust filter cover installed EXHAUST NLTER The exhaust f/tar ca_tr dge r_st replaced when dirty, Rep!ace t_e liter when the ent;e surtace area s covered eve _ty_ The f#ter CANNOT be washed _ose its dust trapp ng abiiity.
  • Page 17: Agitator Assembly

    POWERMATE CARE Awaysfoowal sa{ety eca tionswter_pelar_g E_ectrica_ Shock Or Persona_ hjury Disconnect electrical supply FaiK_re to do so couM result in e_ectrica/shock t, ps c e down 2 Ltscrewt two (2) PowerMate COV(_F sc(ews 3 ]_xr n F_owerMate rght side up P_ess _and e re ease the sv ,_e_ Lift rear lalches p...
  • Page 18: To Replace Belt

    TO REPLACE BELT 1_/_sta/_ row be!t over mote drve t_en ove_ bet pat _, NOTE: See PARTS AND Ead Cap 2, Place agitator aosemby PowerMa e, Re _'teve PowerM_£e cover as shown _ BELT DHANGING AND AG_TA/TOR DLEAN/NG section, 2 Push And Tern b_b ca_ _tercIoek_ lhen pull out...
  • Page 19 Ebctricai Shock Or Perso__a_ _n]ury Dieco_'_neet etectrical supply before formi__g maintena[_ce to the vacuum cleaner, Failure to do so could e_eciriea_ ahoch or personal injury vacuum c_eaner suddenly starting TO CHECK THE BRUSHES _:_:::::::: ... W/_e_ bushes are worn to the /eve/of ihe base s ppol'thas replace ti_e...
  • Page 20 Revew this table to find doo ._yo/i'ee/f s(:/ tens fe _inof servce nee(ed should be performed Disconnect e_ectdca_ supply c_ear_er Failure to do so co@d res@t _Ois_ {0(_ Sev4_} 7_i h£, _,f dirt pkk4@, f_;,rs LigMwo_twork B_ ned_>£ ;' w_,¢,_ab Cod wot¢_ r_win_ ptw¢* ;...
  • Page 21 B_asteF Protection Agreements _':_:_eF_4_t_ti{_ts a _aki_g a s_t factured fo_ years d deperdaUe operatior_ But tike eli products, t may squire prevent;re ma nte_ nanee or repar from time to tree. That's when havi'sg a Master Protect on Agreement car_ save you money and aggravet en.
  • Page 23 ° ° Get It fi×e 0at your home or ours! re salr in your hol'l@ iaWI IIIFO@F @L_UIOFI@F inalte[/ho male For the re@acement }wDefs lI8I]uials Fr_r £e_ .)fofessi_sa [I[Y]S //K9 gafsge 1-1004°MY_HOM£ £Wo/@11£ , ,v ;uu /o Sear_ PaSs umnase _ ,}rotection _,.-eemen_;...

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