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Kenmore 1!6O31040 Use And Care Manual

Kenmore vacuum cleaner user manual.
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Use & Care Guide
Manual de Uso y Culdado
English / EspaEol
Searl Brands Management


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  • Page 1

    Use & Care Guide Manual de Uso y Culdado English / EspaEol ModeEsiMode|os: 1!6o31040 C01ZDNFI_U_I_I - KC_tZDNF:ZIZIU_ Searl Brands Management Corpomtiort, Hoffman Esl_le_, U,,S,A II60179 www.kanmore,co wv/w,_ea_t,com...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    You will need the complete model and serial numbers when requesting uum cleaner's model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate° Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner.

  • Page 3: Vacuum Cleaner Help Line

    Sears store, Sears Parts & Repair Center or other Kenmore If this vacuum cleaner is used for other than private family purposes, this warranty...

  • Page 4: Kenmore Vacuum Cteaner Warranty O 3 Important Safety Instructions

    SAVE THESEINSTRUCTIONS Proper assembly and safe use of your vacuum cleaner are your responsibilities. vacuum cleaner is intended for Household use, Read this Use & Care Guide carefu!ly for important use and safety Information. warning and caution symbols.

  • Page 5: Parts And Features

    It is important to know your vacuum cleaner's parts and features to assure its proper and safe user Review these before using your vacuum cleaner. Object Style No_ Exhaust Filler Primary Filler Cover Combination Brush Handle Release Pedal--_\\ Hose Release...

  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    WARNING statements alert you to such hazards property i i i 8efore assembling the vacuum cleaner, check the PACKING verify that you have received components of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner° HANDLE cleaner handle alert boxes, and fallow as fire, statements alert you to damage.

  • Page 7: Attachmentassembly

    HOSE AND WAND 1. Insert the tab on Hose into the "J" slot on the telescopic wand Hendle_" the hose handler "J'" SIoI_...__-."_ Twist the telescopic wand to lock in place. 2. Place the telescop- ic wand in the wand Telescopic hose as shown, 3o Snap the...

  • Page 8

    A damaged cord is an electrical hazard and could cause personal injury or damager COMBINATION I. Insert the combination brush into the holder on the back of the vacuum cleaner as shown° POWER CORD Carry puts stress shock BRUSH...

  • Page 9: Operating Instructions

    _WARNING To reduce the risk of electric shock, this vacuum cleaner has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). The plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug.

  • Page 10: Releasing The Handle

    Note: The agitator does not rotate when the vacuum cleaner is in the upright posi- tion_ OFF/FLOOR/CARPET SWITCH To start the vacuum cleaner, slide the OFF/FLOOR/CARPET switch from the OFF _osition to the FLOOR or CARPET _osltion. CAUTION Refer to your carpet manufacturers :leaning recommendations.

  • Page 11: Pile Height Selection

    To select a pile height Turn off vacuum cleaner,, Select a pile height setting by titling the vacuum cleaner back until front wheels are tiffed slightly off the floor. Slide the adjustment lever to the correct setting. There are four (4) pile height settings on the vacuum cleaner°...

  • Page 12: Attachments

    CAUTION DO NOT use the hose when vacuum cleaner handle is tilted back into the floor cleaning ipositieno !Always return the vaccum cleaner to the iuprlght position before using the hose and _ttachmentso Failure to do so may result in overheating of...

  • Page 13: Attachment Use Table

    Personal Injury Hazard Use care if vacuum cleaner is placed on I stairs. If it fails, personal injury or prop- | erty damage brush or Pet For best cleaning passage clear+ Unplug the vacuum...

  • Page 14: Performance/safety Features

    To reset thermal protector: Turnthe vacuum cleaner off and unplug the power cord from the outlet to allow the vacuum cleaner to cool and the thermal protector to reset°...

  • Page 15

    Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury from vacuum cleaner suddenly starting, To correct problem: Turn off and unplug vacuum cleaner, remove obstruction, then press AGITATOR RESET BUTTON, NOTE: A MINIMUM OF 20 SECONDS NEEDS TO PASS BEFORE RESETTING OVERLOAD.

  • Page 16: Vacuum Cleaner Care

    Electrical Shock And Personal Injury Hazard Disconnect electrical servicing or cleaning the vacuum cleaner, Failure to do so could result in electrical vacuum cleaner suddenly starling. CLEANER STORAGE WARNING Electrical Hazard Wrapping on the cord and can cause cord damage.

  • Page 17: Dust Cup Emptying

    ,WARNING Always unplug power cord from electrical outlet before performing service on vacuum cleaner,, TO REMOVE DUST CUP Lift dust cup DustCup handle !ocated Re/ease Handle at the top of the dust cup° Putl the handle up and lift dust...

  • Page 18: Dust Cup Cleanlng

    TO DISASSENtBLE DUST CUP Remove dust cup from vacuum cleaner (See DUST CUP EMPTYING) contents,, I_ Rotate upper dust cup to unlock_ then lift off, 2, Remove pre_ftlter by pulling downward See PRE-FILTER CLEANING 34 Press the lid release button...

  • Page 19: Pre-filter Cleaning

    The pre-filter is located inside the dust cup+ Check the pre-filter frequently and clean when dirty, 1. Remove the dust cup as outlined in the DUST CUP CLEANING section. NOTE= Make sure dust cup is free of debris before opening, 2.

  • Page 20: Primary Filter Cleaning

    64 Allow filter to dry 24 hours before putting back into vacuum cleaner, NOTE: When the cleaning of the filler no longer restores vacuum cleaner suction to full power, replace DO NOT operate wilhout installed, on each DO NOT wash in the dishwasher.

  • Page 21: Exhaust Filter Replacement

    To maintain efficient cleaning, the agita- tor must be kept free of carpet fiber, string, or hair build*upo After every 7 to 10 uses, unplug and turn vacuum cleaner over and check agitator hair build-up. Use scissors to remove any build-up...

  • Page 22: Clog Removal

    Extension I_t Hose_ T_los_op/c I_1 Wand Wand Extension 3, Plug in the vacuum cleaner and turn it CLOG REMOVAL 4. Stretch length and then allow the hose to return when to its natural length,, to the vacuum to the vacuum IIU III IIIIIIU I IIII I III IU section.

  • Page 23

    Electrical Shock Or PersontzlInjury Hazard Disconnect electrical supply before performing maintenance to the vacuum cleaner, Failure to de so could result in electrical shock or personal injury from the vacuum cleaner suddenly starling, TO REMOVE CLOG FROM DUST CUP Ousl Cup Lfa__...

  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Review this table to find do-it-yourself solutions for minor performance needed_ other than maintenance by a Sears or other qualified service agent° WARNING Disconnect e lectrical supply before performingmalnlenanceto the vacuum cleaner. Failureto do so couldresult in electrical shockor personalinjury. Vacuum cleaner 1, Unplugged won't run°...

  • Page 25: Master Protection Agreements

    Sears Installation Service For Sears professional installation of home appliances, garage door openers, water heaters, and other major home items, in the U_S_A, o r Canada call 1-800-4-MY-HOME®. a smart purchase, Your new Kenmore® operation, or repair from time to time. That's when having a can save you money and aggravation.

  • Page 26

    5ucjerencfassabre el aluste de ntvel de polo de ta alframbra ... Parfavor lea asia guia qua le ayudora a assemblery opener zu asp|fedora nt_va de Kenmore on una manera me'i=segu- ray efectiva Pare me= _nFo_ma=_nacorca def cutdado y operacl6n de asia aspirador_llama a _u ceelm do patios y servic_o m6s cer_...

  • Page 27

    Linea de ayuda de aspiradora Garanfla limitada de un aria St esta aspiradora falla par un defecto en sus materiales o fabricaci6n on et per!ode de un aFio desde la fecha do compras cuando so instala, maneja y manfiene sigulendo ,odes los fnstruccEones lncluidas con el producto, devu61vala a cualqu_er tienda Sears, Sears Parts &...

  • Page 28

    Lea todoi |as |nsffucctone= a n estomanualantes de armor o ular =u aIpffadota_ ADVERTENCIA Su seguridad es muy importanfe para nosotros. Para reducir et riesgo de incendie, cheque el_ctrico, fesi6n corporal o da_os al ufilizar su aspiradora, actOe de acuerdo con tas precauciones b_s_casde seguHdad, entre elias: Use su asptradora solamente come se...

  • Page 29

    Es lmportan!o cancer les plez_za y caracter{sficcts de se oipffedor_ antes de user_u aspiradoro, Objecto Esfilo No, Ftltro de escape S_lJetador superior de itberacldn r_pide del cordon _ Hendt Mate Mango pare trans Cublerto de filtro primarto (Fiitro Cepfflo de Pedal de llberacf6n Patanca...

  • Page 30

    Per favor ponga atencl6n especial o los cuadros ClUele olertaran de pos[blos peflgres dverlencta: Este Informacl6n [esiones, Cuidade: Este [nformact6n 1oalertaro do peffgros come lesiones y defies de preptedad, ADVERTENCIA Pellgro de lesi6n personal y daF, o at produclo No conecte la asplradera haste que termlne de atmarla.

  • Page 31

    MANGUERA Y TuBa I, Inserfar el pemo deJ Maaga \\ tuba on tas ranuras "J" de! mango de fa manguora_ manguera_-_ DQvueffa a el tuba para qua ararat, 2o Co[ocar el tuba tefe,c6p_co en el porto tuba y coroquo ta manguera coma se roues- Tuba...

  • Page 32

    PET HANDI MATE Po_o operar o_Pet Handl Male'_veo correlpondronto Manual del Oporodor,. 1oColoquo el Pat Hor_di Handi Mate Mate en af 6tea para guarder 2. Rotor el Pet Hondl Mate hosta qua esfa queda ftJo en su logan HERRAMIENTA PARA HENDIDURAS I, tn_orte el herram[enta pota h_ndtdu_'asen el...

  • Page 33

    CUIDADO iPartes en movimiento! daFms corporales, no toque aspiradora esf6 encendida. est6 girando puede otras lesiones. 51empre desconecte antes de dar mantenimientoo Tenga culdado a| asplrar 1. Gire el sujeta- dor dei cord6n hacla abajo para liberar el cord6n el_ctricoo _,ADVERTENCIA Peligro de lesi6n personal y daft0 al pro- dude...

  • Page 34

    DESPRENDIMIENTO L[bere e[ mango plsando el pedal de llberad6n tffando del mango hacla aboJo con la mano, No|a: E] agffador no gffm6 cuanda !a osplradora est6 en posTc|6n verl?cal, INTERRUPTOR OFFiPISO/ALFOMBRA Para arrancar la osplradara_ deslice el tntetruplor OFF/PISO/ALFOMBRA desde la poslci6n OFF a |a _os_cf6nPJ$O o ALFOMBRA, Rafi6mseo kzsrecomendaclonesde 1asfabrkantes de so alfombro F_ra su llmpbza_ Algunas a_'ombrasm6s...

  • Page 35

    AJUSTEY SELECCIONDE NIVEL DE PELODE LA ALFOMBRA Pare =alacclonar un aJuste de n|vel de pale de la alfombra; Selecctone una allure dot pa|o de la alfombra usando el pedal peque_a ublcado en la porte posterior de la bequllla° El nlveFdel polo ta atfombra so muestra an el indlcador.

  • Page 36

    CUIDADO NO USE la manguera cuando aspffadora este en poslci6n harizonlal timpieza en ptzos_, Siempre regrese la aspiradora vertical ante_ de user la manguera a¢cesor_os, Esto puede causer que el protector active. PARA USAR ACCESORIOS I, Carocar t0 aspffodora en podcl6n vertical 2o Pora remover la manguero y el tuba de la aspigadora .iatondo hctcioorr_ba el mange de la boqullfo de ra monguera,...

  • Page 37

    CUADRO DE use DE LOSACCESORIOS ACCESORIO HERRAMIENTA PARA HE_ DIDURAS "_ COMBINAC[6N** CEP|LLO PARA PET HAND] MATE" V" = Ap(icabTe S]ompre (imp[olosaccesortosantes de usersabra teiul y parades UBe e| luJetador del cepltlo sin el ceplito pare uno mayor sueci6n en mueblem, co]fnes o escaleras0 Use el su]etador del cap]lie con el cepfflo pore Ump[ar superficies sue|tas come cotflnas_ Ortffc_ de affombra_ Gu_e unotie los cosiados o la porte anterior"de (a boqui-...

  • Page 38

    SISTEMA DE PROTECTI(3N DE MOTOR Protector Terma| - Succi6n del Motor Esta aspffadora tlene un protector tmrmaf qua se ajusta autom+tfcamente para protagor ala asplradora €lel +obrecalentamtento+ $1 una ob_trucct6n Implde ef fluJo normal do alto al motor+ el protector termal apaga el motor autom,_flcamente pare permi!ff qua el motor se enfrte a fin de evltar postbles defies ala a_ptradorao Prolector...

  • Page 39

    PROTECTOR DE SOBRECARGA DEL AGITADOR E1motor de1 aglfador _rene una pmtecc_'6n fncorporada centre dafia de| motor en caea de qua el agltador so b|aquee. St el agffador se pone lento o se darlene, er protector do sobrocarga del ogttado_ apaga el motor del ag[tador_ Et motor de succl6n conllnuar6 funclonandao _ADVERTENCIA Po|igro do ©hoque e!6clrlco o loe_6n _rporal...

  • Page 40

    Siga stempre todas ras rnstrucelones de _egurfdad antes do efocfuer el montenlmienlo a su asplradora_ ALMACENAIVtlENTO DE LA ASPIRADORA RecoJo el cord6n CordOn y enrr6tleto on Io_ su_etadores supedo_ e infer?or, _ln qua quede muy apretado_ Asegure la elavfJa sabre el cord6n de pod_r, Guc_rde |a aspire- dora bale techo...

  • Page 41

    VACIAR ELCONTENADOR DE POLVO d_ADVERTENCIA Stampre descenecfe ef cord6n 61ecfffce antem do reporar algunu parle de la o_pffada_r=. PARA REMOVER EL CONTENADOR POLVO 1_Levenle le mo_Ja de! cube de 1ebesufe ublcada el tope dol cube de 1obasura 2. Tire la manlja hac]_a ardba y levante at cane,to de basura y afuera do...

  • Page 42

    LIMP1AREL CONTENADOR DE POLVO COMO DESARMAR EL CONTENEDOR DE POLVO Demprender el contonedor de peeve de la aspffadora {vet coma ffmptar el contenedor de polvo) y vaclar el contontdo 1. Rotor fa parte superior del contenedor de po]vo pare abrtr_ y ;evantar hac[a air;be 2_ Remover e_ pre-ffffro Jolando hacfa aba]o coma se muestra.

  • Page 43

    LIMPIAR EL SISTEMA DE PRE FILTRACION El sistema de PRE flltracl6n asta |ocalizado dentro del contenedor de polvo_ Revlse el s|stema de PRE filtracl6n frecuentemente I[mplelo cuando sea necesorto_ 1_Remueva e! contenedor de polvo come se muestra en |a seccl6n de COMe LIMPIAR EL CONTENEDOR DE PeEve°...

  • Page 44

    e| flltro prlmarto y limplarlo I, Removerta cubterta trosera predonando los CubleHa cejas de la tapa trasera_ lecalizados el cada lade.. 2_ Levantar ra cublerta de la asplradora. delergente frasera--__ Repetlr esta 10 veces LIMPIAR EL FILTRO PRIMARIO 5. Una vez el flltro es lavado y I_mpto,expr[malo con ia mane y permlta qug seque.

  • Page 45

    El fllfm del escape HEPA se debe reamplazar cuanda este suttee Esfa debe reemplazar se i'egulai'rnente dependtendo de los condlclones use° Elfi|t_'eno so puede lavar puos pe_'do_F_ sucepacldad pa_'a atrapar potva. Nelm Vat" PARTES Y CARACTER|STICAS pare el n0mere dol flllm de esaope_ 1.

  • Page 46

    COMe ELIMINAR LOSRESIDUESDEBASURAEN LOSCONDUCTOS MANGUERAS Procecla slempre con precauc[one= de segurldad antes de efectuar el manteelmlenta IIIIIIII d_ADVERTENCIA P(tllgrode cheque el6ctr_€oo lesi6e corporal Desceneclela:unTclad _ntes de efecluar el m=nlonrmlen- lea su aspffad0ra. De la c0ntrarte p0drfa producirseun cheque ei_ctr|ce o cctuzarle6_6ncorporalst l_ uzpff=dera arranca de manere tmpr_v_sfo SJ ia a=pffadora no parsee...

  • Page 47

    ... ii,l,,i ..i i,,,i,i, ADVERTENCIA Pe|igro de cheque et6cldco o lesf6n corporal Desconeete |,* un|dad OhiO=de efeeluar el manten_ imlenlo a su asp_raclera_De Io centmdo po_fHap_odu- cirsa un cheque el6cfd¢o o causQrlel|6n €o_pera|=| |a aspffac!efQarranc_ de manera lmwevlsta_ i, iiii, ,111,1 CONTENEDOR...

  • Page 48

    Revise este r ecuadro pare e ncantrar sofucTonesa problemas qua puede correglr ustod m|smo,,Cuaiquler otto servic[o debe ser reallzado par SEARS u otto agenfe de terviclo c=llflcado,= ADVERTENCIA Oe=conecle ta a=piradoru aeries do efedu=r producirze un cheque el6dri¢o Eta6 doscoeectada, Lo azpffadora ent:}ea,_/a 2_, Cortaclrcul=os botodo o fusible...

  • Page 49

    Acuerdos Maestros dePtolecci6n Enhorabuenr,_ par hater unc7cart)pro tnhe/lgen_. Su nuovo producto Kenmore® est6 dIseitado y fabrrcado pare| afracerla offal de fenc|onamlento manten(mlento preventive o alguna reparacl6n c(e Protocct6n puede ahorrarle dinero e tnconvenlonfes, El Acuerdo Maestra de Protecci6n tamb16n |e ayuda...

  • Page 51

    //:!;ii_:i_:_i;i i!_ i:_i;iiiill:_ili!_z_iii_!_ii_i!_iii_!:!i Getlt fixed, at yourhome or ours. For troubleshooting, product manuals and home solutions advice: manage For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold itl For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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