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Philips LightMaster Installation And Operation Manual page 12

Knx timeclock
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The following date ranges can be set in
• Fixed date (once)
• Fixed date each year
• Easter rule or the Orthodox Church rule
(81 days before ... 174 days after Easter)
• Chinese New Year (20 days before
... 20 days after the Chinese New Year)
• Date with serial pattern
(Time limit series):
Start and end are set and the start
repeated according to an adjustable
number of days (at the latest after
200 days)
• Weekday rule (e.g. every 3rd Wednesday
in September)
Examples of calendar-dependent date ranges:
• Fixed date range
Start on 02.04.2013 at 16:00 hrs,
End on 24.04.2013 at 10:00 hrs.
• Annually recurring date range
Christmas: Start every year on 24.12 at
18:00 hrs, End on 26.12 at 23:00 hrs.
• Easter-dependent date range
Whit Sunday (Pentecost Sunday) and
Monday: Start every year: 49 days after
Easter at 0:00 hrs, End: 51 days after
Easter at 0:00 hrs.
• Date range dependent on the
Chinese New Year
Start each year 1 day before the
Chinese New Year, End 5 days after
Chinese New Year.
• Date with serial pattern
(Time limit series)
as from October 2013 to be carried out
successively every 2nd week. Start on
Wednesday 02.10.2013 at 0:00 hrs; End on
Tuesday 08.10.2013 at 23:59 hrs, repeat
start after 14 days.
• Date dependent on the weekday etc
each month on the 1st weekend from
Saturday 06:00 hrs to Sunday 18:00 hrs;
start 1st Sunday each month at 06:00 hrs,
duration 36 hours.
• Public holiday settings
with the help of the OBELISK PC software
the public holidays in a country in the set
can be set together individually processed
and transferred to the time switch with the
memory card OBELISK as date ranges.
Extra program P1-14 Time switch channel
• Active in the programmed date ranges
• Switch timings, pulse and cycle times can be
entered as week programs
Extra program P1-14 Astronomical channel
• Active in the programmed date ranges
• Astronomical times are active (calculated
sunrise and sunset times)
• Fixed switch-OFFs (e.g. night time
interruption) and switch-ONs can also
be entered as a weekly program in order
to superimpose the astronomical times
entirely or partially.



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