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Kenmore 11 Owner's Manual

Kenmore vacuum cleaner user manual
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Available languages

ManualDel Propietario
Vacuum Cleaner
Model, Modelo
Read and follow all
safety and operating
before first
use of this product.
Lea y siga todas las
instrucciones de operaci6n
y seguridad antes del uso de
este producto.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Printed in U.S.A.
lmpreso en EUA


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Kenmore 11

  • Page 1 Owner'sManual ManualDel Propietario Vacuum Cleaner Aspiradora 116,24614 Model, Modelo CAUTION: Read and follow all safety and operating instructions before first use of this product. CUIDADO: Lea y siga todas las instrucciones de operaci6n y seguridad antes del uso de este producto.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    You will need the complete model and serial numbers when requesting information. Your vacu- um's model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate. Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum.
  • Page 3: Use

    Handi-Mate Jr.® (if applicable), or nozzle. Hold plug when rewinding onto cord reel. Do not allow plug to whip when rewinding. You are responsible for making sure that your vacuum cleaner is not used by anyone unable to operate it properly. INSTRUCTIONS cleaner are,your use.
  • Page 4: Parts And Features

    Itis importantto know your vacuum cleaner's parts and features to ensure its proper and safe use. Review these before usingyour cleaner. Item Part No. In U.S. Headlight Bulb 20-5240 Belt 20-5218 Power-Mate® Telescoping Wand Range Wand Quick Release Pedal (Not Shown)
  • Page 5 HOSE 3-Way On/Off Switch Off/Floor/Carpet _-q_-- H_, andle CANISTER Item Part No. In U.S. Dust Bag 20-50557 Exhaust Filter 20-86889 Motor Safety Filter 20-86883 Tool Storage Cover (Attachment Storage inside) Canister Hood Bag Holder ATTACHMENTS Crevice TOOI "_" _]_7 Floor Brush _ It...
  • Page 6 Electrical Shock Hazard DO NOT plug into electrical supply until assembly Is complete. to do so could result in electrical shock or injury. Before assemblingvacuum, check the PACKING LIST on the cover of the separate Repair Parts List.Use this listto verifythat you have received all the componentsof your new Kenmorevacuum.
  • Page 7 CANISTER 1. Open the canister hood. 2. Check to see that the dust bag is proper- ly installed. See BAG CHANGING instructions. 3. Check to see that the motor safety filter is properly installed. See MOTOR SAFETY FILTER CLEANING for instructions. HOOD AND TOOL STORAGE COVER it is normal for the canister hood and tool...
  • Page 8: How To Start

    NOTE: To reduce the risk of electric shock, this vacuum cleaner has a polarized plug; one blade is wider than the other. This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug.
  • Page 9 Suggested sweeping pattern. For best cleaning action, the Power-Mate" should be pushed straight away from you and pulled straight back. At the end of each pull stroke, the direction of the Power-Mate ® should be changed to point into the next section to be cleaned.
  • Page 10: Attachments

    For best deep down cleaning, use the XLO setting. However, you may need to raise the height to make some jobs easier, such as scatter rugs and some deep pile carpets, and to prevent the vacuum cleaner from shutting off. Suggested settings are: CAUTION ATTACHMENTS ON HANDLE NOTE: If the Power-Mate"...
  • Page 11 Protector Personal Injury Hazard Always unplug the vacuum cleaner before cleaning the agitator area as brush may suddenly to do so can result in personal injury.
  • Page 12 POWER-MATE e STORAGE The lower wand has a "U" shaped tlange in the area _!" where the power cord attaches. The base has a"U" shaped slot near the front. The flange allows the wands and Power-Mate®to be stored with the canister to conserve storage space. The canister must be stored on end for this feature to be used.
  • Page 13: Bag Changing

    9. Close and latch canister hood. 10. Reinstall hose. 11. Plug cord into wall outlet. NEVER REUSE A DUST BAG.Very fine materials, such as carpet freshener, face powder, fine dust, plaster, soot, new carpet lint, etc.
  • Page 14: Motor Safety Filter Changing

    1. Unplug cord from wall outlet.DO NOT drip water on cleaner. 2. Clean exterior using a clean, soft cloth that has been dipped in a solution of mild liquid detergent and water, then wrung dry. Wipe dry after cleaning. 3. To reduce static electricity and dust build- up, wipe outer surface of cleaner and attachments.
  • Page 15: Exhaust Filter Changing

    WARNING Do not operate with a clogged EXHAUST FILTER HEPA The exhaust filter cartridgemust be replacedwhen dirty. Replace the filter when the entire surface area is covered evenly. The filter CANNOT be washed as it will lose its dust trapping ability. NOTE: See PARTS AND FEATURES for exhaust filter number.
  • Page 16 Alwaysfollow all safety precautionswhen cleaning and servicingthe Power-Matee. TO REMOVE BELT 1. Turn Power- Mate® upside down. 2. Unscrew the two (2) Power- Mate® cover screws. 3. Turn Power- Mate ® right side up. Press handle release pedal and lower the swivel.
  • Page 17 TO CLEAN AGITATOR: NOTE: In order to keep cleaning efficiency high and to prevent damage to your vacu- um, the aaitator must be cleaned every time The agitator must also be cleaned accord- ing to the following schedule: Vacuum Use Clean Aoitator HEAVY every week...
  • Page 18: Belt Changingand Agitator Cleaning

    1. Remove Power-Mate ® cover as shown in BELT CHANGING AND AGITATOR CLEAN- ING section. 2. Push in and turn --_Pushln bulb counterclock- wise, then pull out to remove. Electrical Shock Or Personal Injury Hazard Disconnect electrical supply before servicing or cleaning the unit.
  • Page 19: Vacuum

    Review this table to find do-it-yourself solutions for minor performance problems. Any ser- vice needed, other than those described in this owner's manual, should be performed by an authorized Sears Service Center. WARNING Electrical Disconnect electrical supply before servicing or cleaning the unit. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury.
  • Page 21 Antes de usar su asplmdora nueva ... Gamntia de la asplradom de Kenmore .. I Instrucclones importantes de seguridad Piezas y camcteristicas Instruccionee ensamblamiento Almacenaje del Power-Mate Jr.® ... Pare coroenzar... Sugerencias para aspirer ... Sugereocias sobreel ajustede nivelde pelode la alforobra ...
  • Page 22 Susegurldad esmuy. I mportante paranosotros. P arsreduclrel rlesgodeIncendlo_ cnoquee,6ctrlco lesi6n corporal o daflos el utlllzar su asplradora, actGe de acueroo con precauc ones b_s cas oe segur dad, entre • as: Lea las instrucciones en este manual antes de armar o user su aspiradora. Use su aspiradore _nicamente en la forma descrita en este manual.
  • Page 23 Esimportante conocer laspiezas y caractedsticas Examfnelas antes d eusar s uaspiradora. Objeto Pleza I_. en EUA Bombillado farol 20-5240 Correa 20-5218 Tubo telesc6pico Rebord_ Pedal de liberaci6n del tubo rdpida N0=oro. ase.lo e, _°drt_l°n;e°r/W°er_'_M_ e' Pednailvde_;e_eClCol°n _r_/_ liberaci6n delmango desuaspiradora para asegurar suusoadecuado Pieza N en Canad=t...
  • Page 24 MANGUERA Interruptor de encendldo/ apagado de ires poslciones (Apagado/Plso/Alfombra) Dlspositlvo giratorio la manguera RECEPTACULO Objeto Pleza N,. en EUA Bolsa para polvo 20-50557 Filtro de escape 20-86889 FLItrode seguridad 20-86883 del motor Cubierta Bot6n de almacenamiento cordon pars accesorlos (Almacenamiento el_ctrico pars accesorios Pestillo...
  • Page 25 Antesde armar la aspiradora, c hequeela LISTA DE EMBALAJEen la cubiertaseparadade la Usta de Partespara Reparaci6n.Use esta listaparaveri- ficar que ha recibido todaslascomponentes de su nuevaaspiradora Kenmore. TUBO TELESC( PICO La extensi6n del tub, es ajustable y no...
  • Page 26 RECEPTACULO 1. Abra la tapadel receptdculo. 2. Examinela bolsapara polvoeste instaladocorrec- tamante.Consulto las instrucciones d e instalaci6n en la CAMBIODE LA BOLSA. 3. Examineel filtm de seguridaddel motoreste insta- ladecorrectamante. Consultelas instrucciones d e instalaci6n en LIMPIEZA DEL FILTRODE SEGURI- DAD DEL MOTOR.
  • Page 27 PARA COMENZAR Pellgro do lesi6n personaly dafio al producto • NO enchufe la asplradora si el interruptor est_ on la poslol6n ON. Podrla causar lesi6n personal o dafio al producto. • El cord6n eldctricose rnueve rdpldamentedurante el enrollamlento. Mantenga alejado$ a los ni_oa y asegure espaclo lime suficlente pare evltar lesiones personaleaal enrollar el cord6n.
  • Page 28 E-stllo d eIlmpleza s ugerldo, Para obtener lamejor acci6n d elimpieza sereco- mienda empujarla Power-Mate s en direcci6ndirec- tamenteopuestaa ustady jalarla en Ifnea recta.AI final de cada pasada de regreso,cambie la direc- ci6nde la Power-Mate ® hacia la siguientesecci6na limpiar. C ontinUe asia trav6sde toda la alfombrade una manera lenta y deslizante.
  • Page 29 Use elajuste X LO (bajo) para obtener lamejor lim- pieza a rondo.Porotra parte,quiz_ se requiemele- var el nivelparafacUitaralgunastareas, comopor ejernplo cuandose trata dotapetesy algunasalfom- bras de pelo largo,y para impedirque la aspiradora se apague.Se sugierenlossiguientesajustes: 'I. 1 CUIDADO NO instale ni retire el mango nl los tubos cuando la aspiredore est6 encendida.
  • Page 30 ACCESORIO Meubbl* Cepillo para D Cepillo para = sacudlr comblnact6n Cepillo )ara telas Herramienta para hendiduras Cepillo para pisos PowerJAate® Handi-MateJr.• (Allunos modelo=) "_' (Algu.o= m odelo=)'*" Power.MateJr." * Siempre f impie losaccesodos antes deusar s obre bias, **Elinterruptor **"LaHandi-Mate Jr.* y laPower-Mate Jr.* blcluyen suspropias i_strucciones NOTA: Cuando separe los tubos, optima completamente el bot6n de bloqueo antes de separaflos por comple- to.
  • Page 31 TAPAY ALMACENAMIENTO PARA POWER-MATE® El tuboinferior tiene un rebordean forrna de =U"en la zona de fija- ci6ndel cord6nel6ctri- co. La base tiene una ranuraen forma de "U" cercade la parte fron- tal del recept_culo. La ranuraperrniteal- macenarlostubosy la Power-Mate ® conel tubopara economizar el espaciorequerido para su almacenamiento.
  • Page 32 9. Baje lacubiertadel mcept&culoy cierreel pestillo. f0. Reinstaie la manguera. 11. Conecteel cordbnel6ctdcoen la clevijade la pared. NUNCA REUTIMCE UNA BOLSA PARA POLVO.Los materlales muy finos, tales como desodorantespara alfombras,taloo facial, polvo fino, yeso, hollin, pelusa de alfombras nuevas,etc., pueden atascar la...
  • Page 33 1.Desconecte elcordon e l6ctrico delaclavija d ela pared. NO chores a gos sobre laasplradora. 2.Limpie e lexterior conuntrepo suave y limpio, que ha sideexprimide despudsde remojar en unasolu- ci6nde aguay detergentsI|quidoligem.Sequeel exterior con un traposecodespu6sde limpiar. 3. Umpiela superficie exterior del recept_cuio y de losaccesorios pars reducirla electricidad estdtica y la acumulack_n de polvo.
  • Page 34 ADVERTENCIA Pellgm de choque el(,ctrico No opera con un flltm de escape bloqueado o sin el flltro de escape o la cublerta del ill- tro de escape Instalados. FILTRO DE ESCAPE HEPA Este cartuchodel filtroescapetiene que cambiar est_ sucio, Cambieel fiitmcuandoel drea superfi- cial est6 cubiertapor completo.El flltro no se puede laver pues perderia su capscidad para atrapar altrapar polvo.
  • Page 35 PARA RETIRAR LA CORREA 1. CoLoque la Power- Mate`=" c on la parte inferior hacia arriba. 2. Quite losdos (2) tornUlos en la cub.Lerta de la Power-Mate_. 3. ColoqueI_ Power-Mate " =" e n la posici6n vertical. Aprieteel pedaldel mangode lib- eraci6ny baje la articulaci6n girato- ria.Levantelos...
  • Page 36 PARA RETIRAR LA CORREA 1. Instale una correa nueva sobreel impulsor del motor y luego sobrela ruedaden- Agitador Tapa del tadadel extremo cepillo. NOTA: V6ase PIEZAS y CARACTERfSTICAS para el nt_merode la correa. 2. Coloqueotravez la unidaddel agita- doren ta Power- Mete®.
  • Page 37 Peligm do choquoeldctrlco o lesi6n corpo- Desconecte la unldad antes de Ilmpiarla o darle sarviclo. De Io contrarlo podia pro- ducirsa un choque ol6ctrico o causar lesi6n corporal si la aspiradora arranca de manera imprevista. PARA REVISAR LA UNIDAD DEL AGITADOR Cuandoestdngas- tados los cepillos al...
  • Page 38 "Consulte este tabla para encontrar soluciones menores demndimiento. Cualquier servicio q uenecesite aparte d eotms descritos eneste manual tienen que serhechos porunCentro deservicio deSears. 1. Est6 desconectade. La _plradma no m'mncL 2. Cortadrcudesbotedeo kslole quemade en =dteb_m de serviciode te msld_ Cone.toones el6cl6casde te manguera sue_.
  • Page 40 For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installationof home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.

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