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Program Cycle Time; Standard And Extra Programs - Philips LightMaster Installation And Operation Manual

Knx timeclock
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Program pulse time.
Example: Switch on pause signal on Monday 8:05 hrs for 5 sec.
1. Press MENU.
PROGRAM is displayed.
2. Confirm by pressing OK.
CHOOSE CHANNEL is displayed.
3. Confirm CHANNEL 1 by pressing OK.
STANDARD PROGRAM P0 is displayed.
4. Confirm by pressing OK.
NEW is displayed.
5. Confirm by pressing OK.
SWITCH TIME is displayed.
6. Select PULSE by pressing .
7. Confirm by pressing OK.
ON is displayed.
8. Confirm by pressing OK.
The display shows SET HOUR.
9. Use the
keys to enter hour, minute,
(08:05) and confirm by pressing OK.
PULSE LENGTH is displayed.
10. Use the
keys to enter the
duration of the pulse in minutes and
seconds (5 sec).
EVERY DAY is displayed.
to select MONDAY.
11. Confirm by pressing OK.
EVERY DAY is displayed.
12. Press
to select MONDAY.
13. Confirm by pressing OK.
COPY is displayed.
14. Press
to select SAVE.
15. Confirm by pressing OK.

Program cycle time

In addition to switch-ON and switch-OFF
times (switch time) and short time pulses
(pulse) cycle times (cycle) can also be
programmed. The pulse length (+ pulse pause)
is limited to 17 hrs, 59 min, 59 sec.
Cycle times refers to cyclically repetitive time
functions such as fan controls, urinal rinses etc.
Example: Switch on water rinsing, Monday
from 8:00 to 20:30 hrs every 15 min for 20
sec. (8.00
ON; 8:15
ON etc.)
Cycle programming
1. Start cycle: Monday 8:00 hrs.
2. Pulse length: 20 sec.
3. Pause length: 14 min 40 sec.
4. Cycle end: Monday 20:30:00 hrs.

Standard and extra programs

The standard program P0 (weekly program
with switching times, pulse and cycle times
or astronomical program) is always active
however has the lowest priority and can be
superimposed by the extra programs P1–P16.
Tip: for extra programs, the higher the number
the higher the priority. Extra program 16 has
the highest priority and extra program 1 has the
lowest priority.
Each extra program has an arbitrary number
of date ranges available. An extra program
becomes active when at least one date range
has been set and isn't superimposed by
another extra program with a higher priority
during this period. At the start and end of
each date range the hour can also be entered
so the changeover to the respective extra
program occurs on each complete hour.



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