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Kenmore 116.27614 Owner's Manual page 4

Kenmore vacuum cleaner user manual
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Read all nstructans n this manua befoie
assembling or usieg your vacuL £ ceaner
Sears retch' mended attachments
Fa _ure to do so ceu[d resuft irt elect ca
shock or brash suddenly stad ng
Do r_ot save vacu ;m c_eaee_when
pbgged n
Unptug frorr outer when not n
use and before sortieing
To reduce the risk of ebctdcat shock -..Be
net use o £doors or orswet sudaces
Be hot aiow to be used as a toy Close
attention is necessao, when used by or
near oh dre_°L
Be not use wlh damaged soI"d o_'pug. If
vacu _rY' c !eaner s not work ng as t shoJd,
has bean dropped, demeaned, left outdoors
or dropped into water, return it to a Sears
Service Center:
Be _et pu/or caroJ by cord ass cord as a
handte, c!ose door on corx£ or pu_i cord
around sharp edges or corners, Do net rue
vacuum cleaner ever cord. Keep co_d away
from heated su£aces
Be not handle pug or vacuum cleaner with
wet hands
Be not put any objects into openings
Co not use with any ope_' b g blocked; keep
free of dust, lint, her and a'_yti_[ng _hat may
reduce airflow
Keep hair, toose cfothing %gore and eli
pads of body away from openi_sgs and
_' _ evng parts
Turn eft eli controts before unplugg ng
Use extra ears when c_eae r'_go/stars
not put on chairs tables, atc
Keep on
areas where they may be present
furnes from these',subsLsnce_,,_ can create a
fire hazard or explos on.
hot ashes
Be not use vacuum cbaner w thout dust
bag and!or fiters
n pfar_
A_ways change the dust bag after
vacuuming carpet sfeaners or fresheneF,
cause per_manent damage to the vacuum
c eerier
Do not use ti_e vac._um dea_se_to pick up
The hose contains electdca wres
Be not
usa when damaged, cut, or punctured
Replace if cut or worn Do net pick up
ar nozz!@,
Hold pie I when raw ndieg o_to cord tee!
Be not allow plug to whip when rewinding_
Yo_l are respons b e for making sure that
your vacuum cleaner is not used by anyone
unable to operate t proper y.
for important
use and safety
This gu;de
under warning
and taut on symbols_



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