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User Manual

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2005-10-12 4:09:25 PM
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  • Page 1: User Manual

    User Manual Betriebsanleitung cover_dvdr9000h_15541e.indd 1 cover_dvdr9000h_15541e.indd 1 2005-10-12 4:09:25 PM 2005-10-12 4:09:25 PM...

  • Page 2

    Italia U.K. DICHIARAZIONE DI CONFORMITA’ Mains plug Si dichiara che l’apparecchio DVDR9000H, This apparatus is fi tted with an approved 13 Philips risponde alle prescrizioni dell’art. 2 Amp plug. To change a fuse in this type of plug comma 1 del D.M. 28 Agosto 1995 n. 548.

  • Page 3

    CAUTION VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE LASER Advarsel: Usynlig laserstråling ved åbning RADIATION WHEN OPEN AVOID når sikkerhedsafbrydere er ude af funktion. EXPOSURE TO BEAM Undgå utsættelse for stråling. ADVARSEL Bemærk: Netafbryderen er sekundært SYNLIG OG USYNLIG LASERSTRÅLING indkoblet og ofbryder ikke strømmen fra VED ÅBNING UNDGÅ...

  • Page 4

    LASER Type Semiconductor laser InGaAlP (DVD) This product incorporates copyright AIGaAs (CD) protection technology that is protected by Wave length 658 nm (DVD) US patents and other intellectual property 790 nm (CD) Output Power 30 mW (DVD+RW write) rights. Use of this copyright protection 1.0 mW (DVD read) technology must be authorized by 1.0 mW (CD read)

  • Page 5: Cover_dvdr9000h_15541e.indd 5 Cover_dvdr9000h_15541e.indd

    Index English ------------------------------------------6 Deutsch --------------------------------------100 This product complies with the radio interference requirements of the European Community. This product complies with the requirements of the following directives and guidelines: 73/23/EEC + 89/336/EEC + 93/68/EEC cover_dvdr9000h_15541e.indd 5 cover_dvdr9000h_15541e.indd 5 2005-10-12 4:09:28 PM 2005-10-12 4:09:28 PM...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Care and Safety Information ..................8 Setup precautions ..............................8 Cleaning discs ................................8 Hard Disk Drive (HDD) handling care ......................8 Product Information ......................9 Introduction ................................9 Accessories supplied ............................9 Region codes ................................9 Special features ..............................10 Product Overview Main Unit .........................

  • Page 7

    Table of Contents Record to Hard Disk or recordable DVD ............. 46~49 Recording from a DV Camcorder ......................46~47 Recording from camcorder ..........................48 Recording from an external device (VCR/DVD player) ................. 49 Copy from Hard Disk to recordable DVD ............50~51 About copying ..............................

  • Page 8: Care And Safety Information

    Care and Safety Information CAUTION! Cleaning discs High voltage! Do not open. You run the risk of getting an Some problems occur (frozen picture, electric shock. sound disruptions, picture distortions) The machine does not contain any because the disc inside the unit is dirty. user-serviceable parts.

  • Page 9: Product Information

    Product Information Helpful Hints: Introduction – If you have questions or if problems come up during operation, see the chapter This recorder is equipped with a digital ‘Troubleshooting’. tuner (DVB - Digital Video Broadcast) to – If you need further assistance, please call the customer support service in your country.

  • Page 10: Special Features

    HDMI connector. The – noise reduction and sharpness improvement are applied automatically on the HDMI output on any HDMI TV and Philips’ Pixel Plus TVs. This function enables you to record a – programme from your Satellite Receiver or any other devices.

  • Page 11: Main Unit

    Main Unit STANDBY-ON 2 – Turns the recorder on or to standby – Starts playback of the selected title/track. mode. Display panel – Skips to the previous or next chapter/ – Shows information about the current track. Hold down the button to make a status of the recorder.

  • Page 12: Remote Control

    Remote Control INFO m – Displays the Time Shift video bar while in tuner mode. It shows the timing of the TV programmes stored in the temporary HDD storage. – Accesses the programme details in the GUIDE Plus+ system and when viewing digital tuner information.

  • Page 13

    (pixel plus) – Turns on/off the pixel plus picture enhancement feature. TV VOL +- – Adjusts the volume of the TV (for Philips TV with RC5 code only). Alphanumeric keypad – Enters numbers or letters in appropriate entry fi elds.

  • Page 14: Using The Remote Control

    Remote Control (continued) Using the remote control to Using the remote control operate the system Aim the remote control directly at the remote sensor (iR) on the front panel. Select the desired function (for example Open the battery compartment. To control other devices using this remote control, Insert two batteries type R06 or AA, press SELECT DEVICE...

  • Page 15: Controlling Tv With The Recorder's Remote Control

    SELECT DEVICE to select ‘TV’ mode. recorder’s remote control Additional control functions for This DVD recorder’s remote control has most of the Philips TV a universal TV control function that TEXT Turns on/off the Teletext (TXT). enables you to control the basic functions TIMER Turns on/off clock display.

  • Page 16: Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections cable satellite antenna Before you start ... Connecting the antenna This recorder is equipped with two tuners, one for digital TV reception and cables one for analogue TV reception. If you have a separate digital terrestrial aerial, These connections enable you to watch follow option 2.

  • Page 17

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections (continued) cable satellite antenna TERRESTRIAL Option 2: Connecting to the analogue and terrestrial antennas Connect the existing Antenna/Satellite Receiver/Cable TV signal (labelled as RF OUT or TO TV) to the A-socket on the recorder. Connect the digital terrestrial antenna to the ANTENNA socket on the recorder.

  • Page 18: Connecting The Video Cable

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections (continued) Option 3 Option 2 Option 1 Helpful Hints: Connecting the video cable – If your TV displays a selection for the SCART socket, select ‘VCR’ as the source for This connection enables you to view the the SCART socket.

  • Page 19

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections (continued) Option 4: Connecting to a Option 5: Connecting to a HDMI- Progressive Scan TV compatible TV The progressive scan video quality is only HDMI (High Defi nition Multimedia available when using Y Pb Pr connection Interface) is a digital interface that allows and a progressive scan TV is required.

  • Page 20: Connecting The Audio Cables

    Step 1: Basic Recorder Connections (continued) AV amplifi er/receiver Option 2: Using the digital audio Connecting the audio cables socket (Optical or Coaxial) You can connect the recorder to an AV This connection enables you to listen to amplifi er/receiver in order to enjoy the playback from this recorder.

  • Page 21: Step 2: Optional Connections

    Step 2: Optional Connections Cable Box / Satellite Receiver (back panel) (front panel) Place this in front of the Cable Box/Satellite Receiver, see Use another scart cable to connect the Connecting to a Cable Box or EXT2 AUX-I/O socket on the recorder Satellite Receiver to the Scart output socket (or labelled as TV OUT or TO TV) on the Cable Box/...

  • Page 22: Connecting To A Vcr Or Other Similar Device

    Step 2: Optional Connections (continued) Back of a VCR (example only) VHF/UHF RF IN SCART IN SCART OUT cable satellite antenna VHF/UHF RF OUT Use the supplied RF coaxial cable to Connecting to a VCR or connect the TV socket on the other similar device recorder to the antenna input socket (or labelled as VHF/UHF RF IN) on your TV.

  • Page 23: Connecting To A Vcr And Cable Box/satellite Receiver

    Step 2: Optional Connections (continued) Back of a VCR Back of a Satellite Box (example only) (example only) Use the scart cable to connect the Connecting to a VCR and EXT1 TO TV-I/O socket on the Cable Box/Satellite Receiver recorder to the corresponding SCART input socket on the TV.

  • Page 24: Connecting To A Camcorder

    Step 2: Optional Connections (continued) Option 2: Using the S-VIDEO In or Connecting to a camcorder VIDEO In socket Use the S-VIDEO connection if you have You can use the front sockets to copy a Hi8 or S-VHS(C) camcorder. It camcorder recordings.

  • Page 25: Connecting The Digital Input For 5.1-channel Recording

    Step 2: Optional Connections (continued) Back of a Satellite Box (example only) DIGITAL Helpful Hint: Connecting the digital input – 5.1 channel recording is only possible in for 5.1-channel recording HQ and SP recording mode. This recorder is equipped with a digital audio input socket that can support 5.1- channel recording.

  • Page 26: Step 3: Installation And Set

    Step 3: Installation and Set-up The basic installation menu will appear the LANGUAGE AND COUNTRY very fi rst time you turn on this recorder. Select language and country These settings will help you set up the Language English basic recorder features easily, including TV Country A Austria programme installation, language settings...

  • Page 27

    Step 3: Installation and Set-up (continued) The Channel Search menu appears on the The time and date menu appears. TV. Select { Search channels } in the TIME AND DATE menu and press OK on the remote Please check the Time (hh:mm) and Date and correct control to start analogue channel search.

  • Page 28: Step 4: Set-up The Guide Plus+ System

    Step 4: Set-up the GUIDE Plus+ system Your recorder is equipped with the { Language } / { Country } GUIDE Plus+ system. This system offers These settings will be taken from the a free interactive programme guide that basic installation set up. lists all the TV programmes available in { Postal code } your area.

  • Page 29: Deutsch

    Step 4: Set-up the GUIDE Plus+ system (continued) e) Identify the socket through which your Once complete, press GUIDE to exit external receiver is plugged into the the menu. recorder (for example ‘EXT 2’ for 1) Leave the recorder in ‘standby’ EXT2 AUX-I/O) and press OK.

  • Page 30: Guide Plus+ System Introduction

    Using the GUIDE Plus+ system GUIDE Plus+ system Quick access functions introduction There are several features integrated in the GUIDE Plus+ system. These functions After the GUIDE Plus+ setup and data will be displayed at the top Action Bar download is completed, you can start to whenever applicable.

  • Page 31: Guide Plus+ Menu Bar

    Using the GUIDE Plus+ system (continued) ‘Search’ screen GUIDE Plus+ menu bar The Search screen allows you to locate the programme listings by category. It The GUIDE Plus+ system consists of enables you to quickly and easily fi nd seven areas in the menu bar: something of interest to watch or record.

  • Page 32

    Using the GUIDE Plus+ system (continued) ‘My TV’ screen ‘Schedule’ screen The My TV screen allows you to set up a The Schedule screen allows you to personal profi le. You can defi ne the examine, delete and edit the scheduled profi le by channels, categories and/or by recordings.

  • Page 33

    Using the GUIDE Plus+ system (continued) ‘Editor’ screen ‘Setup’ screen The Editor screen is the central location The Setup screen is the central location for you to manage your channels. Every for you to confi gure the GUIDE Plus+ change in the Editor leads to a change in system according to your personal the Grid.

  • Page 34: Control Tv Programmes

    Control TV Programmes For more information about the Switching on to TV temporary HDD storage (Time programme Shift Buffer), see page 36. Pause live TV function Sometimes, you might be interrupted when watching your favourite TV programme or match. Now, you can Å...

  • Page 35: Watching Digital Tv/radio Broadcast

    Control TV Programmes (continued) Watching digital TV/radio Viewing digital text service broadcast (MHEG) This DVD recorder is able to receive (for UK only) free-to-air DVB-T (Digital Video Many digital TV channels broadcast information via their text service. This Broadcast-Terrestrial) and radio stations. digital service includes high quality digital As new services are added over time, text and graphics along with advanced...

  • Page 36: Recording

    Before Recording In addition, executing the following About temporary HDD actions will also clear the contents in the storage/Time Shift video bar temporary HDD storage : – Press CAM on the remote control. – Enter to { Setup } or { Record mode } The current TV programme will be option in the system setup menu.

  • Page 37: Default Recording Settings

    Before Recording (continued) keys to select the setting you Default recording settings wish to change and press NEXTÉ to access its options. You can preset your recording settings in Instructions and explanation of the the recording setup menu. options are provided in the following pages.

  • Page 38: Before Recording

    Before Recording (continued) Recordings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Record mode The recording mode defi nes the picture quality of recordings and the maximum recording time on the HDD (hard disk drive), see page 37 on ‘Recording Mode Setting Chart’. Important! When copying from HDD to a recordable DVD, the recording mode of the selected recording in the HDD will automatically be transferred.

  • Page 39: Record To Hard Disk

    Record to Hard Disk IMPORTANT! If the TV programme data is available in Unrecordable pictures the GUIDE Plus+ system Pictures with copy protection cannot be “Record 1 Program” will appear at the recorded on this recorder. When the right end of the video bar. The recording recorder receives a copy guard signal, the will stop automatically at the end of the recorder continues to record but only a...

  • Page 40: Simultaneous Record And Play Function

    Record to Hard Disk (continued) Playback from DVD Simultaneous record and play function Press OPEN CLOSE on the recorder’s front panel and load in a disc to start playback. While recording the TV programme to the HDD is in progress, you can play a previously recorded title from the HDD, Playback from other device or play a DVD video disc, or watch the...

  • Page 41: Direct Recording From Tv

    Record to Hard Disk (continued) Direct recording from TV Automatic recording from Satellite Receiver If you have connected this recorder to your TV using a scart cable, you can The feature is only applicable for the immediately start recording the Satellite Receiver (or any similar devices) programme (analogue TV channels only), that is connected to the EXT2 AUX-I/O...

  • Page 42: About Timer Recording

    Record to Hard Disk (continued) About timer recording Timer recording (GUIDE Plus+ system) Use the timer recording to automatically start and stop a recording at a later date/ To schedule a recording with the GUIDE time. This recorder will tune to the right Plus+ system, simply select the desired programme channel and begin recording programme from the channel list.

  • Page 43: Timer Recording (showview / Video Plus+ System)

    Record to Hard Disk (continued) Use the alphanumeric keypad 0-9 to Timer recording (ShowView / enter the ShowView / VIDEO Plus+ VIDEO Plus+ system) programming number and press OK to confi rm. (e.g. 5-312-4 or 5,312 4, key in This is a simple timer programming ‘53124’).

  • Page 44: Timer Recording (manually)

    Record to Hard Disk (continued) Press the Green button to confi rm and Timer recording (manually) go to the next parameter. A virtual keyboard appears on the TV for entering the title name. Turn on the TV to the correct programme number for the recorder Once complete, store the setting by (e.g.

  • Page 45: Changing/deleting A Timer Recording

    Record to Hard Disk (continued) To delete the timer programme Changing/Deleting a timer Press the Red button on the remote recording control for To edit the timer programme Turn on the TV to the correct Press the Green button on the remote programme number for the recorder control for , and follow the...

  • Page 46: Record To Hard Disk Or Recordable Dvd

    Record to Hard Disk or recordable DVD Connect your Digital Video or Digital 8 Recording from a DV camcorder to the DV IN socket of this Camcorder recorder (see page 24). Turn on the TV to the correct When you connect a DV camcorder to programme number for the recorder the DV IN socket of this recorder, you (e.g.

  • Page 47

    Record to Hard Disk or recordable DVD (continued) Press the Blue button on the remote You can pause, play, stop, fast forward or control for { AUTO REC }. rewind the scene using the keys on the recorder’s remote control to Auto Record of DV input to hard disk select the respective control buttons on the screen.

  • Page 48: Recording From Camcorder

    Record to Hard Disk or recordable DVD (continued) To continue, select to record to { Hard Recording from camcorder Disk } or { Recordable DVD } in the menu and press OK to confi rm. When you connect the camcorder to the All the contents in the temporary VIDEO or S-VIDEO socket at the front HDD storage will be cleared except for...

  • Page 49: Recording From An External Device (vcr/dvd Player)

    Record to Hard Disk or recordable DVD (continued) To continue, select to record to { Hard Recording from an external Disk } or { Recordable DVD } in the device (VCR/DVD player) menu and press OK to confi rm. All the contents in the temporary You can record from an external device HDD storage will be cleared except for which is connected to this recorder’s...

  • Page 50: Copy From Hard Disk To Recordable Dvd

    Copy from Hard Disk to recordable DVD IMPORTANT! Discs for recording – It is not possible to record the TV programmes or the scheduled timer Three different types of DVD recordable programmes directly to a discs can be used with this recorder: recordable DVD.

  • Page 51: Copying To A Recordable Dvd

    Copy from Hard Disk to recordable DVD (continued) keys to select a title to copy. Copying to a recordable DVD Press the Green button on the remote control for { COPY }. You can copy any recordings from the The making disc copy information HDD to a recordable DVD.

  • Page 52: Using The Disc Library

    Using the Disc Library The Disc Library is an integrated database Finding a recorded title in this recorder. It gives you a quick and easy access to the recordings you have To do this, the recorded disc data must made onto the recordable DVDs. have been stored in the Disc Library.

  • Page 53: Playback From Hard Disk

    Playback from Hard Disk Basic operation Each recording stored on the HDD is displayed in the HDD browser with an index picture. Press HDD-BROWSER on the remote control. The content menu appears. Press NEXTÉ repeatedly until the { TITLES } and { INFO } menus appear. TITLES INFO ABC 28.02.2005 13:01:00...

  • Page 54: Sorting The Titles Display Order

    Playback from Hard Disk (continued) Sorting the titles display Delete/Protect a title in the order You may organise the titles in a specifi c A number of editing options are displayed order according to certain criteria for at the bottom of the HDD content menu. easy locating the recordings.

  • Page 55: Playback From Disc

    Playback from Disc IMPORTANT! Playable discs – If the inhibit icon ‘X’ or appears on the TV screen when a Using this recorder, you can play and button is pressed, it means the record on the following discs: function is not available on the current disc or at the current time.

  • Page 56

    Playback from Disc (continued) Playing a DVD video disc Playing a DVD recordable disc Normally the DVD disc contains a disc Insert a DVD recordable disc. menu. You may have to make your The Index Picture screen appears. selection (e.g., subtitle or audio language) within the disc menu.

  • Page 57

    Playback from Disc (continued) Playing an MP3 CD Playing a JPEG image fi le (slide show) MP3 (MPEG1 Audio Layer-3) fi les are highly compressed music fi les. The MP3 You can display JPEG pictures in the selected roll automatically one after the format lets you store about ten times other at adjustable intervals.

  • Page 58

    Playback from Disc (continued) Helpful Hints: During playback, the available playback – If both JPEG pictures and MP3s are in the settings are displayed at the bottom of same disc, you can choose to playback the the screen. JPEG pictures or MP3s by selecting { Photo } Photo or { Audio } in the menu.

  • Page 59: Additional Playback Features

    Additional Playback Features Adding photos to an album Creating a slideshow playlist (album) Insert a JPEG photo CD (CD, DVD±RW, DVD±R). The content menu appears. You can customise the JPEG picture slideshow playback within a disc by Otherwise, press HDD-BROWSER storing your selection in an album.

  • Page 60

    Additional Playback Features (continued) To delete the album Edit the album Select the album and press the Red You can re-arrange the picture position button on the remote control for in the album in order to create the { DELETE }. desired slideshow playback order, or Press OK to show the thumbnail pictures remove the photo(s) from the album.

  • Page 61: Selecting Another Title/chapter/ Track

    Additional Playback Features (continued) Searching forwards/ backwards You can fast forward or fast reverse a disc during playback and select a desired search speed. During playback, hold down (reverse) (forward) until the search speed status bar (-4X or 4X) appears on the The sound will be muted.

  • Page 62: Repeat / Scan / Shuffl E

    Additional Playback Features (continued) Repeat play Scan disc The repeat play options vary depending (for CD, VCD, DVD±R/±RW disc only) on the disc type. This function allows you to preview the fi rst 10 seconds of each track on the disc. During playback, press the Yellow button on the remote control to select During playback, press the Red button...

  • Page 63: Using The Toolbar Options

    Additional Playback Features (continued) Changing subtitle language Using the Toolbar options This operation works only on DVDs with multiple subtitle languages. You can change to the language you want while playing DVD. This function can also be accessed via the Green button on the remote control while in disc playback mode.

  • Page 64: Additional Playback Features

    Additional Playback Features (continued) Switching camera angles Searching by time This option is only available with DVDs This option allows you to skip to a that contain sequences recorded from specifi c point in the current disc. different camera angles. This allows you Press to select { Time search } and to view the picture from different angles.

  • Page 65: Edit Recordings - Hard Disk

    Edit Recordings - Hard Disk Changing the title name Selecting the genre Some TV channels transmit the name of You may select the genre type provided the programme. In this case, the in the list for easy and fast searching of a programme name will automatically be recorded title.

  • Page 66: Video Editing

    Edit Recordings - Hard Disk (continued) PAUSE Video editing This recorder allows you to edit the video content after a recording has been made. You can insert/delete chapter 00:01:02 markers or hide unwanted scenes. 00:00 [EDIT] = Exit NO CHAPTER CHAPTER DIVIDE HIDE...

  • Page 67

    Edit Recordings - Hard Disk (continued) { MERGE } Merge/split a specifi c chapter Select this to merge the current chapter within a recording with the chapter before it. You can create a chapter by inserting If the chapter before it was a hidden chapter marker (using the SPLIT option) chapter, then the joined chapter will also or remove a chapter marker (using the...

  • Page 68

    Edit Recordings - Hard Disk (continued) Dividing titles Hiding unwanted scenes You can divide a title into two or more You can choose to hide certain scenes titles. You can use this function to for playback (e.g. skipping a commercial separate and delete undesired portions of scene) or make the hidden scene visible a recording, such as commercials.

  • Page 69: Edit Recordings - Hard Disk

    Edit Recordings - Hard Disk (continued) Showing the hidden scene Deleting all chapter markers During recording, the chapter marker is During HDD recording playback, press set automatically at a specifi c interval if EDIT on the remote control. the function is active (see page 38). While in video editing mode, the You can choose to delete all the chapter hidden chapter will play.

  • Page 70: Edit Recordings - Recordable Dvd

    Edit Recordings - Recordable DVD About editing recordable Index Picture screen DVDs The Index Picture screen shows your recordings on a recordable DVD. It This recorder offers various disc edit should appear on the TV once you load a options. You can change the disc content recordable DVD or when playback is and settings of a recorded DVD from the stopped.

  • Page 71: Deleting Recordings/titles

    Edit Recordings - Recordable DVD (continued) Deleting recordings/titles Protecting the recorded titles (DVD±RW) You can delete a specifi c title from the disc. However, for DVD±R discs, the You can choose to protect the recorded deleted space cannot be used for further title on a DVD±RW in order to prevent recordings.

  • Page 72: Changing The Disc/title Name

    Edit Recordings - Recordable DVD (continued) keys to select { Compatible } Changing the disc/title name in the menu and press OK to confi rm. If the option is not available for The original disc/title name is generated selection, it means that the disc is already automatically by the recorder.

  • Page 73: Video Editing

    Edit Recordings - Recordable DVD (continued) Press the matching colour coded button Video editing on the remote control to access the options displayed at the bottom of the This recorder allows you to edit the video menu. content after a recording has been made. You can add/delete chapter marker or hide unwanted scenes.

  • Page 74

    Edit Recordings - Recordable DVD (continued) { TITLE } Yellow button – Select this to access title editing menu. [EDIT] = Exit NO CHAPTERS CHAPTER TITLE HIDE DIVIDE BACK INDEX PIC. { DIVIDE } - for DVD±RW only Select this to create a new title from the current point of playback.

  • Page 75: System Menu Options

    System Menu Options Recorder Preferences DV Specials Preferences Date Time see page 76 Sound Preferences Sound mode see page 76 Night mode Press SYSTEM on the remote control. The system setup menu appears. Press to select { Preferences } and press NEXTÉ...

  • Page 76: Disc Settings

    If a DVD±RW has been recorded in a computer drive or in another recorder, the Picture Index screen may not be displayed correctly. This feature allows you to change the format of the disc to ‘Philips’ type. Once you press OK, a message to confi rm your action will appear on the Delete all Select this to delete all the recordings from the current recordable DVD.

  • Page 77

    System Menu Options (continued) Access settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) You will be prompted to enter the four-digit pin code. – When doing this for the fi rst time, use the alphanumeric keypad 0-9 on the remote control to enter any four-digit pin code you prefer. –...

  • Page 78: Recorder Setup

    System Menu Options (continued) Recorder Setup System Setup Eco mode Second RC Before you start... Full see page 79 Mark the contents in the temporary HDD Bright Display storage (time shift buffer) for which you wish to record to the HDD, see page 36. Time-date Otherwise, all the contents will be cleared Setup...

  • Page 79

    System Menu Options (continued) System settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Eco mode This is an energy saving mode. { On } – When you switch the recorder to standby mode, the display panel will turn blank to save power. { Off } –...

  • Page 80

    System Menu Options (continued) Time-Date settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Clock preset The time/date can be set automatically on this recorder if the stored TV channel transmits a time signal. { Auto } – The recorder will automatically detect the fi rst available channel which is transmitting the time/date information.

  • Page 81

    System Menu Options (continued) Analogue Channel settings Although this recorder selects all the available analogue TV channels Analogue Ch. during basic installation, you may want to repeat the process later if more Setup channels become available in your area or if you are reinstalling the Auto search recorder.

  • Page 82

    System Menu Options (continued) Analogue Channel settings - manual search In some cases, not all of the available TV channels may have been found Analogue Ch. and stored during basic installation. In this case, you will need to search Setup for and store the missing or coded TV channels manually.

  • Page 83

    System Menu Options (continued) Digital Channel settings Although this recorder selects all the available digital TV channels during Digital Ch. basic installation, you may want to repeat the process later if more Setup channels become available in your area or if you are reinstalling the Video fav.

  • Page 84

    System Menu Options (continued) Video settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) TV Shape The picture shape can be adjusted to fi t your TV. { 4:3 Letterbox } – For a ‘wide-screen’ display with black bars on the top and bottom.

  • Page 85

    System Menu Options (continued) Video settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Video settings for Pixel Plus only Noise red. (reduction) keys to set the level of noise reduction and press OK to confi rm the setting. Sharpness keys to adjust the level of picture sharpness and press OK to confi rm the setting.

  • Page 86

    System Menu Options (continued) Audio Input settings (underlined options are the factory default settings) Digital EXT2 This setting is only required if you are using the recorder’s COAXIAL IN socket to connect to the coaxial output on your cable box or satellite receiver.

  • Page 87: General Information

    General Information Read the instructions on the TV and Setting up Progressive Scan confi rm your action by pressing OK. feature The setup is now completed and you can start to enjoy the high quality picture. (for Progressive Scan TV only) Otherwise, select { Cancel } and press The progressive scan displays twice the OK to go back to the previous menu.

  • Page 88: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions What kind of disc should I use for What are Titles and Chapters? A DVD disc contains Titles and Chapters, recording? which are similar to the Titles and Chapters of You can only record on DVD±R, DVD±RW a book.

  • Page 89

    Frequently Asked Questions (continued) What is Pixel Plus? Some recordings listed on the HDD Philips’ Pixel Plus technology is an adaptive menu cannot be played or copied to method of improving the picture quality of disc. output signals from any source such as TV...

  • Page 90: Firmware Upgrade

    Firmware Upgrade Installing the latest fi rmware Periodically Philips will issue upgrades for the fi rmware that was initially installed in your recorder as the fi rmware is continuously refi ned for greater stability and compatibility of the recorder. CAUTION! Power supply must not be...

  • Page 91: Troubleshooting

    If a fault occurs, fi rst check the points listed below before taking the system for repair. If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer or Philips for help. Problem (General) Solution No power.

  • Page 92

    Troubleshooting (continued) Problem (General) Solution – Check the recorder audio connection. Read chapter “Basic No sound. Recorder Connections - Connecting the audio cables” for details. – Set the Analogue output or Digital output correctly, based on the device you have connected to this recorder. Read chapter “System Menu Options - Audio Output settings”...

  • Page 93

    Troubleshooting (continued) Problem (Playback) Solution Disc will not play. – Insert the disc with the label facing up. – The child lock is on. Read chapter “System Menu Options - Access settings - Child lock” for details. – Wrong region code. The DVD must be coded for ALL regions or Region 2 in order to play on this recorder.

  • Page 94

    Troubleshooting (continued) Problem (Recording) Solution – Either no disc was inserted or the disc that was inserted cannot The message ‘Insert be used for recordings. Insert a recordable DVD (DVD±R, recordable disc’ appears. DVD±RW, or DVD+R Double Layer). – The timer recording overlaps with another timer recording. The message ‘Collision’...

  • Page 95: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting (continued) Problem (HDMI/EPG) Solution – You will not hear any sound from the HDMI output if the No HDMI audio output. source device is only DVI/HDCP-compatible. – It is not possible to output SACD or copy-controlled DVD- Audio sources from the HDMI connection. –...

  • Page 96: Specifi Cations

    Specifi cations Disc types Connectivity • Recording : DVD+R/-R, DVD+R Double layer, • Rear Connections DVD+RW/-RW – RF antenna in • Playing: DVD-Video, MP3-CD, CD-R/CD-RW, – RF TV out Video CD/SVCD, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, – DVB in/out Picture CD, Audio CD –...

  • Page 97: Glossary

    Glossary JPEG: A very common digital still picture format. Analogue: Sound that has not been turned into A still-picture data compression system proposed numbers. Analogue sound varies, while digital sound by the Joint Photographic Expert Group, which has specifi c numerical values. These sockets send features small decrease in image quality in spite of audio through two channels, the left and right.

  • Page 98: Display Panel Symbols/messages

    Display panel symbols/messages ! SAT The following symbols/messages may appear on your recorder display: The recorder is prepared for satellite recording. BLOCKED The disc tray cannot be opened or closed due to some mechanical obstruction. CLOSING Disc tray is closing. COMPATIBLE The recorder is busy making changes to make the disc DVD-compatible.

  • Page 99: Display Panel Symbols/messages

    Display panel symbols/messages (continued) FINALIZING DISC PHILIPS The DVD±R disc is being fi nalised. The The recorder has been turned on. progress bar on the LED shows the status of PHOTO MMM/NNN the fi nalisation process. Number of the current photo (for Photo INFO DVD mode).

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