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Plasma Television

5/26/06, 6:24 PM


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  • Page 1: Plasma Television

    Plasma Television 42HP86 50HP86 30A0121A_En_cov 5/26/06, 6:24 PM...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Plasma Television. This is a reminder to call the CATV system installer’s attention We hope that you are completely satisfied with your Toshiba to Article 820-40 of the U.S. NEC, which provides guidelines for proper...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Installation, Care, and Service Installation Read these instructions. Follow these recommendations and precautions and heed all Keep these instructions. warnings when installing your TV: Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. 16) Never modify this equipment. Changes or modifications may void: a) the warranty, and b) the user’s authority to Do not use this apparatus near water.
  • Page 4 Care and 4:3 aspect ratio format media viewed on a widescreen/16:9 For better performance and safer operation of your TOSHIBA aspect ratio display (with gray or TV, follow these recommendations and precautions: black bars on the left and right sides of the screen.) 28) If you use the TV in the room of 0˚C or less, the picture...
  • Page 5: Important Notes About Your Plasma Tv

    To minimize the potential for the occurrence of phosphor burn-in, Toshiba recommends the following: You can enjoy playing video games on this Plasma TV; • Display a moving image on the display of your Plasma however, certain video games that utilize so-called “light...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Introduction ............2 Setting the GameTimer ......28 Important Safety Instructions ......3 Using the panel lock feature ....... 28 Important notes about your Plasma TV ....5 Labeling channels ..........29 Features of your new TV ........7 Selecting the video input source ...... 30 Exploring your new TV ........
  • Page 7: Features Of Your New Tv

    Features of your new TV The following are some of the exciting features of your new Toshiba widescreen, High Definition, Plasma TV: • PC IN connection allows you to use the TV as a computer monitor. • Two HDMI digital, High-Definition Multimedia Interface connections.
  • Page 8: Selecting A Location For The Tv

    Exploring your new TV (continued) Back of TV AUDIO/VIDEO OUT ColorStream ColorStream IR OUT VIDEO-2 IN VIDEO-1 IN RF IN HD 2 IN HD-1 IN Left back panel PC IN HDMI-1 IN HDMI-2 IN AC INLET Right back panel Selecting a location for the TV •...
  • Page 9: Connecting A Vcr

    Connecting a VCR This connection allows you to watch local channels and video programs, You will need: play or record on the VCR while watching TV, and record from one • two coaxial cables channel while watching another channel. • one set of standard A/V cables Cable Lead-in from cable box or antenna Note:...
  • Page 10: Connecting A Dvd Player/satellite Receiver And A Vcr

    Connecting a DVD player/satellite receiver and a VCR You will need: • three coaxial cables • two sets of standard A/V cables This connection allows you to watch DVD/satellite, VCR, or TV pro- • one S-video cable grams. You can record from the satellite receiver and TV, as well as record one TV channel while watching another channel.
  • Page 11: Connecting A Dvd Player With Colorstream (component Video) And A Vcr

    Your TV is capable of using ColorStream (component video.) Connecting your TV to a component video compat- Note: ible DVD player, such as a Toshiba DVD player with ColorStream ® , can You can connect the component video cables greatly enhance picture quality and performance.
  • Page 12: Connecting A Dtv Receiver/set-top Box With Colorstream (component Video) And A Vcr

    Connecting a DTV receiver/set-top ® box with ColorStream (component video) and a VCR You will need: This connection allows you to watch DTV (digital TV), VCR, and TV • three coaxial cables programs, and record DTV and TV programs. • two sets of standard A/V cables •...
  • Page 13: Connecting A Camcorder

    Connecting a camcorder You will need: This connection allows you to watch videos recorded on a camcorder. • one set of standard AV cables VHS Camcorder AUDIO VIDEO TV right side panel You will need: • one S-video cable • one pair of standard audio cables S-VHS Camcorder Note: For better picture quality, if your camcorder...
  • Page 14: Connecting An Hdmi™ Or Dvi Device

    Connecting an HDMI™ or DVI device The HDMI inputs on your TV receives digital audio and * EIA/CEA-861/861B compliance covers the transmission of uncompressed digital video with high- uncompressed digital video from an HDMI source device, bandwidth digital content protection, which is being or uncompressed digital video from a DVI (Digital Video standardized for reception of high-definition video Interface) source device.
  • Page 15: Connecting An Analog Audio System

    Connecting an analog audio system This connection allows you to use external speakers with an external audio You will need: amplifier to adjust the sound level. • one pair of standard audio cables To control the audio: Turn on the TV and the stereo amplifier. Turn off the TV’s built-in speakers (see “Turning off the built-in speakers”...
  • Page 16: Connecting A Device To The Ir Out Terminal For Ir Pass-through Device Control

    You can use the TV’s IR OUT terminal (infrared pass- (3.5mm mono mini plug) through) to remotely operate (through the TV) many infrared remote-controlled devices (such as a Toshiba • other audio/video cables as required to connect the device(s) to infrared remote-controlled VCR or DVD player) enclosed within an entertainment center or similar cabinet.
  • Page 17: Connecting A Pc (personal Computer)

    AC 120V, 60Hz the wall outlet. • Do not plug/unplug the power cord when your hands are wet. This may cause electric shock. • If you need to replace the supplied AC cord, contact your Toshiba authorized dealer. 30A0121A_En_p10-17 5/26/06, 6:25 PM...
  • Page 18: Setting Up Your Tv

    Toshiba satellite receivers, VCRs, and DVD players. To for this TV may not support certain features control a non-Toshiba device (or a Toshiba device that the remote available on the original remote controls for control is not pre-programmed to operate), you must first program the your other devices, in which case it is remote control.
  • Page 19: Programming The Remote Control To Operate Your Other Devices

    VCRs, and DVD players. To control a non-Toshiba Numbers device (or a Toshiba device that the remote control is not pre-programmed to operate), you must follow the steps below to program your remote control. Refer to the code tables (on pages 20 and 21) to find the corresponding code for your device.
  • Page 20: Device Code Tables

    050, 053 017, 057 Star Trak 025, 026, 037, 054 Echostar 018, 041, 051 Kenwood Express Vu Magnavox Toshiba 000, 001, 002, 003, Fujitsu Optimus 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 013 Pansat 036, 052 020, 031, 056 General Instruments...
  • Page 21 030, 057, 065, 072 Teknika 010, 018, 065 Radio Shack/ 007, 009, 010, 016, Sears 007, 010, 016, 021, Toshiba 000, 011, 021, 023, Realistic 018, 020, 021, 022, 022, 023, 024, 025, 024, 028, 030, 039, 031, 049 035, 053, 057, 063,...
  • Page 22: Learning About The Remote Control

    Learning about the remote control INPUT selects the video input source (page 30) DISPLAY displays status information on-screen (page 43) MUTE turns off the sound (page 40) POWER turns the TV on and off INPUT DISPLAY CHANNEL NUMBERS allow direct access to channels (page 25) Input POWER Display...
  • Page 23: Starting Setup

    Starting setup The STARTING SETUP feature appears the first time you turn on the TV, and helps you select the menu language, specify the TV/CABLE setting, and program channels automatically. IMPORTANT: An antenna or cable TV system must be connected first.
  • Page 24: Adding Channels To The Tv's Memory

    Adding channels to the TV’s memory When you press CH , your TV will stop only on the channels you have programmed into the TV’s channel memory. Follow the steps below to program channels into the channel memory. Programming channels automatically INPUT DISPLAY Your TV can automatically detect all active channels and store them in its memory.
  • Page 25: Using The Tv's Features

    Using the TV’s features Adjusting the channel settings Switching between two channels You can switch between two channels without entering an actual channel number each time. To switch between two channels: 1. Press TV to select the TV mode. 2. Select the first channel you want to view. 3.
  • Page 26: Using The Locks Menu

    Using the LOCKS menu The LOCKS menu includes the CH LOCK, VIDEO LOCK, GAME INPUT DISPLAY TIMER, PANEL LOCK and NEW PASSWORD functions. Display Selecting a password Channel Numbers You can use these functions after entering the correct password. To select your password and access the LOCKS menu: 1.
  • Page 27: Locking Channels

    Locking channels With the CH LOCK feature, you can lock specific channels. You will not be able to tune locked channels unless you clear the setting. You can INPUT DISPLAY choose to lock up to six TV channels and six cable channels. 1.
  • Page 28: Setting The Gametimer

    Setting the GameTimer With the GameTimer feature, you can automatically activate the VIDEO LOCK feature (VIDEO setting) to set a time limit for playing a video game (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes). Note: To set up the GameTimer: You can enjoy playing video games on this 1.
  • Page 29: Labeling Channels

    Labeling channels Channel labels appear above the on-screen channel number display each time you turn on the TV, select a channel, or press the DISPLAY INPUT DISPLAY button. You can choose any four characters to create a channel label. To create channel labels: 1.
  • Page 30: Selecting The Video Input Source

    Selecting the video input source Please note the following regarding Press INPUT to view a signal from SOURCE SELECTION the HDMI1 and HDMI2 source selections: 0.ANT another device connected to your TV, 1.VIDEO1 2.VIDEO2 3.VIDEO3 such as a VCR or DVD player. You can 4.ColorStream HD1 NOTE: NEVER CONNECT A 5.ColorStream HD2...
  • Page 31: Setting The On Timer

    Setting the ON timer Note: This feature allows you to program the TV to turn on automatically at a set time. If you program the ON TIMER to “DAILY,” the TV will turn on After a power failure or disconnection of the power, the timer settings will be lost.
  • Page 32: Viewing The Wide-screen Picture Formats (480i And 480p Signals Only)

    Viewing the wide-screen picture INPUT DISPLAY formats (480i and 480p signals only) You can view 480i and 480p format programs in a variety of picture sizes—Natural, TheaterWide 1, TheaterWide 2, TheaterWide 3, and Full. The way the image displays in any of the picture sizes will vary depending on the format of the program you are viewing.
  • Page 33 TheaterWide 2 picture size (for letter box programs) • The picture is stretched the same amount both wider and taller (retains its original proportion). Note: • The top and bottom edges of the A B C D E F G - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you select TheaterWide 2 or 3, the top and picture may be hidden.
  • Page 34: Scrolling The Theaterwide Picture (theaterwide 2 And 3 Only)

    ® Scrolling the TheaterWide picture (TheaterWide 2 and 3 only) INPUT DISPLAY 1. Press PIC SIZE to select the TheaterWide 2 or 3 mode. 2. Press MENU, and then press until the SETUP menu appears. 3. Press ▲ or ▼ to highlight PICTURE SCROLL. SETUP CLOSED CAPTION PICTURE SIZE...
  • Page 35: Selecting The Cinema Mode

    Selecting the cinema mode INPUT DISPLAY When you view a DVD movie (3:2 pulldown processed) from a DVD player connected to the ColorStream (component video) inputs on the TV, smoother and more natural motion can be obtained by setting the CINEMA MODE to FILM.
  • Page 36: Using The Closed Caption Feature

    Using the closed caption feature The Closed Caption feature has two options: • Captions—An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration, and INPUT DISPLAY sound effects of programs and videos that are closed-captioned (usually identified as “CC”). • Text—An on-screen display of information not related to the program, such as weather or stock data (if available in your viewing area).
  • Page 37: Using The Long Life Feature

    Using the Long Life feature The long life settings (Reverse, White, Picture Shift, Side Panel color) help to reduce the risk of phosphor burn-in of the plasma screen. Reverse INPUT DISPLAY The picture is displayed alternately between positive image and negative image to reduce the risk of phosphor burn-in of the screen.
  • Page 38: Adjusting The Picture

    Adjusting the picture Selecting the picture mode You can select from four picture modes—Sports, Standard, Movie, and Memory—as described in the following table: INPUT DISPLAY Mode Picture Quality SPORTS Bright and dynamic picture (factory-set) STANDARD Standard picture quality (factory-set) MOVIE Movie-like picture setting (factory-set) MEMORY Your personal preferences (set by you;...
  • Page 39: Using The Cableclear

    ® Using the CableClear feature ® CableClear reduces visible interference in your TV picture. This INPUT DISPLAY is useful when receiving a broadcast with a weak signal (especially a Cable channel) or playing a video cassette or disc damaged by repeated use.
  • Page 40: Adjusting The Sound

    Adjusting the sound INPUT DISPLAY Muting the sound Mute Press MUTE to temporarily turn off the sound. While the sound is off, the screen will display the word MUTE in the lower right-hand corner. Display To restore the sound, either press MUTE again or VOL +/–. Selecting stereo/SAP broadcasts The multi-channel TV sound (MTS) feature provides high-fidelity stereo sound.
  • Page 41: Resetting Your Audio Adjustments

    Resetting your audio adjustments The RESET function returns your audio adjustments to the following factory settings: INPUT DISPLAY Bass (25) Treble (25) Balance (0) To reset your audio adjustments: 1. Press TV to select the TV mode. 2.
  • Page 42: Using The Srs Wow™ Surround Sound Feature

    Using the SRS WOW™ surround sound feature WOW is a special combination of SRS Labs audio technologies that creates a thrilling surround sound experience with deep, rich bass from stereo sound sources. Your TV’s audio will sound fuller, richer, and Note: wider.
  • Page 43: Displaying Tv Status Information On-screen

    Displaying TV status information on-screen Press DISPLAY to display the following information on-screen: • Clock • Channel number or VIDEO mode INPUT DISPLAY S T E R E O selected S A P Display O N T I M E R 1 2 : 0 0 A M •...
  • Page 44: Picture/audio Adjustments In Pc Mode

    Picture/Audio adjustments in PC mode There are a number of picture settings you can adjust to optimize the performance of the TV in PC mode. PICTURE Menu AUDIO Menu Menu/Enter PICTURE AUDIO BRIGHTNESS BASS CONTRAST TREBLE HOR POSITION BALANCE VER POSITION STABLE SOUN D WOW SRS 3D PHASE...
  • Page 45: Auto Power Off

    Auto power off The TV will automatically turn off after approximately 15 minutes if it is tuned to a vacant channel or a station that completes its broadcast for the day and stops broadcasting on that channel. This feature does not work in video input mode. Understanding the Power Return feature If the power is cut off while you are viewing the TV and the power is resupplied, the Power Return feature will turn the TV on automatically.
  • Page 46 Symptom Solution Unable to select a certain channel • The channel may be blocked by the CH LOCK feature, or erased with the add/erase feature. Cannot access signal input sources (VIDEO-1, • Check the VIDEO LOCK feature. VIDEO-2, VIDEO-3, ColorStream HD-1, ColorStream HD-2, HDMI-1, HDMI-2 and PC) and/or Channels 3 and 4 Multiple images...
  • Page 47: Specifications

    • This model complies with the specifications below. • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. • This model may not be compatible with features and/or specifications that may be added in the future. Model 42HP86 50HP86 PDP size 42.32 in. diagonal (1,074.9 mm) (approx.) 49.95 in.
  • Page 48: Limited Canadian Warranty

    Television will be taken to an Authorized Service Depot for repair h. Service of a Television on which the TOSHIBA label or logo, and returned to your home at no cost to you. IN-HOME SERVICE rating label or serial number have been defaced or removed;...
  • Page 49 (1) To find the nearest TCL Authorized Service Depot, visit TCL’s tort (including negligence), under a statute or under any other law web site at, or call toll free 1-800-268-3404 or form of action) against any of the Related Parties arising out of, or otherwise relating to: (i) this warranty;...
  • Page 50 VANCOUVER: 13551 COMMERCE PARKWAY SUITE 110, RICHMOND, B.C., V6V 2L1, CANADA TEL.: (604) 303-2500 CableClear, ColorStream, TheaterWide and StableSound are registered trademarks of Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. GameTimer is a trademark of Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. PRINTED IN THAILAND...

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