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Kenmore 116.27914 Owner's Manual

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t 16.27915
_i; ¸
th_s product°
Seers PaRe and Repair Center
day or night
(US.A. ony)
Vacuum C_eaner He_p Une
7:30sm_,4:OOpm EST, M-_F
(U.SA end Canada)
Read and foltow all
safety and operat ng
estruct ons befere first
use of this product
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffmsn
tL 60179 U.SAo
Pr nted in Mexico
Part No. C@iZDEE@GU@©...KC@IZDEEZ@U@


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Vacuum aner _i; ¸ 116,27914 t 16.27915 Before returning th_s product° Seers PaRe and Repair Center (1o800o488oi222} Anytime day or night (US.A. ony) a_st; Vacuum C_eaner He_p Une (1o877o531o7321} 7:30sm_,4:OOpm EST, M-_F (U.SA end Canada) Read and foltow all safety and operat ng estruct ons befere first use of this product Sears, Roebuck...
  • Page 2 ..... Piease read ttis gude /t wt/help you { ssemble and operate your new Kenmore vacuum cteane_ n the safest and most effective way For 'acre [nfom_ atior_ abo_t vac,Jum'_ ..cleaner" care" and eperat o_ ca! your nearest Sears store...
  • Page 3 OneYear Limited Warranty WhenassemMed, o peratedandma ntainedaccordingto eli nstructionssuppliedwth the product_ if this vacuumcleanerfaiis dueto a defectn materator workmanship withn oneyear fromthe dateof purchase_ return t to any Searsstere Sears Parts& Repair Centeror other Kenmoreo£et fer free repair _fthis vacuumc_eaner s usedfor otherthanprivatefamly purposes th;s warranty apples for oniy 90 daysfromthe dateof purchase.
  • Page 4 Read all instP_ctio s in this manual berets Use extra care when c easing on stairs Do assembling or using yet vacuum cIeaner. not put on chairs, tables etc Keep on floor_ Use your vacuum c_eane_or_fyas described in this marius Use orly with Sears recommended a_tachments cleaning f_uids, peRumes eta.}, or use n...
  • Page 5 /t is mportan te knowyourw_cu Jmcieanes pa_tsa_sd featuresto ensre ts Ixope_andsafe use_ _sv_,w tl e.4 befo'e using your vac _um c ean{: _ Part No Pa_t No, Style No_ i_ USA i_ Ca_ad ..2G5240 20,40600 2G5218 20,401 I8 H_mdle Qufck _i _ ....
  • Page 6 Electronic Touch Cen_ro_ Crevice E×ha s_ F !t_._ E_:.-1 4.0,.86889 Motor "' "_:_ oafety Flter 20,.8638,,_ Dus_ Bag...
  • Page 7 Pease pay speca/attenti< a to these hazard a/er boxes, and bbw any nstluc .. tiers gve] WARNING statemenls yoL_ to sucs dangers as fro eoctric shock _Ins and po_sona_ _s_y CAUTION statements alert yo_x o s_,lch dangers as persor a/ s}_ry and/o_ p_oporty damage Ha_d_e EIectdcal Shock Hazard Beoe...
  • Page 8 a_ :_erload_ 1,0t,_, h_, 1,_Lne up the hose /arch tab and notch y I stale:i, See BAG CHANGING r can ster hood ins aJciiens_ and inserf hose nto cartste_ unti t 3. Cteck to s_e t/at tie motor satety filler s Laich steps n place...
  • Page 9 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Pffe Pedal ..Personal h'siury and Product Damage DO _',_OT9iuy h"_if switch is in ON position, Personal injury or property damage could result. , The cord moves rapidly when _ewi_sd nG Keep children away and provide a ctear path when rewhdin9 the cord to prevent personal...
  • Page 10 £L£CTRON/C 'TOUCH CONTROL CARPET HGH o tu:;s on both the ca fister and the Powe_Mate motors for B_GH power and c/ca ring of frost carpets 5_Seect ar h't ordei to get MEDIU_gl el LOW powel leve ect_o_ c/buch for carpet c_ean ng you m_._stpress CARPET Co_st_c,l posen HGN b/_ttoP, f i::',t thel_ press the des red on the hande...
  • Page 11 Suggested sweeping patterm Carpeted stars need to be For best cieaning aden, t_e PowerMate w_cuurned re%_ia y shoud be pushed sbaigl t away from you Fer best c ean _g and pulied st a ght bac. At the end of each results, use Power pai stroke, the d rection of the PowerMale Level HIGH and...
  • Page 12 For best deep down clea_s _g use lhe XLO H_ _-_ S hag deep pie or scatter rugs setting Howeve_ you nay need to taise the _ Medium to deep pie height to make some iobs easier such as scatte_ rugs and some deep pe carpets LO - Lew to medum pie, and to prevent fl_e vacuo_...
  • Page 13: Edge Cleaner

    C:LEAN[NG AREA Crevice too_ F_oor brush 1+ Aways cean altachme_ts beo_e ++s+n 9 (as Iabdcs+ 8_ Use BARE FLOOR sett ng en _:_ectron c +_o_,_ch Canto 3+ Some Modes Hard+mate Jr@ snd Pet Powe_Mate a_ achrnen +nst;uctions are r_c+uded wth the producers Pet PowerMate cans oniy be used on ttse hose l_a+_d/e, OVERLOAD...
  • Page 14 PERFORMANCE INDJC# OR POWERMATE STORAGE When the vacuum cleaner is runn ng with normal aidisw, the Hght on the The fta_sge afows indicator s off wands and PowerMate to be stored wth the iight comes ..can ster to consewe sidlow bocx>mes blocked tf that occur%...
  • Page 15 DRT SENSOR IN OPERATION When t/se PewerMate s being r'_oved back The drt sense X / }, and fort on the foot the ghts wi charge system is _ziS,f mounted on the from one conf guratior to a_other as drt s PowerMate noz, beng vacuumed As long as the red/ighs...
  • Page 16 CAMSTER CARE For best ctean ng _esults the dust ba 9 7 The ed bag mo_.sntw_ tip forward after shouid be charged often The electron c removng bag. This wit prevent the hood perlo inance ndicator come on when from ciosng _._ntia new bag is nsta;ted. the bag needs to be changed o_ the adtow Note_ DO NOT bend or crease the middle...
  • Page 17 E_ectMce_ Shock Hazard 2 Lft the K._bber Unplug power cord from electrical _eta net and pu/_ out out/eto Do not operate the vacuum motor safety filter as cleaner without the motor safety filter. shown. Be sure the filter is dry and propeMy installed to prevent motor failure...
  • Page 18: Exhaust Filter

    3o Re r_eve ti_s Fire and/or Elactdcal Shock Hazard usirs(_the recess as showl Do not operate w_th a clogged exhaust filter or without the e×haust filter or exhaust fi_ter cover _nstaHad, 4, Rap ace the EXHAUST FILTER cartr dge Place the new f_ter nto The ex_aust first cartridge must be...
  • Page 19: To Remove Belt

    A heughthedr sensar featu_e your Cross Secdo_ _ew _;_"t er mole PowerMate is des g_}ed fo years ef roubie flee _se ttie pass_:K_eef 84 through the air passage systen can coat the tens csuss 9 he green to come on and stay or_Omm Jl _It on o neve switchin@ o red When Ins happens...
  • Page 20: To Replace Belt

    TO CLEAN AGWATOR: NOTE: In order to keep cleanie 9 effic erscy 2. Plaice '_ ' " _g4at _> ligh a_d o prevent damage to y:)ur vacuu n assemby back b_o c eaner, Tfe ag _ tot must also be cleaned acco_ S ing to the follow ng schedule: 3.
  • Page 21 3 Pus_ n and tzn t RemovePowerMate cove as shownin bub _ Iockw se, to BELTCHANGING ANDAGITATOR repace Bubmust CLEANING" ' secttom not be 'figher than 15 Watts(130 Volts}. 2, Push n and turn wse, then put out 4, Rei_stait PowerMale cover as shown i't to remove.
  • Page 22 Review his table o find doo byoursell sou io s fe_ minor perfor_ _ance p_obems Any other sefvice iseeded ssould be pedro mad by a Sears or o{her %_aiified serv_e agel/L Disconnect electrical aupply before pe_orming maintenance to the vacuum c_ean÷r_ FaHur÷...
  • Page 23 Master Protection Ag_eementa Cengmtu/_fo_;,s on _:_:_kit_/_'_ _ mar_ :xschaae_ '_xs new Kenmora@ produ_ s designed a_d roans. lectured for years of d®pendabts operation. But like al producis, it me:,/roqu _e preventive mainte_ nonce ot repair from tree to tree. That's when having a Masts Protection Agresmer_t can save you money and aggravat on.
  • Page 25 Get it fixed, at your home or ours! _our Home For _'eoatl in your home (_ aH mah_ _ra_Hs _ pp_}a__ces _awn and 6araen .,qu@men_ nr h®atin 9 _n@ co(mncj system., no matter made no mailer sold Ft _r the [e_ H_:_C6}mQ[1T 9BF{s 8ccesso[les btrK1...

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